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Thanks for the follow! Returning the favor by watching you back :twilightsmile:

"Successful Infiltrations," huh? :rainbowhuh:

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

2131780 Ah, thank you. That clears it up nicely. I'm good on that front, then. Rare is the day would I ever try to claim something as fact without any sort of source or information to back it up.

Yeah, I've been on the forums for a while, but I should have been broader on the whole stupidity and ignorance thing. If you're doing it on purpose, like trying to say that gravity is a myth then yeah I'm not messing with you, but if you don't know something i won't attack you for it. I don't know anywhere near everything so I don't expect that you should.

2131775 I'm glad it was, then. Only three? Impressive in a way.

1. Not to worry! I think I'm anything but, and even if I was I don't say much anyhow so I doubt anyone would notice.
2. How stupid/ignorant we talking here? Because we might have a problem if we ever engaged in any meaningful conversation, or I'd just have to do a lot of googling so I could properly formulate a response.
3. I would only ever do so in an attempt at sarcastic humor, which'd be sure to fail. I don't feel I have much to be pretentious about.

Good! Thick skin seems like a sign of a healthy dragon (and maybe also of a seasoned internet user), don't you think?

More than actually. It's always nice to have a new follower, and BTW. Three things I hate...

1. Self righteousness
2. Stupidity i.e. ignorance
3. Pretention

But other than that it takes a lot to get under my skin

2131772 It was for a myriad of reasons. The mustache, the fact I seem to have quite a few of your stories on my read later list, the way you handled yourself against that No Heresy person, and I just felt like doing it, really (*shrug*). There wasn't a reason not to I could think of, so here we are. Is this answer satisfactory?

Thank you for the follow, what made you decide to click that little eyeball next to my moustachio Spike?

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