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Rose the Changeling

Hazel Bell is my waifu! Want to see my You Tube Channel?

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Oh hello! So you found me!

Yay! A visitor! So as you may already know by my username, I'm Rose the Changeling. I'm actually a boy, not a girl. Lots of people may have gotten confused with me being a girl, due to my name and my OC. I decided to join the Brony Fandom, after reading MLP fan-fictions from all of you awesome authors out there! I do writing, but there are times where I've lost interest in either a story, or something, so I do apologize for that.

Blog you tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZjRrJ0fMNfx-X2B1c9CNLQ
Also i have 5 interests. The top being least and last being 1ST!!!

4. School, cause need to study.
3. Writing stories and fan-fiction cause its cool and interesting.
2. Track music.

I have a you tube channel as well, but i don't use that anymore now that i've lost interest. You can check it out if you want to and here's the link.

Stuff I like to watch:
~Yandere Dev
~Electrical, track, Nightcore, Hindustan or modern day music (NOTE: I don't speak Hindustan. I just love the rhythm)
~Dance central 3 or Dance central Spotlight
~Resident evil. Which type? ANY!!! [Except resident evil 2 tiger game.com version]
~TOP 5 or TOP 10 videos
~Survival-horror or shooter videos
~Team Fortress 2
~Comedy comics

Stuff I don't like watching:
~Clop videos
~Don't hug me I'm scared
~Boring and slow Gameplay videos
~Gameplay from horrible or broken video games
~Videos that are beyond graphic. I'm okay with graphic videos, as long as their not too graphic.
~Disgusting websites

Good stories to read

OC In-depth

Name: Rose

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexuality

Age: 19

Status: Living with Princess Cadence and Shining armor and is Celestia's student, including Twilight's.

Physical Description: Dark Grey Skin, grey horn, pink and white hair, large fluffy pink tail, pink eye's and sharp teeth.

Quirks: Headphones

Moral: Its a bit complicated. She's a stubborn ass sometimes, but does help others at times.

Personality: Rebellious, loyal to her friends, stubborn, crazy, hostile, lazy and competitive.

Strengths: Good marksman with guns, dangerous when biting, have the ability to shape-shift giving her the advantage of receiving info, framing, etc.

Weakness: Not very good at melee weapons, terrible at recovering her balance when falling due to her wings, gets frustrated and ticked off easily, not good listener and cannot be fed by food. Meaning, Cadence has to feed Rose every single day.

Weapons: Grenade launcher, Heavy Crossbow

Education: Average.

Likes: Hanging out with friends, curfews, playing video games, joining conventions, listening to track, loud, modern music.

Dislikes: Ponies who criticize her Changeling race, getting into trouble at school or by her parents and ponies who annoy her.

Backstory: Used to live in a Cave somewhere in Equestria and can speak English, Rose was born right out of an egg and her mother (as expected) Queen Chrysalis. Her mother was full of selfishness and evil, but she's only doing that to feed her colony. Rose became very close to her family and her name was given after she loved a flower called, Rose. Her closest brother was Morty the Changeling. She was involve in the Canterlot wedding... sort of. Her job was to ambush Cadence in a cave somewhere in Canterlot, however she went though the wrong cave and got lost, but was the only Changeling who didn't get hurt by the blast made by Cadence and Shining armor. She found her way out eventually, but later, her family was starving and all of them died, except her. After awhile, Rose was reformed thanks to Twilight Sparkle, has become the first Changeling to ever be accepted by the ponies.Despite her once being loving and cheerful, Rose has become broken due to the loss of her entire family, and has become more negative and hostile.

Profession: Currently studying.

Relationships: Lightning Dust, Starlight Glimmer, Scootaloo, Derpy Hooves, Star Gamer, and Fluttershy.

Location: Crystal Empire.

Religious Beliefs: Love. (Because, I don't know any religions in MLP and I figured that the Alicorns should do it. Love is Cadence in-case if your wondering)

Fantastical Traits: Magical and can copy voices, giving another advantage on framing.

Goals: Repopulating the Changeling race. (Don't ask -_-)
Equestrian girl appearance: Black skin, pink and white hair, pink hoodie with a red rose in the middle, wearable red banana, blue trousers, and black and white sneakers.

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How've you been? I'm finally back to the site so I'm going to start working on my Thorax story again. By the way, how did you get your youtube channel link to work in your channel biography?

She’s deleted all her blogs, so it may be self-requested. :twilightoops:

How did you get banned?
Hope you get back soon.

2445111 He is. He's even created pornographic animations, interactive ones, artwork, stuff like that. He's MLP:FIM's pornographic king. However, he's not gonna make as many animations right now due to this:

Thanks a ton for the follow my friend!:pinkiehappy:

I think Tiarawhy is all of our waifus!!

2436571 Thanks bro. Everyone is always welcome to follow me.:yay:

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