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Sniffling, sneezing, runny-nosed, watery-eyed, burning-up ponies. :pinkiesick:

Welcome to Ponies with Colds! Here we collect and discuss stories about ponies (and other creatures) dealing with viral infections, diseases, and sicknesses - anything that might cause a pony discomfort or lay them low for a while.

Despite the name, our scope isn't just restricted to the common cold, or even just to ponies. Come on in, and try not to catch anything!

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387288 Oh, very nice! I'll go ahead and switch to it, if you don't mind (or you can do so, since I'll be waiting for your confirmation first anyways). =)

387159 - how about this (modified version of your banner):


I've added a group banner and icon, but would love suggestions for alternates. :twilightsmile:

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