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Everypony is doing their part to fight the forces of Sombra and the Crystal Empire. On the front lines, Soarin sees the horrors of fighting an endless army of mind-controlled soldiers firsthoof. It's enough to make anypony lose hope.

It's why he looks forward to the shipments from home so much. And more importantly, the pony bringing those shipments. Sometimes, all you need is one reminder that there's something to fight for.

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Howdy, hi!

You have been successfully entered into the MxM contest! Thank you very much for your participation and we look forward to reading!

Well that was extremely cute. Very well done!

Spitfire nodded, and Soarin gave a salute and flew out the door. Spitfire didn’t let him see her smile. It was nice to know that there were still bright spots out here for some ponies, at least.

i appreciated this quiet moment, as well as the indirect title drop

Joe grinned. “Good thing I’m a civilian, then,” he countered.

a valid point

They’d initially bonded over a mutual love of food, but it had grown into something more.

ah, that's right, Soarin's only canon character trait!

“I can’t,” Soarin said, his voice raspy as he tried to maintain his composure. “I needed… something to look forward to. Something to show me that there was more than just… this. Something real.”

Fleetfoot didn’t have a response to that. So she laid there, and held him, and pretended not to notice how his body shook.

another moment i liked! really pulls the theme of the story together

Soarin gave him the knife with a smile. “That sounds like a fantastic idea.”

ah, was hoping for more story at this point! as a crackship connaisseuse i loved the idea of this pairing, as well as the wartime soldier x civilian supplier setup, giving this the feel of a workplace romance with naturally greater stakes. thank you for it!

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