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Life is full of ups and downs, many having reasons as to why but most do not. For young Angel life was nothing but down with no possible way of there being an up, that is till one day a stranger makes a call to the state. Through a series of events falling into place like dominoes her life goes from the worst it can be, to steadily one she never knew existed, nor could fathom would ever come to her. Taken from her parents by the state for an investigation on the grounds of child abuse, young Angel is then placed into the love and caring protection of a thief.
Come read along to see how the two of them grow, into one of the oddest pair that they never saw coming.

Trigger Warning: contains abuse, alcoholism, self harm, suicide, a suicide attempt, a breif mention of rape in one chapter. If you are not comfortable with any of these things, do not read. will cobtain sexual innendoes here and there.

Helpful critism only please.

*Because of several bits of diolouge from celestia and luna, i tagged them and they will be popping up here and there.
Collab Author: The ever so amazing grey mane
Editor: still looking
Cover art: still looking

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