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Sunset Shimmer wasn't sure what instinct took her up on the roof of her apartment. She only knew that it was important that she follow it.

She didn't expect to drink a beer with a legend. Or even get a chance to fulfill a forgotten Christmas wish.

Editing by Level Dasher

Written for No Raisin for Jinglemas 2021

Written as a Breezie assignment

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 13 )

This was decent enough. I don't think Sunset talking down to her older, more unstable self was the best way to handle things, but the story has a nice conclusion.

Good job!

The mood is right. It's got that wintry vibe. Also manages to be Sunset-centric without devolving totally into self-pity. Although I do feel like there's something missing. Maybe the conclusion is too abrupt? At the same time it hits the right emotional note, so maybe I'm tripping.

Thanks for taking up the mantle here. Must've been aggravating. :twilightblush:

Super cute. Loved it!

For a hot second I thought Sunset kept a medieval barbarian's melee weapon in her desk.

honestly sharing a beer with Santa Clause sounds like a good night

Very well written looking forward to reading a sequel to this wonderful story

Sunset Shimmer has the flattest fucking ass. How the hell did this character become a sex symbol for horny bronies.

Now I’m picturing Discord pulling out a can of mace that sprays out maces instead of pepper spray.

Or would it be more funny/nonsensical for it to spray out axes?

Oh, this was delightful. Brilliant work with the questions of human Sunset and Moondancer, even as Santa raises many more. Thank you for this.

An excellent take on the Christmass miracle story, and a fairly unique one. That doesn't happen too often


A bit late to effectively parrot another's response, but, basicly, yes. Hair and attitude. Those absolutely can get one places.

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