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Twilight receives an urgent message from Sunset Shimmer, a vague cry for help against an unnamed threat. She races to the rescue without question or hesitation, and arrives to find a floating eyeball from beyond the bounds of corporeal reality taking up residence in her kitchen. Is it evil? Malicious? A threat to life as we know it?

...Maybe? It's creepy as heck, either way, and it's wreaking havoc on Sunset's social life, so it's gotta go.

Silver medalist in the Writeoff Association's December 2016 contest, written for the prompt "Has That Always Been There?" Inspired by this tweet. Cover art by illictic, used with permission.

Edited by DannyJ.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 224 )

About goddamn time.

8126786 Eye'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

That living room scene is still pure comedy gold. 8.5/10

This is vastly too funny. I look forward to seeing the rest.

I wish I had something funny or smart to say.
Instead, I'll humbly request that you get your fingers out of your ass and publish the next chapters in the next fucking days or else, having a giant eyeball from farther-out-there space will be the least of your concerns.
But no pressure.

I'll have to keep an eye on this story.

"Nah. I think I'm good. Let it never be said that a floaty Eyeball chased Sunset Shimmer out of her own apartment. And, wow, that sure was a sentence, wasn't it?"

This is the most Buffy The Vampire Slayer sounding sentence I've read in a long time, lol.

8127254 eyyyyyyyyyy nice pun kys... sarcastic comedy.

I've been / waiting a long time / for this moment to come.

Man, that cover art is amazing.

8127626 dont you mean EYE catching :raritywink: srry :twilightblush:

I feel like I'm reading a Buffy fic, the way they talk and interact. And i count that as a good thing. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see how this ends.

What's the giant eye's name, Iris the perverted eyeball?

They're lucky it's not one of the Super Mario 64 ones. Or a Beholder.

Sci-Twi's thesis is now my headcanon on how the multiverse works.

Heh. Poor Sunset got cock blocked by a giant eye.

Any chance of seeing the Flash/Sunset or Twilight/Twilight scenes done right? By right, I mean with clop. Please?

Just put a screen in front of it playing the most annoying, inane, and vile pieces of human entertainment in existence, and that eye will flee back to its own plane of existence out before you can blink!

Oh god. This story is genius.

8127254 I can see why. It looks interesting. That's a rare sight these days.


They look less like they're shaking their heads in a silent "no", and more like they're performing the most sedate headbanging I've ever seen.

Can we at least get an awkward moment between Flash, Sunset, Twilight, and Sci-Twi being left in a room together?

8128592 A gentleman does not make horse-women and man-men kiss and tell.:raritywink:

That's a title to a story if I've ever seen one.


If you deal with this new incident by having Sunset run around this thing like it's one of those eyeballs from Mario 64 I shall be most upset, and even amused.

I enjoyed this a bit too much.


And I like the TwiCest element too.

I'd ship it.

Upvoted and faved before I even finished reading. This feels like something I'd write. I can't give you any higher praise than that.

I don't know why, but the title reminds me of this.

*Calls The Doctor* Hey Doc, those giant eyeball aliens are being pests again!


8128139 So, anything by Rob Schneider then?

8126788 I saw what you did there...

8129362 Introducing eldritch entities to Rob Schneider only motivates them to purge the mortal realm of all life. No thank you. We want to avoid antagonizing the Eyeball.

You had my curiosity.

Now, you have my attention.

8128991 if it had some half decent lyrics, it would be more enloyable......

8129619 It's a joke song, the lyrics aren't meant to be meaningful or anything.

Majin Syeekoh

8128599 I notice you left out women-women.

Are you implying a thing?




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

8129873 I think the implication there is that, if I made horse-women and women-women kiss, I would tell. Ergo, since I have not told about horse-women and women-women kissing, I have not made horse-women and women-women kiss. It's only logical.

Although Sunset is intentionally characterized as acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend whenever Starlight is mentioned, so make of that what you will.

Majin Syeekoh

8129903 I’d make pizza of it, but I already have a slice in the fridge.

She only wants to know for science. :twilightblush:

Sunset, your kitchen is a hotbed for magical and interdimensional anomalies. Just don't panic if you encounter a demon when making a sandwich

The title sounds like something from Night Vale.

8127869 I was thinking the same thing. I used to play DnD, the beholder is the most terrifying thing I met. A friend of mine went to kill Tarrasque.

So it's a Beholder?

I wonder how the science is going in purple place. Cuz this was awesome and I wanna know.

Oh hey! Great to see this making the leap to FIMFic. :twilightsmile:


Great to see this making the leap to FIMFic.

I've been making so many eye puns lately that I can't tell what is and isn't supposed to be wordplay...

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