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Very rare logins. To much drama in my life.

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To Silver Chord · 9:35pm Oct 8th, 2016

I love you, regardless of whatever happens in life. We may never meet, yet still we might

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min dumma engelska ständigt misslyckas mig och jag får mycket mycket mycket irriterad . om jag går ut på en rant i svensk vänligen ursäkta mig .

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Hope you are doing well and staying safe.

I miss you sis!!!! I need you!!!!!! Please come back!!!!!!!! *cries a little before all out sobbing* I.... Need.... You!!!!!

Comment posted by Rose the Changeling deleted Sep 4th, 2016

Thank you very much for the follow! Here's a little return.

You... are nothing... but a lier... i fucking trusted you. I called yiu my sister... but instead yiu lied to me and went behind my fucking back.

2173920 a good friend. Perhaps as a sister. But nothing more.

2173915 Ah, you know my lover. ^^ But, may I ask in what way you know her? :rainbowhuh:

2173913 she goes as Mistress Bullet at the moment

2173912 Awwwww, thanks. :twilightblush: Now, who is that certain some we know? :rainbowhuh:

2173911 1. You seem nice. 2. You know someone i know 3. Your avatar is awesome

I thank thee for thy follow. :twilightsmile: Prithee, why dost thou follow the likes of me? :pinkiesad2:

Thanks for the watch and the fave on In The Darkest of Hours! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch :pinkiehappy: here's one back :scootangel:


(Hugs tight

2160765 sorry, my demons are being weird again XD

2160765 because i can thats why.

oh be nice lacey -.-

Shhhhhhhh alteris...



*silently walks away*

Hey, thanks for the follow, but why?

I hate seeing people with tons of story's and not that much attention :applecry:

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