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Another Update on School Days. · 1:54pm Nov 14th, 2019

Okay, overall I've been wondering if I should make it seem like a first year story but I don't have the time on my hands to make that happen. So most likely bound to go back to just being School Days

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Mostly every story I write has something to do with my OCs. At this point I only have two that are readable to everyone on the site.
Others are still a work in Progress. And so far only one doesn't have anything to do with my OCS.

Have a read at the two I have available on the site right now, if you want..


Not the first time I heard that. Honestly, don't remember when, but that definitely isn't the first. But thanks. (I guess)

I thought it was a R63 Blackjack.

My icon? (If you mean my Fimfiction profile picture, it's my two OCs Lightning Storm and Angel Heart sharing a surprising, but passionate kiss.)
Why do you ask?(Not even gonna lie, this is the first time I was asked about really anything.)

  • Viewing 136 - 140 of 140
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