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The Voice in the Water

Listen to the crashing of the waves, the flow of a stream, the roar of a waterfall, or the patter of the rain.


You are Sunset Shimmer, former apprentice of the Unconquered Sun. Prodigy. Exile. Betrayer and betrayed.

You have been taken.

In midst of the Anon-A-Miss scandal, a heartbroken Sunset finds herself sitting by the edge of Lake Everfree, wondering if she should go on. In her despair, she calls out to the darkness of the night sky. And in the depths of that darkness, something has heard her cry. Something that can grant her wish… a wish to be free of her pain…

Destiny crossover with Equestria Girls using the concept of the Taken and the Sky/Deep war.

Cover art by me.

Featured: 2019-Jul-7!
(Shards, I wasn't expecting that. Thanks everyone.)

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Well that was a dark turn...

Hopefully the body count won't build up too much before Twilight is forced to put her former friend down like a mad dog.

I'm not going to spoil anything, but if you're familiar with The Taken, you can probably guess the answer.

Well now, this has me intrigued. So very intrigued. And it is really well written too.

I am not familiar with the source material you crossed this over with, but I am eagerly waiting for more.

Heh heh heh heh. As Derrick Lynch from Crisis Zone once said: Soon, Twilight, the Rainbooms and all of Canterlot High; students and staff, will understand and fear.....their own. Foolish. MISTAKES!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Aw hell yeah oryx, this should be interesting

Sadly (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), the Taken King probably won't be making an appearance. Rather than do just a straight up crossover, I'm using concepts like the taken, the Sky (Light) and Deep (Darkness) as narrative devices. There will be other aspects of Destiny included, but they will not represented 100% like their game counterparts.

Just finished chapter one and man that was great. That felt like destiny, the ideas and lovecraftian horror and concerts that makes that world awesome. So sunset has started to go down the path of the sword logic. This is going to get dark.

I always found the idea of the sword logic fascinating. I plan on going into my interpretation of it in later chapters, as it becomes relevant.

As an aside, I reject the idea that being taken can be cured, which was introduced in Last Wish. As far as I'm concerned, being taken is a permanent and fundamental overwrite of a creature's existence.

So in other words, it's official: Sunset has abandoned friendship and there's nothing Twilight and the humans can do about it, meaning that; as a famous robot puts it, they are officially boned.

Something to that effect. The full consequences of Sunset being taken will be addressed later.

I don't know if I should read up on it, in all honesty. There is something nice about starting a crossover when you have no experience with the other material, it makes it that much more enjoyable when the story hits it off and you can experience it in that way for the first time. It's a part of the reason why I love Ranger and SAPR so much because not only are they amazingly written, but they introduced me to XCom 2 and RWBY in the process. Just a little more special, ya know?

I have high expectations now, I really loved that first chapter. No pressure~

Wait did they cure you know who because I thought you had to kill her

Ow you ment those other guys you have to save. Sorry my bad it’s been a while since I’ve done he raid yeah I agree that Dident really make a lot of sense .

Yeah doesent the taken process strips you of what made you yourself and turns you into what it considers your sharpest self.

9718128 Hence why it said she wasn't Sunset anymore.

Masterfully done, Voice. I quite like where this is going. I've not seen anyone write about Destiny's Darkness, much less in such a...well, masterful way. I eagerly look forward to more.

What, and not make it painfully clear to the world(s) that this is their fault? I think NOT!

And now Sunset has shown herself and she will make everyone pay. And the Magic of Friendship is gone.

So the unholy Abomination that Sunset's become was apparently hurt just by being remotely in the same area as Princess Twilight?

I can't say I am surprised if that the case but far too late to save a number of people nor can princess twilight be everywhere which means likely a lot more people are going to die or worse before Sunset is dealt with.

After reading the phone texts, I think it’s clear they have officially sealed their inescapable fate. Prepare yourself, CHS. Cause you’re now having a date with the devil.

I'm actually hoping Sunset takes Pinkie threat as a challenge love so see how Pinkie reacts to seeing Limestone taken or mostly broken, be on her head in the end.



I hope I'm being sufficiently cryptic when I say that there are far worse fates than death.

I'll go into why the Magister reacted like that in later chapters.

I think we read Solar Eclipse. We know how much worse it can be.

Indeed. Solar Eclipse was, as I mentioned in the Author Notes last chapter, a major part of the inspiration for this story. Though this is going to follow a sufficiently divergent path.

Can't wait. Also can't wait to see how Twilight adminishes them. Also, an interlude from the CMC when they realise what they had done.

Why yes. There are fates worse than death. And everyone at CHS; especially the Rainbooms, are about to learn that the brutal way.

And now the girls realized they fucked up. I bet when the news reaches the CMC they realize that Sunset will hunt them down too.


I mean, not only did Sunset become an even more powerful demon, she's not afraid to kill. Also, once Sunset figures out it's them, there will be nobody with any power to stop her.


Here's what i can see as something really extreme.

Applebloom was in her room when she looked up and saw the entire apple orchard on fire!

I never imagined seeing Celestia date Sombra. Granted, this is their EG counterparts and not their normal selves but still...

It comes from the IDW comics. In one arc titled "Reflections", they travel to a "mirrorverse" that Celestia visited when she was younger, and meet a good king Sombra. As the story goes on, its revealed that this good Sombra and Celestia are in love.

*Snaps finger* That's right! Can't believe I forgotten about that.

No worries. Its kinda obscure, and its actually one of the few Celestia ships that feels organic to me (and to be fair, I'm a sucker for tragic romances).

Princess Twilight is going need comforting after the end of this story from friends and family I imagine.

Also corrupt demonic abomination up to some nasty plotting and sort of amusingly talking about the arrogance of others.

*whistles innocently* I have no idea what you're talking about…
I totally do

I have a feeling that Twilight will have some words for Principal Celestia and that Applejack will realize the connection

Ooh this was satisfying. I cannot wait for Celestia to find out herself

Oh, she's definitely going to learn about the Magister.

what is the Taken and the Sky/Deep war concept anyway?

Its something from Destiny, the game the taken/Sky/Deep come from, though how they're presented here is not 100% the same as they're presented in the game's canon. There's going to be a bit of an exposition dump on it next chapter.

No doubt she'll get chewed out next.

If only to get her to see her GRAVE errors in the very least.

Got dammit! I wanted to see Celestia's reaction to seeing she fucked up beyond now she already dead!

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