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When Sunset Shimmer decides to visit Equestria with her girlfriend – the human world’s Twilight Sparkle – she expects there to be some confusion. She doesn't expect to come home with a royal title.

Meanwhile, Equestria's Twilight Sparkle worries she's not evil enough.

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This was actually rather amusing. Will we be getting a second chapter?

Twilight's attempts at being evil is an insult to bananas.

I'm just laughing and also wondering what the hell I just read. Also, if Twilight's afraid of quesadillas and Celestia bananas, does this mean all Alicorns are gifted with a extremely odd fear of something?:derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:

What the actual hell is this ... LMAO, I might have just died from laughter :moustache:

Well, this was very amusing. Princess Twilight going "evil" and having had an emo phase, Sunset becoming a Princess, this was all very nice. ^_^

Best evil Twilight story ever!

Dear Pony Twilight,
You have made a mistake in your hypothesis, you claim that the other ponies have a power that they gained through villainous acts and thus you must act villainous to unlock a new high level power in yourself. However the "Midnight Sparkle" incident was a panic attack brought on by pressure from Human Twilight's superior/teacher an act replicated with your "Smarty Pants" incident. In fact the requirements of your hypothesis would have been forfilled at your SfGU entrance exam where you created a rampaging dragon and transformed several ponies into house plants.

Yours Sincerely, concerned Ponyville

PS All but two villainous acts commited in Sunset's past has an equivillant in yours...

Man this is a trashy story (I like it though so not ment as a insult) but funny as @$$(. Can you try making a more cannony version (right personalities more serious funny less padded room funny ). Be curious to see how same premise but different approach would come across

This was certainly an amusing read. And pony Twi was just... well, she certainly didn't feel out of character. Good job with that :rainbowlaugh:

I see that this is marked as incomplete. Meaning... is there more of this insanity incoming? :pinkiehappy:
Probably, after all, Sunset needs to have her coronation.

... Was the mare friend thing really necessary?

8108243 I'd like to say shipping is never unnecessary, but I've read a story once where it only detracted from it. Of course my memory purged itself from that abomination, but the damage is done.
Still, those two came up as cute together, so who cares? :derpytongue2:

And this was hilarious. PriTwi is just too adorkable to become a villain :rainbowlaugh:

I just don't like stories with unnecessary elements.

That city that Celestia wiped off the map wouldn't happen to be Mareashima or Neighasaki, now would it?

666 views. You had best not stop here, friend.

8108355 And I am the 667th view :twilightsmile:

Edit okay, I made a false assumption that if the view counter was still 666 before I opened the story that I was the 667th. Oh well, I'm still in the neighbourhood of the beast :trollestia:

I've just read it too, and it still shows 666.
Given that it was posted today, it should have been in 700s at least by now.
Suspicious, isn't it?
Edit: Now with 66 likes, almost 6 dislikes and 16 comments...
It was the banana, I know it!

What? Why does the story still have 666 views?? Especially considering the actual chapter has 744 views as of this comment being posted. Maybe someone is tweaking with the views behind the scenes...

8108388 WFT? Fine, I'll break it. We can have a story about our lovely not demon have that number.

I stopped at "evil twilight."

Not sure if its better for Spike to be ignored or babied. That was sure random and hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: If there's any reason for Sunset to stay in human world, its to avoid this kind of craziness. Good thing Pony Twilight's attempt at being evil is as over the top as most of Twilight's other endeavours (which book did she get that cliche act from I wonder).

8108330 Then don't read this. Easy fix.

I enjoyed the good idea this story had, I'm just saying the romance between Sunset and SciTwi was ultimately pointless and contributed nothing to the actual plot. Almost as if it was just there to keep Sunlight shippers from hating it...

Fun stuff, thiugh many of the concepts feel underutilized and only furtively explored. You could've gotten a lot more out of this. If nothing else, I hope to see the coronation.

“That’s just it!” Twilight said. “It’s me! Other world me! She stole all of my human friends’ power into a locket that she designed herself and then consumed it all at once. She turned into a force of unstoppable evil and named herself Midnight Sparkle!”

“Wait a minute.” Spike squinted. “Hey, yeah, that name sounds familiar now. Didn’t you used to call yourself that when you went through that emo phase?”

Twilight swatted Spike with the book again. “We do not talk about that,” she snarled. “Ever.”

I almost laughed my backside off at this bit.

View 1389, story's lookin' fine :raritywink:

For a scholar, sometimes Twilight doesn't think very logically...
She's already had her little adventure into evil when she mind-controlled a large number of ponies into fighting over a doll, and if having too much power drives ponies mad, she should have been barking at the moon when all of the alicorn power of Equestria was dumped into her to keep it from Tirek.
Nope, your depiction of Spike had it right. She's pretty mad. :moustache:

“Unfortunately, I had been eating a banana at the same time the portal was about to open. I never check my calendar for these sorts of occurrences, in all honesty, it would have probably saved many lives if I had…” She cleared her throat, swiftly changing the subject. “I dropped my banana into the portal. Many days later it appeared once again, suddenly gifted with the ability of sporadic omnipresent teleportation. It has yet to return since that day. But I live in fear. Waiting for the banana to return to us, wreaking havoc on all in its path.”


“And your world’s God… is our Principal Celestia.” Twilight had pulled out a notebook from thin air. She jotted some words down with a pen that had been stashed behind her ear. “I keep forgetting that. I just find it kind of odd that a Principal of a local high school in our world is literally the ruler of yours…” She tapped the pen against her notepad thoughtfully. “I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense if she was say… the president? Or a Queen?”

I don't know what I just read. I seriously don't. :derpyderp1:


Actually, I think it was necessary.
After all, if they weren't dating, Sunset would have no excuse to bring her through (and not all her friends) when she was invited by Celestia, which would eliminate Twilight's entire comedy arc in this story.

Immediately went looking for a pic of Spike in a high chair, found one where he says he loves cocaine.
So... just so you know.
Great story, not sure if it's supposed to be crack and I think that's the hallmark of a good crack story.


You could have gotten the same result if Sunset brought her because she begged to go for research.

Wow you guys are putting waaay more thought into this than I did. In any case, the relationship is there because I like the ship. Not to appease any shippers. It might not have been necessary, but I like the two better together when they're in a relationship. So...

loved this story was funny as hell needs more do a sequel please

bananas r evil and should never b trustted

All in all, a needed, pleasant diversion. I can totally imagine Twi doing that.

I would be hard-pressed to choose between mind-reading and flight.

!@#$ phone ate my first go at a comment.

“Oh I dunno, I think you’re pretty mad,” Spike deadpanned.

“Don’t try to make me feel better.”

“I’m not.”



aka Pedestria…

the backside of a horse statue.

in a horse's hindquarters? Hmm, how to phrase it…

She also wore a fake moustache and monocle. She twisted the moustache fondly with her magic.

Wear a fake? She has a spell. :moustache:

“One ridiculous problem at a time!”


“Really, sister?” Luna asked in shock. “You never told me about the banana!”

“I didn’t tell anypony about the sunglasses you dropped in there either,” Celestia bit back.

I vaguely recall…is that a reference to an animation?

“Why do you even have forks?” Twilight wondered aloud,

Or sandwiches?

subsisted of what looked like brass and orange jewels

Celestia made a note to order another tuba and another set of accent bedazzlers from Flim and Flam

Corrections offered without malice.

book in the air to enunciate her point.





(also, caps-lock is considered to be poor style)



first occurrence of something going wrong with the portal,

first instance

hoof bumped the air

hoof-pumped (cf. fist-pumped)

rather than anything implicated with actual royal power

imbued with

subsisted of what looked like brass and orange jewels

consisted of

Is Spike still in the high chair?

>Somepony was almost certainly going to be tackled under the false pretenses that they were a changeling.

...has someone been reading *Sunset Reset*? :)

A great short read. Twilight having a mild psychotic episode was my favorite part. It's usually funny when she shows her not-completely-sain side. :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: Also, the banana. That was hilarious.

Thanks for the corrections! I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:
Also, if the sunglasses thing was related to an animation it was not intentional. But now I'm kinda curious.

Clearly, Sunset's time in the human world had the unfortunate side effect of making her sane.

8112701 When I saw the title, I couldn't help but think of this.

CELESTIA: "I knew I shouldn't have got up today! Sister can you...?"

LUNA: "Uh-huh Tia! You're not dumping this pile of crazy on my back! Your crazy students, your problem!"

Absolutely hilarious. Twilight's current psychotic episode was a bit arbitary and would have benefited from a conclusion (even if only something like Spike being assigned a rolled-up newspaper and being ordered to slap Twi over the muzzle regularly and shout: "Bad pony! Not a supervillain! Bad!"). That aside, it was genuinely funny and I think that you got Sci-Twi's 'a sane mare in a madhouse' response precisely right.

:trollestia: “No one should wear sunglasses at night, sister, it’s simply impractical.”

I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, So I can
Watch you weave then breathe your story lines
And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, So I can
Keep track of the visions in my eyes


I just lost it when Celestia shouted 'One ridiculous problem at a time'.

She cringed. “Right. Ponies.

Look Twilight, if they're 14 hands or less tall, then they're ponies. I'd think you'd be interested in the technicalities.

Oh,” Spike said, squinting at the words. “What the heck is a Midnight Sparkle?”

“That’s just it!” Twilight said. “It’s me! Other world me! She stole all of my human friends’ power into a locket that she designed herself and then consumed it all at once. She turned into a force of unstoppable evil and named herself Midnight Sparkle!”

“Wait a minute.” Spike squinted. “Hey, yeah, that name sounds familiar now. Didn’t you used to call yourself that when you went through that emo phase?”

Twilight swatted Spike with the book again. “We do not talk about that,” she snarled. “Ever.”

Spike laughed through the pain forming in his head. “You wrote all that sappy poetry. You even sent some to Princess Celestia! What did you write again? Oh yeah, your eternal sun pierces the darkness in my heart. My ethereal tears leak like tiny- OW!” This time, Twilight hit him with a broom.

Why do I want to see Twilight when she was going through her emo phase so badly?! Did she dye her mane and tail black? Did she wear dark eyeliner? Did she have nasal, eyebrow, lip, or tongue piercings? These are questions that I desperately want answered.

The pages on the book directly in front of her flipped in a wild blur that Twilight was somehow, astoundingly, able to read.

Theory, this Twilight is secretly a Time Lord.

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