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Contentment. Some find it easier to find than others. For his entire life, Big Mac thought he had found it. He never questioned his existence or if he ever wanted more.

That was complex.

But what happens when simplicity isn't enough anymore? Big Mac has been pondering this for a long time, but pondering can only do so much. It's time for action, but will he be able to cope with his own inner emotions?
MxM shipping and romance themes.

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This story is a sequel to Soap Suds and Scary Movies

Part of the Pip and Rumble Anthology
[Prior reading of the first one is not required but does help]
It's been over two years since Pip moved out of Ponyville to study with his boyfriend Rumble, and he hadn't visited much in between. But after finally returning he gets a surprise from an old friend he completely forgot about.

Except his old friend hates him, and Pip has no idea why.

A fic on friendship and hardship.

Thank you so so so so much to the amazing people who helped edit and make my aussie drawl somewhat bareable Bumper, and Maxwell Edison ! You guys are the absolute bomb!

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Sunburst is perfectly happy with who he is. He couldn't be happier with his relationship with his boyfriend, and being gay hasn't been an issue for him for years. But when it comes to being himself in public...

Well, it's a bit more of a struggle.

So much of a struggle that there must be something more to it than just a simple case of social insecurity. And it's up to his boyfriend to find out why.

A massive thank you to Maxwell Edison again for being my amazing editor. He has been an absolute legend!!

Artwork by the fantastic Lopoddity. I'm sure you've all heard of her, if not... please do.

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Big Mac had seen this all before. The anger, the bravado, the attempt to prove himself. He knew what it all really meant, he knew what that little guy was trying to do. It was time Big Mac shared what it really means to be a stallion to look up to. And it was certainly time for a very lost colt to receive a talk amongst the apple trees.

A fic about masculinity, for all the guys out there that feel as insecure as I did. Be confident and let us stand strong together.

Cover Image edited by myself and Link4, thanks, dude, you did an awesome job!

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This story is a sequel to The Regular

Sunburst has been trying hard to find his place in Hazel's life following his big move in with his Coltfriend Ristretto. Yet an opportunity to get close strikes as Hazel's birthday approaches. Yet Sunburst may have bit off a little more than he could chew when he and his lunch is thrust into a vacation that neither colts would have ever been able to prepare for.

Thank you to the absolutely amazing OkemosBrony for doing my editing and making my reading... well readable. Check him out, he does some great stuff himself!

And finally a mega enormous thank you to my close friend TeeKay for the amazing new cover art! He is a fantastic artist and you can find him right here!

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This is a prequel to Colts Don't Need to Talk as part of my Pip and Rumble universe. No knowledge of that fic is required to read this one though.

With both of Thunderlane's parents thinking they are right, the family dynamic breaks apart. In an attempt to save it, Rumble and Thunderlane are whisked away on a very emotional road trip.

Trigger warning:
This fic has very real themes and realities behind family and divorce coming from a mixture of my own and my friend's experiences. If this is a volatile or delicate subject for you, please consider avoiding this fic.

This fic is a concept piece right now, but I would love to turn this into a full fic. I want to see how it goes before going further into the story so please drop a comment about what you think, it would mean a lot, thanks! I hope you enjoy!

An enormous thank you to OkemosBrony, eye-cfox and Javarod for being my amazing editors/ Proofers. All authors I would reccommend.

The fantastic image used with permission from the amazing buizelcream

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This story is a prequel story to Soap Suds and Scary Movies. However, this story can be read without having read Soap Suds.

Pip has missed his friend Rumble all week at school. Rumble hadn't even shown up at all. Finally, Friday comes and Rumble is back but something is different. Rumble isn't acting himself in any way. Pip doesn't know why but he is determined to find out.

Big shout out to Stellar Spiral final editing. This fic took a long time to do with a couple of re-writes and much editing. I would also like to thank AllieTheLamb for ruthlessly tearing my work apart and generally making me a (slightly) better writer. It was fun working with you!

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Lime Garnish, a sad little stallion in a lazy little town is looking for love. But not from just anypony, an ex-chef he used to work with. Yet sadly the pony has no clue how to even talk to stallions, let alone ask one on a date. He will just have to find someone to teach him, who he finds isn't exactly the most orthodox of wing-ponies.

Special thanks to the amazingAlternate Universe

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Sunburst, enjoying a night alone is suddenly disturbed by Crystal Guards immediately seeking his presence at the Crystal Castle. For a strange package with Sunburst's name and no return has arrived. Surely the gift couldn't contain anything too out of the ordinary. However what was inside was much more than what was to be expected.

I would also like to thank the amazing Alternate Universe for doing all the editing and proofing for this fic. It has been an honour working with you!

This was not just made by me. This was in actual fact a collaboration experiment I conducted with the fabulous CrackedInkWell. This is equally mine and his story, so please please check out his amazing titles. We both placed a fair chunk of work into this. I will hopefully be doing more collabs with CrackedInkWell for which we will share publication of. The next one you will be finding on his own page. He is very talented and I am honoured to be working alongside him.
This fic is not MxM but it is in fact a prequel of "The Regular". However you do not need to read that story in order to understand this one.

That is enough from me, enjoy!

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P&R Volume 1
Rumble is a late teen. Finishing school, going on to better places, yet he would be most thankful for his special somepony he will be spending his future with. Moving out, easy, starting his new ambitions, a piece of cake, being the best brother ever? Yeah, it's alright. But setting up a romantic date with said special somepony? It's amazing how difficult that can be.

The first of a one shot series featuring the adventures of Pip and Rumble.

A huge thanks to my friend TK for the amazing cover image. An ENORMUS thanks to the stunning Alternate Universe for being my editor and making my work somewhat acceptable.

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