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A self-taught writer, I have written a couple short stories for college and would love your critiques and feedback to help in my goal of going from writer to author.



With the advent of magic, humanity dared to dream of an era where peace and prosperity were a reality. Unfortunately, war is a habit not so easily broken, and all the ideals of love and tolerance merely served as paving stones on the road to hell.

The world ended 200 years ago.

Zero's life is defined by constant fighting. In a land where where survival is the product of tenacity and death is only staved off by stubbornness, he and his fellow Hunters have carved a place for themselves between the feral wastelands of the Old World and the suffocating Enterprise of Neo Arcania. Little more than a band of hired guns, their employ typically involves chasing mechaniloids away from homesteaders or even dissuading the occasional raider group, but every once in a while it means escorting a prospector into the wilds to hunt for pieces of old-world technology.
Prospectors like their latest client, the enigmatic Doctor Xiel.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 17 )

Did you mean Doctor Ciel? This story screams Mega Man.

Okay... please let there be more.

I have a really strong hunch that the Mane Seven will end up being the equivalent of Biometals.

Shadow: Finally! A Megaman ZX crossover!:pinkiehappy:

Ah, so Zero and Sunset will have a Master Chief and Cortana kind of relationship? Cool.

certainly intriguing, and i want to read more. shall you deliver? i certainly hope so

What an opening! Can't wait to see more from you!

Nice seeing Sunset being a badass for just a floating rock.

Shadow: Biocrystal Sunset is like a inverted version of Model A from Megaman ZX Advent. I like it! :twilightsmile:

Question : is Zero the same Reploid from Megaman Zero and is this a spinoff of the ZX series?

Get ready Ore line things are about to get ugly.:rainbowdetermined2:

Shadow: Good so far. And this story had me thinking what Biomeatals each of the mane six would represent. Hmm, I wonder... Are you going to add the other Biometals? If yes, will you add a fight with Omega for Model O?

Damn.....That's a twist. More?

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