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Anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully, and with Maximum Verbosity. (I also have a tip jar.)

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Signal Boost · 12:29am Yesterday

I don’t have any ca$h, but someone is in need, so... here’s the situation.

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Glad I could help fill the shelf then:twilightsmile:

It means good. “Apples” is the folder for stories of the Apple family that I really like. There haven’t been many. :twilightsmile:

Not sure if "apples" means good or not, but either way, thanks for checking out apple preserves:twilightsmile:

Hey, saw you liked my short character study on Lightning Dust.

If you want another fic about mental illness to add to your Health And Healing bookshelf, I have an older, more in-depth work that might interest you. It was an attempt at a sympathetic portrayal of a troubled tween and the result seemed to go over pretty well.

TInnocent Until Proven Cozy
News of the Cozy Glow debacle reaches Sunset Shimmer, who now worries about Cozy’s human counterpart. Is it wrong to suspect someone based on their parallel self’s sins?
Casketbase77 · 6.6k words  ·  248  7 · 2.9k views

I sent you a private message

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