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Metal Gear has fallen into the hooves of an Equestrian revolutionary, who, with the backing of his human mercenary allies, intends to use it to depose Celestia and crown himself ruler. Having crossed into Equestria in pursuit of this rogue weapon, the legendary Solid Snake must ally with the residents of Ponyville to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

See also Equestria Gear Solid, the hilarious spin-off EQG parody in which everything you know is wrong, and every single character from the story is an awful caricature of themselves.

Now with its own TVtropes page!

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Awesome start to this story I feel. Gotta say that I've been waiting for someone to make a Metal Gear crossover with this.
I like the style you are writing this, it makes it very personal to Snake, can't wait to see how this continues. :pinkiesmile:

1429 I think that's the truest thing that anybody could possibly have said about this fanfic.

Honestly, folks, I didn't think I'd ever write a story like this in my life. Confound those ponies; they've bewitched me with their magical friendship. :pinkiecrazy:

1427 I'm just as interested in seeing where this goes as you are. It's been a long while since I've written a full-length fanfic. I want to see if I've still got it in me.

I see Pinkie Pie as the pony representing Snake. Is she really going to represent him or is it just a picture? It would be pretty awkward to have Solid Snake as Pinkie Pie, but it would be hella funny! :derpytongue2:

1612 Snake himself will represent Snake. That was just the most appropriate picture that I could find.

Ouch! Applebloom just handled AJ like a boss! :rainbowlaugh:

Good story, looking forward to more.

If anybody's curious, I've decided to drop the italics that indicate Snake's narration, on the advice of the Equestria Daily pre-readers. I'll go back and remove the italics from the first two chapters to keep them in style with this one.

Oh wow, nice action sequence with that manticore there! :pinkiesmile:

Considering Snake's kinda passed out on the ground and the only person that's around I can kinda picture where this is probably gonna go. I kinda with Applebloom found someone other than AJ first, but seeing as I don't see any other way Snake's getting out of this one I really hope she actually stops to listen to her. I mean, I don't think she'd take a chance with something like this but she's definitely not in the best of moods.

Enjoyed this chapter immensely and I am looking forward to the next one. I cant wait to see how Snake is going to react with having a conversation with a pony. Not to mention waking up to ponies taking care of him.

Whew, finally released this next chapter! I've been trying to follow this story deeply, but you just don't upload these often enough.

Anywho, I enjoyed this chapter more than the other two combined; AJ earned my respect back and Snake is acting like twice the badass he was in the other two chapters. I am truly waiting for more.

This is one awesome story!! Looking foward to more!!

Solid Snake is best snake. I can't wait to see what happens next...

I have a feeling this fic has been abandoned... which makes me sad. :applecry:

Hopefully, if we put enough coments he might comeback.

Hopefully :fluttercry:

Wow!! I wasnt expecting this to continue, gladly it was not the case. Time to read!!

Holy shit that was a long read. Well worth the wait though.

Oh... my... Amazing! 18,000 words, and let me tell you even though the wait was pretty big the pay off was more than enough! I mean, that was just awesome!

I'm a little bit tired at the moment, so I can't really give you an in-depth breakdown on what I enjoyed about the story, but the memoir style is really working well here.

Expect another, more detailed review in a day or two. Till then, it was a good read!:twilightblush:

moar that all ill say MOAR

I'm so glad you're continuing this. This is just my opinion, but I think AJ would've gotten over the whole everfree forest cockatrice thing pretty quickly and be a lot more relieved than angry.

This update made the wait worth it. I somewhat agree with Wolfblitz, but other than that, good work. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: YES YES YES!!!! MOAR! :moustache:

Wow. I'm tracking this. Keep writing!

Wow!! I love this!! Whatever you do, DON'T STOP WRITING TILL THIS IS FINISHED!!!

I almost made this a blog entry, but apparently, nobody uses the blog feature on here. So it's a comment instead!

First off, thanks to everybody for commenting. But it would behoove me to inform you all that I have a grave condition, wherein if I do not get enough quality feedback on my writing, I start to grow big-headed and consider myself the pinnacle of literary technique. In other words, I will become Stephenie Meyer if I don't get more criticism.

So have at it, folks! While I do enjoy a good "HOMIGAWD, POSHY, YOU'RE THE BEST PERSON TO EVER LIVE, AND I WANT YOU TO IMPREGNATE ME WITH YOUR PONY-WRITING SEED. HUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGEEEEEEEEER!!!" comment as much as the next talentless hack writer, the truth is, I'd much rather get a critical analysis of how I'm doing, what I'm doing write, and what I could be doing better. And if I don't, well, then I'll suddenly gain thirty dozen pounds and develop an affinity for the word "chagrin."

Please. Think of the children.

Next up, some changes that absolutely nobody requested!

1. I'm going to take a page from Fallout: Equestria's book and start adding relevant quotes at the beginning of each chapter from here on out. It's sort of my way of paying homage (hurr durr) to one of the greats, in addition to it being a really good idea that I wish I had come up with. :applecry: I realize that the line between tribute and plagiarism is a thin one, which is why I was so hesitant to do it for so long (I've had it in my head to do that for a while, to be honest), but I reason that it's such a little thing. A stylistic choice that I want to emulate, not a storytelling element, plot device, line of dialogue, or what have you. I'm still on the proper side of that line. I hope. If Kkat shows up at my house in the middle of the night, I'll know that I've done a bad thing. And then, the penance will begin.

2. I altered the title of the second chapter. Fans of Metal Gear Solid may have noticed that the last two chapters have been named after music from the series' soundtrack. That was a convention that I came up with during chapter three, and it's one that I want to stick to for the rest of the serie...er...story.

(can't let on that i'm planning to write more of these things. no siree, that would be awful. fortunately, no one will ever read this comment, nor my passive-aggressive attempts at making people reading this comment. posh, you are a genius.)

And since I was never very fond of the second chapter's title (It just came to mind. I really should have put more thought into it), I decided "well shoot, why not?" So there you go.

3. Based on some feedback I've gotten over on Equestria: Daily, I'm going to make some minor adjustments to chapter four. I won't alter the content radically, don't worry, but there was one bit of criticism that I agreed wholeheartedly with, and I want to tweak the chapter accordingly. Basically, someone suggested that Snake's resolve to rescue Applebloom came too far out of left field. My intent was to reflect his resolve to rescue Meryl in MGS1, but because I'm a silly silly person, I didn't write that into the chapter as clearly as I should have. So I'm going to do that.

4. I will also start writing little blog entries about the writing process behind each chapter. There may or may not be interesting information or amusing anecdotes in each, but you won't know until you read, will you? So you'd better read them all, just in case. :scootangel:

Thanks to all three of my readers, and we'll see you again sometime before the end of the universe with the fifth chapter, wherein absolutely nothing sexual is going to happen.

I'm serious. Snake is not going to have sex with a pony.

He isn't!

If you're waiting for that to happen, then go away, because that is not going to happen. I cannot stress this enough. There will be no bestiality in this story. Ever.

(otacon would get jealous)

62651 *right

Like I said: Talentless hack writer.

How I'd call this fanfic

Metal gear solid: element of rebellion
tactical espionage friendship action

While I havent played all of the games in this awsome game series, I have played enough to know what is going on and I must say, this is SO AWESOME! :rainbowkiss: I hope to see more of all the characters because you do what makes the show so good, engaging characters. (while of course not yours are still in character)

62651 Gah! Why did you have to put that image in my head you nazi basterd!?:twilightangry2:
GAAAAAAH..... Bad image.....:rainbowwild: Besides, Snake is sterile. As far as I know, Solid Snake died a virgin.
Only Big Boss got any booty with Big Mama. As for constructive criticism.... I got nothing. You nailed everything right on.


He DID live with Meryl for a while. And she WAS eighteen...

i.... just wow... i felt it... you are amazing... i can't even use ponies in this comment because of how i feel... serious, happy, belittled, and around 5 others i can't describe...

keep doing what your doing, it's amazing.


I myself am working on an MGS based-reference on a huge project I am working on. Being a fan of the series and FIM, I encourage you to keep at it. At the moment, I can't find anything to nit-pick about, because it's obvious you have put effort into it. Please keep at it; many of us wish we could write like this.

Thanks for this delivery. It's tied up with JasonTheHuman's "Anthropology" for the ones I await updates for.

Magnifico! I've always enjoyed good scenes of redemption, and seeing one that well played here really made this last hour of reading worth it!

Great job man, great job. :pinkiesmile:

Rainbow Dash can be so immature sometimes, and it's so funny seeing it portrayed in this chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Also, Kudos on Snake beating one of the timberwolves with its own leg

"Thank you, Tom." :trollestia: I have a slim knowledge of Metal Gear but from playing Peace Walker, I have one question. Pegasus Wings once served under Big Boss or was that another group he was talking about? Sorry on my vague knowledge. Even after playing the games. :facehoof:

180651 "Pony Gear Solid: In Which Solid Snake Punches a Manticore in the Face and Dismembers a Timberwolf, then Bludgeons It to Death With Its Own Leg."

180731 Big Boss was the leader of two (technically three) mercenary armies during the course of the Metal Gear saga. First he was the head of Militaires Sans Frontiers, the private army that featured in Peace Walker. This army eventually became Outer Heaven, the mercenary nation that Big Boss ruled. They revolted in 1995, and Solid Snake defeated them; this was the story for the original Metal Gear.

After that, Big Boss (who had survived the downfall of Outer Heaven) set out to establish a new mercenary nation: Zanzibar Land, which Solid Snake was forced to infiltrate and destroy on Christmas of 1999. This is the nation from which Pegasus Wings' initial membership was drawn.

Does that clear things up?

I do wonder how the gang would react to nuclear ordnance... actually, I don't exactly 'wonder'. I plan on getting that in my own Red Alert x-over at some point. Still, interesting to see how you go with that.

I'm not all that familiar with the Metal Gear series beyond some very basic knowledge: are the ICBMs on a Metal Gear unitary warhead or MIRVed?

The only MGS game I own is The Twin Snakes (I know the plots of MG1 and 2 though), so I'm not exactly in the know in regards to all the mythology of the games, but this is great. Not very many people can turn a one-scene character into such a well developed person with motives and vices, but you did it magnificently. The action and humor, rape part aside, were very good. Snatching Snake's cigarette from his mouth is something Twilight would do. I also got a real kick out of "He's a fucking chickenshit retard." You know your New Yorkers. :trollestia:

Unitary, though I suppose a MIRV would be scarier. I was actually just thinking about changing it to a MIRV, but I've planned the story with a unitary missile in mind. A MIRV would alter the story's scenario too much.

EDIT: I just realized that the warhead in Peace Walker was a MIRV. So I guess my answer would be that it varies between incarnations of Metal Gear. I know that Metal Gear REX's warheads were unitary, as well as unique (stealth warheads fired by a railgun, invisible to radar).

181452 Ah, the wolf wasn't really going to rape Twilight. The rape subtext was just Twilight's overactive imagination torturing her. It was going to devour her alive, that's all. :)

181030 Yes it does, thank you. I really need to play them all.


Devour her alive?! That bastard! Polite monsters eat their victims when they're dead. :twilightangry2:


I've got Metal Gear Ponies to read.

182703 Everything is awesome if you read it in Snake's voice. Instruction manuals, memos, stodgy literature. A lot of people hate reading Hemingway because of how terse all his sentences are. Just read it in Snake's voice, and your problem melts away.


inkie Pie and Rainbow Dash erupted into full-blown belly laughs. Rainbow Dash sank to the ground and plopped onto her bottom behind Pinkie, the two leaning back-to-back as they roared with joy. Snake flushed and clenched his jaw. “Because 'Pinkie Pie' sounds so much better,” he grumbled.

“Girls,” said Twilight flatly. “Seriously? Are you four?”

With a mighty effort, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash forcibly repressed their laughter into less raucous (but still mirthful) chuckles. “Okay,” gasped Pinkie, in between bursts, “okay, you're right. I'm done. We're done” She grinned, giggled one last time, coughed, and grinned again, looking at Rainbow Dash. “Done?”

“Done,” agreed Rainbow Dash, returning Pinkie's grin.

Snake folded his arms. “You're crocked, aren't you?” he asked.

wow really? you made them go for such a gutter joke? i facepalm and laugh at this pun.

185351 ALL of the gutter jokes!:pinkiehappy:

Snake folded his arms. “You're crocked, aren't you?” he asked.

MGS3 references are the best references. :3

188485 Hey, someone got that. Nice.
Yeah, MGS3's my favorite in the series, so I'll deliver shout-outs to it whenever the mood strikes me, basically. Solid Snake is best Snake, but MGS3 is best MGS. :ajsmug:

Love this story, also have been a fan of the MGS games, man just got the MGS HD collection on Xbox 360 when I still have 2 and 3 on PS2 and Peace Walker on PSP, but who cares it's in HD, anyway, once again Love this story :twilightsmile: keep up the good work, my fellow MGS Fan.

Two nitpicky things about this chapter: Ditzy Doo's name should probably be changed to Derpy Hooves, since that was later established as her canon name. Also the sentence "I wonder how much of the blame Zecora shoulders for what befell Equestria." would sound better as "I wonder how much of the blame rests on Zecora's shoulders for what befell Equestria."

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