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    Well, I've found my favorite episode thus far in season 7

    A Perfect Pear is by far one of the most detailed stories in all of the episodes to date in my opinion. It shed a lot of light on the Apple family, and on top of that, made a very cool story that kept me glued to my screen from the second it started to the second it ended. It has been a long time since an MLP episode had me like that. I don't know about it being a favorite of all time, but it's damn close. Top 5, at least.

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My Well-Received Works

  • An Unholy Confession Twilight finally finished her 'read later' list of books. It took her years to do but she missed one. by Zyrah 1,751 words · 1,037 views · 78 likes · 8 dislikes

Personal Favorite Fics

  • Upheaval: Breaking Point A desperate war, old enemies returning and past mistakes come together to alter Equestria forever. by Visiden Visidane 177,716 words · 15,438 views · 1,909 likes · 44 dislikes
  • Bolt The two pegasi knew there could only be one. One who could fly with the best. One who could fulfill their dreams. One who could destroy the other's hope. And when hope is crushed, anger arises. by InsignificantGryffindor 29,346 words · 1,489 views · 67 likes · 3 dislikes
  • My Filly, Nightshine Jason's life has grown dull. After months of living in Ponyville, he can't shake the feeling that there is a void in his life. Then, one day, as he watches a family play in the park, an idea sparks within his mind: why not adopt a pony of his own? by The Abyss 52,672 words · 15,331 views · 1,984 likes · 145 dislikes
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Thanks for the stories:twilightsmile:

Hi, thanks for the watch!

Thanks for the watch!

Aww, thanks. :twilightsmile: Would you like to vote for what I should do for my 100 follower special, considering how close it is? You can over here, if you'd like to.

Well, I like your OC, very cute character. Also, I did notice adorable stories, and figured why not be apart of the pre-100 mark?:raritywink:

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