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The End of an Era [No Spoilers for finale] · 2:07pm Oct 13th, 2019

It's surreal, honestly. To see the end of something that I have been following for so long. So many parts of my personality grew as a result of watching this show. I started taking piano lessons because I wanted to play Love is in Bloom. I started to write because I wanted to see what I could make exist for Featherweight and Pipsqueak. Everytime I think about the show ending, it's like two emotions are battling for control, joy, and sadness. What ends up coming out is a melancholy that brings

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Thank you! Really, I wish I got more criticism like that. Seriously. I would totally agree with everything you said. This was a real early work of mine and I hope to fix some of this stuff in Bonding Experience.

Really, thanks! And I hope you enjoy the sequel if you want to read it.


I enjoyed the fic. The dialogue between the two main characters was metered well, being boisterous when applicable and timid when needed. There were times when I was a bit confused on how much time had passed, but it was minor confusion. There were some noticeable errors, grammatical and otherwise, but other than that I enjoyed it. For some reason though, I couldn't place the body of Retto with the dialogue and personality of him. What he looks like doesn't show up to me when I try to imagine him from text alone. I think that is just me, though. Overall, I really enjoyed the adventure. It was a nice day read.

Hey! Thanks for the fave, it really means a lot and if you have any comments I would love to hear them!!:twilightsheepish:

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I saw the story you edited here. I have only one very important question for you-Do you edit for anyone and if so, how good are you?

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