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John the Rebel

"When angels deserve to die!" (Chop Suey)By:System of a Down

Hey Guys this is me home page. We can chat, and do what'ever here.

I'm a Twenty-seven year old. Married. I have a daughter named Octavia. I like anything too do with Mlp, (Of course ). I write very little. I'm not to good, but I improve. Made many mistakes. You live you learn


T.W.O Elite · 4:58am Dec 26th, 2016

I decided to go back and keep writing this massive story I started. Its suppose to be done sometime in 2017. It might be awhile because of life challenges.

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I'm glad you think so. At least I made someone smile :) Have a nice day

2278801 No problem. The story "Applejack says the F word." Was really funny.

Library of Doom XD

Edit: Thanks by the way m8

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Heyo this is where we can chat about anything in your hearts desire. Or Pm me.

Yo this is where we can talk about all the shit, and stuff or just PM me if you have a story idea, and i'll send an blog post about it. Bye Bye