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Lime Garnish, a sad little stallion in a lazy little town is looking for love. But not from just anypony, an ex-chef he used to work with. Yet sadly the pony has no clue how to even talk to stallions, let alone ask one on a date. He will just have to find someone to teach him, who he finds isn't exactly the most orthodox of wing-ponies.

Special thanks to the amazingAlternate Universe

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AWWWWW! So cute

That's what I was aiming for :raritywink:

I am glad you liked it!

I swear, gay couples are always so cute

That was freakin' adorable. Honestly I saw his relationship not working out with Chiffonade, what a bitch. Anyways loved the story.

Love, Peace

Now that was good. It’s very rare on this site where the main protagonist tries to go after someone but ends up not getting them because they weren’t interested. Plus, the advice from that spirit is very realistic, especially his last advice for someone who has been outright rejected. At least this story has a hopeful note for Lime.

Thank you for shearing such a sweet little story.

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