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Back from the field, have some nature · 2:23am April 5th

Hello everyone,

Just got back from 5 days of field work. I'm tired, covered in scratches and cuts, probably a little sunburnt, and have just stopped hurting when I walk. But, I also bring pictures of the outside world and the wondrous things in it. Enjoy some of the beauty of nature without having to lug around a bunch of research equipment.

Momma sea otter pulling her sleeping baby away from a large, dangerous predator (i.e. me)

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Update on Phoenix-born rising · 3:23pm March 7th

Hey everyone,

So, just wanted to give ya an update.

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Additonal amps · 5:35am January 22nd

Hey everyone,

So, I have ca. 6 chapters outlined, but that's not enough for me to feel ready to start writing the actual text, since I want to have the arc mapped out. But, I want to share some stuff, so here are a few more amps that I've come up with for our elder phoenix-born.

Dusk Requiem
Linked user: Raven Inkwell
Object: medium shaft length bec de corbin

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Not dead. Splintered Sky is still being worked on. · 12:49am January 2nd

Hey all.

So, we made it through 2020.

State of the author: Finished the semester, and thankfully I don't have to teach next one. Instead, I get to do field work for a project, so that's nice.

Regarding Splintered Sky. I've been working on and off on the outline for the next major arc, but scrapped a big portion of it because I thought it was terrible. So, going back to square one, and trying again. Whee.

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Splintered Sky - Amplifiers (amps) · 6:04am Nov 15th, 2020

Authors note: just want to give a little more world building for Splintered Sky. Since I've mentioned amps a few times, here's a bit of in-depth info on their general properties.

In the wake of the Splintering, the sun-gazers continued to innovate on their artificing and enchanting skills. In addition to new runes, improved smithing and forging dances, as well as enchanting processes came the invention of the process to create amplifiers, or amps.

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Sunset Twiangle song · 3:47pm Sep 13th, 2020

Saw this on DB:
(Here's the original post on the artist's Twitter. Give it some love if you like their work.)

Thought of this song from classic Sesame Street:

And came up with parody lyrics for Sunset's situation.

Oh I’m betwe-e-e-en, I’m betwe-e-e-en

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Trope Talk: Immortals · 11:23pm Aug 30th, 2020

So, with strangely opportune timing, OSP has put out a video on immortals. Since Splintered-sky deals heavily with such beings, I think this is a pretty good watch to understand where I'm coming from when writing the immortals of Nitor.

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Basic map of Impreacordia · 5:22pm Aug 12th, 2020

What it says on the tin; I finished scanning and touching up a basic map of Impreacordia, the continent where Phoenix-born Rising takes place. While lacking in pretty much all details outside the borders of Solaria and Selenia, I do plan to add to it as time goes on to help flesh out the world.

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Queen Lumina · 6:56pm Jul 26th, 2020

Needed a break from writing. Had to go into the office to start some lab work. Took advantage of access to a scanner to digitize something I've been working on.

May I present to you:

Lumina, the Phoenix Queen

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Possible future · 3:32pm Jun 20th, 2020

Hey all. So, my laptop's back, and hopefully the repairs took.

I'm still getting back into the grove of writing while trying to catch up on my research projects, so here's some art I did of one possible future that Phoenix-born Rising could end up in to tide everyone over until the next chapter.

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