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Warning: The following story you're about to read is currently unedited and contains somewhat of an m/m romance between Carrot Cake and Doughnut Joe.

For several years, unbeknownst to Mr. Cake, his best friend, Doughnut Joe has been secretly in love with him, even after Carrot got married to Cup. One day, after avoiding him, Carrot finally confronts Joe in which he learned the truth. From there, Carrot goes out of his way to commit his greatest act of selflessness and kindness.

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I don't really read a lot of male/male fics, but this one is really good. The characterizations are pretty nice, and I did enjoy how the story went. Not a bad one at all TBH.

I have to admit, this was a good story, and a lovely read in its own right. However, I find myself disappointed in how similar the concept played out to your other story, A Macintosh for Your Thoughts. Two longtime friends, one had a crush on the other and doesn't reveal it until much later, they go on a date because the straight stallion is such a good guy... Well, I suppose I needn't go on. Now, it does occur to me that this may be entirely intentional to write multiple stories on the same plot device (and truly, a charming plot device it is, though its uniqueness played into my dislike of its repetition), but... Well, this was just my opinion. Ignoring the other story, however, this is a wonderful little tale giving love to a stallion that doesn't get enough of it, which made this a delight nonetheless.

7948933 Your criticism is legitimate. Even I when I was spending weeks on writing and rewriting this story did noticed the similarities of not just "A Macintosh for Your Thoughts" but also the same story that was told with "The Reign of Trotivarious." In fact, as soon as you brought it up, you've helped me take notice of a very interesting observation: A good chunk of my romances that I have so far written has characters that are best friends that at least one of them has fallen in love with. As a writer, we try to give some new variation on the similar themes that we've created or of others. For example: even in a story like this one, there are some differences between this and the Macintosh story. In it, there was no kissing, coming out to one's parents, or found a successful replacement in the other in the Macintosh story where this has the exact opposite.

Besides, I freely admit that too that this plot line of a best friend had fallen in love with the other, and although the other doesn't return such feelings he goes out with him anyway, was actually based on a real event that had happened to me. Now, I've taken this same story thread and turned it around to which both friends ended up falling in love many times in the past, though interestingly, nobody has made any complaint about those. Yet, it is only with a story like this that gets some raised eyebrows... interesting.

Though, I am rather thankful that even with me returning to such a plot thread, at least I can leave with the hope that you were entertained by it. In which, in my opinion whenever a writer does repeat his own stories and is unable to is the worst crime of all.

Ave Cup Cake, for immediately angling for hot baker-colt-on-baker-colt makeouts. But come on, the answer to 'he has a coltfriend' is to invite the coltfriend too.

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