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Taken place in the context of this blog http://asknurseturner.tumblr.com/ . This is fan content, and does not speak for the original creator of the blog. I enjoyed its content and wanted to create something for it.

Just another day working at the maternity ward for Time Turner. Everything is as normal as it can be, but really, Turner is having a hard time dealing with the lost opportunity he had with Ditzy. It's up to his friend, Nurse Redheart to bring him out of his slump

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My first, but not last, reading of your stories. For being described as unedited, I couldn't find any issues, and while I am unfamiliar with its inspiration material, I was not confused. This was a nice, calm s.o.l., and I have to say, one of the smoothest integrations of song lyrics into a story I have seen. Orton attempts are heavy handed(hooved?), and interrupt the flow, but here it only added to the enjoyment. Thank you for sharing this with us. :rainbowdetermined2:

As a side note, having been an E.M.T. for years, I can attest to the stupidity of many smokers around oxygen. I remember coming across not one, but several tracheotomy (due to throat cancer) patients who would remove the oxygen from their stoma (the hole in the neck that they breathe through), take a drag, replace the oxygen, and repeat. No amount of lecturing ever seems to get through to some people, and some ponies too it seems.

Well, I think you just made my day. Thank you so much for the compliments. It's also good to see that someone else shares the sheer anxiety of smokers near oxygen

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