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To the highly skilled operative code-named Naked Snake, today was not that good of a day. On top of being sent to kill his former mentor in order to prevent the Cold War from going nuclear, he had gotten captured, and lost his eye. While he did manage to escape, there was still much he had to do in order to complete his mission.
Still, even being tortured by someone with inexplicable lightning powers was somewhat preferable to finding himself outside of not only the mission area, but his world as he knew it...

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I have been waiting for this fic to exist for SO long

Hooza, Big Boss in his better days and taking on Equestria.

I'm sorry

Yeah right.
Well, it isn't half bad and I could see myself reading more it so...carry on then.

Aaaaaawwwwwww Yea! I love it already! Keep it up bro!

Don't feel sorry, get to work on the next chapter! 'Twas a very good story so far.

I'm liking this... ALOT!

I have been waiting for MGS HiE for like forever! You sir, deserves a medal :ajsmug:

This is awesome, I cant wait for more.

Keep up the good work!

This make me want to play Metal Gear agin.

Will keep an eye out for this one, but if it's anything like other good crossovers, either it'll turn up to be abandoned or with a half-assed follow-up.
I'm hoping this is neither.

Snake is going to spend half the story thinking about how ponies taste, isn't he?

a MGS crossover fic that so far is doing it right? Oh hell to the yeah! :pinkiehappy:


Little suggestion:
1) Have the exclamation point and question mark pop up over their heads

Don't apologize, this is nice.

Funny thing is, I just finished up with The Sorrow on MGS3, and decided to quit playing for a while. And here I am now, reading this story. :rainbowlaugh:

I find it strange that I come back to check the MGS group folder and see this. No one ever attempted to make one before I published my MGS 3 story. Just thinking that this is a bit strange... Will see how it goes along before determining whats going on. :unsuresweetie:

Also, I am not advertising my own Fic.

omg omg omg omg omg omg A snake eater related fic!!! :rainbowkiss: You get a fav and like!

"Wonder how they taste..." he whispered to himself.

Part of me screamed "DO IT!!!" :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

It's kind of funny you said that, I went to go get an Xbone today and they had the MGS Legacy Collection in. Weird how that works.

The only thing that annoyed me about the game was the lightning hands. WTF they are never explained in the story.

so far i like

Lovely work, I can't wait to see more. You get a like and a favorite. Good to see stuff like this amongst the other fics I've seen, once again lovely work.

Good God man! This is awesome! Love the MGS series! Keep it going!

Keep going this is good for any story :fluttercry: don't dissapoint us

Naked Snake in Equestria...Let's see Liquid rant about screwed up genetics now.

Snake in Equestria?


Card Holder, you can't go changing the future like that!

Looking good, keep it up.

3762534 Don't worry he just takes forever on his updates:ajsmug:

carry on my wayward author! let there be peace when you are done! :raritywink:

"Metal Gear..."

3762534 Can't speak for this story since I probably won't read it (haven't really played any Metal Gear Solid games, so I'd probably get lost :applejackconfused:), but this author has a pretty good track record. :pinkiehappy:

I feel as though this would be a disgrace to the Big Boss himself... I haven't even read it yet...


Never mind what I said... I laughed at how amazingly weird it is.

"Metal Gear Solid: Equestria"

AWSOME! When's the next chapter.

3780761 When ever he kinda feels like it:ajsmug:

Very nice writing. Clear, ant true to the characters.
Nice work

Snake is fucking terrified of vampires,and I'm pretty sure equestria has them....actually,glad naked snake never fought vamp

God they sure took that in stride, it happened way to fast.

All of a sudden: TIME PARADOX!

I HATE BADASS PEOPLE GETTING CAPTURED!!! anyways I'm still lovin' the series

I think that this is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! MORE!!! NOW!!!

"Well, anyway," purple cut in, stopping any more outbursts, "do you have a name?"

Snake thought over this. Here he was, in an entirely different world, held in captivity by a potentially hostile race of horses, and they wanted to know his name. He could tell them his real name, but that could endanger the mission or himself, somehow. Plus, what few names he did hear were rather outlandish, though there was the slim possibility that they could be code names like his own.

With this in mind, he made his decision. "Call me Snake."

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more, and pleas more soon.

Sneaking around the castle and got caught. Should've played this:

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