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Even the tiniest change can alter the future in ways you can't imagine.

The battle with Lord Tirek did not end the way it was supposed to. The centaur was still sent back to Tartarus as he should have been and Equestria and all of its' ponies were saved, but thanks to one final act of defiance, Twilight vanished without a trace not long afterwards.

One month after her disappearance, Twilight has returned to Equestria, but not in a state anypony was expecting her to. Now they're all filled with questions about what has happened to her, but what tale does she have to share with them? What is she willing and unwilling to tell them?

Can a battered phoenix still rise from the ashes?

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A Metal Gear story? :rainbowderp: This should be interesting.
Is this set during or after Ground Zeroes?

Metal gear story, with serious undertone, I am watching to see where this goes.

Keep on movin, movin! Keep going!

4866550 That makes two of us.

And I don't even care that this comment is probably going to get a whole bunch of thumbs downs. I've said what I have to say, and that's all that really matters to me.:ajsmug:



In the present, it's set after GZ, but during the flashback moments, it will span the events of both Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes.

4866550 4866746

I'm okay with both of you not being interested in or liking this story idea. At this point, I don't know for sure if I'm going to continue it or not, but even if I do, the StH/FiM storyline is still going to be my main focus, and I hope to have a new "Adventures" chapter up soon.

This is good I require more of this I love a metal gear cross over

I think you should continue I like it so far.

I recomend trying to write two more chapters and decide if you want to continue from there. Basically, the story hasn't even started yet, just the intro was finished. Two chapters of the meat of the story should help you decide if you want to continue. If you do decide to continue, you should probably eventually get an editor and fix the first two chapters. Personally, I'd love to see more, but it's up to you.

I'd say write a few more chapters, then put this on Hiatus until the actual full game comes out. Keep up the good work!


Yeah, I was kind of wondering if I made what I have so far a bit bulky and/or clunky. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it could use some work.


What my current plan, if I do decide to continue, is to have Twilight recount her involvement in the events of "Peace Walker" and "Ground Zeroes", then, if I can make it happen, have "The Phantom Pain" be the sequel.

4868131 Well then I say continue with the story if you are still feeling the inspiration to do so.

I Need More Of This :twilightsmile:

I say continue but I suggest you wait for The Phantom pain to come out. I am not forcing you just asking.

Wow! This is actually pretty good! :twilightsmile: Make more please!

Eh, Metal Gear really isn't my thing, so I think I'll-

>written by author of Friendship is Timeless

Well, I'm sold! Where do we start?

4869068 I'll second this motion. This story is really good

4868131 so what kind of metal gear will twilight be fighting

I like the story so far and I hope you keep going

If you write then I'll read. :twilightsmile:

Are you going to bring up Eli and how he's totally Liquid Snake, you guys I mean srsly, he's not Raiden or Chico dammit?

Metal Gear?! Let me tell you something, I love the idea of you doing this; to have you place twilight in the MGS world; however I do feel that putting her in the GZ mission might be too far ahead for her to really do anything, especially since the game itself is rather short and you would most likely have to spend a chapter or two just telling twilight what transpired rather than having her interact with everyone. I would recommend you place her in Peace Walker and have her go through that and then GZ, followed by MGS5 which would be out by the time you've caught up. I believe you have a lot of potential with this story and I would love to see more of this; especially since I love to see ponies return from such deadly places. Please do this, as this was an amzing chapter. Keep goin and stay golden^^


That is actually what I had in mind. When she arrived in the MG world, it was shortly after the start of "Peace Walker", so that's where her story is going to start.

Sounds good; after all what's ground zero without peace walker. I am very excited to see Twilight's take on this new world as well as how she'll react to the various factions coming into play as the games go on.

Big Boss recruited Twilight!? As for the Metal Gear-verse, does this occur during Ground Zeroes or Phantom Pain?


Yep. Metal Gear-wise, Twilight returns after GZ, but her story is going to cover both that and PW.

4877247 You don't even KNOW when Phantom Pain's going to come out! I'm waiting for the game to come out so I can buy it with my own money and squee over the darkness that is Metal Gear.

I still can't believe the author of Friendship is Timeless is writing a Metal Gear Solid V crossover! Imma lookin' forward to this.

The story is looking good. I would hate for it to be discontinued. I have a question, is twilight a human or a pony when she's in peace walker/ground zeroes?

4879597 kinda thought you would use E.G twilight. But okay.


Well, I might have, but... no mirror.

4879974 doesn't have to be a mirror. But it's your story. no complaining.

4868123 Honest warning to you: Sonic fans are getting a seriously bad rep as of late. I personaly don't care but you might want to consider it.

You know, I at first thought Discord's superhero costume was just Discord being Discord.

And then I read the comics.


Oooh, this is getting interesting.........hope u can continue with this story. I really want to know how did Twilight ended up in the state.

If you've got a solid idea of where you'd want to take this then I'd definitely read it. :twilightsmile:

say it with me UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

You! It's you continue this goddamn story before I kill everypony (javascript:smilie(:pinkiecrazy::I going to bake meat Cupcakes on this site with all of users meat!) in this goddamn site! We all want an 3º chapter and ((:flutterrage:))NOW! Goddammit! Who many goddamns I gave on this comment? Much more than usually I give.

Hey this fic is ain't so bad :twilightsmile:
Now shall we see Twilight in action?

"Kept you waiting, huh?”

Couldn't resist, huh?

Yes more chapters yay :pinkiehappy:

Something tells me that this is dedicated to the bonus missions of GROUND ZEROES. When can Shining meet Big Boss!?

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