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Hey guys!
Sorry for being so absent for so long. I've been working on college and all that jazz, trying to get good grades and such. I've neglected my stories, and I feel bad. But, at least I just recently updated one, so I hope that will sate you guys until the next update. Christmas break is coming up for me, so I will get to writing as much as I can during the interlude of my pain. So it goes, I guess.

Thanks again,

Maxwell Edison

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Thank you! Really, I wish I got more criticism like that. Seriously. I would totally agree with everything you said. This was a real early work of mine and I hope to fix some of this stuff in Bonding Experience.

Really, thanks! And I hope you enjoy the sequel if you want to read it.


I enjoyed the fic. The dialogue between the two main characters was metered well, being boisterous when applicable and timid when needed. There were times when I was a bit confused on how much time had passed, but it was minor confusion. There were some noticeable errors, grammatical and otherwise, but other than that I enjoyed it. For some reason though, I couldn't place the body of Retto with the dialogue and personality of him. What he looks like doesn't show up to me when I try to imagine him from text alone. I think that is just me, though. Overall, I really enjoyed the adventure. It was a nice day read.

Hey! Thanks for the fave, it really means a lot and if you have any comments I would love to hear them!!:twilightsheepish:

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I saw the story you edited here. I have only one very important question for you-Do you edit for anyone and if so, how good are you?

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