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State of the Channel · 6:07am 8 hours ago

...is, in this case, also State of the Author. Notes on our past, present, and hopeful future.

Please check it out.

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Thank you for asking. Both of my Sister Timelines begin with Exiles. They are divergent timelines, and branch off from one another after Cadence of the Crystal Empire.

The timelines are differentiated by (among other things) which mirror Sunset fled through, and the nature of Princess Luna’s child.

The Sunset Rising continuity continues from Cadence with Moon Childe. In that chronology, Luna creates a child from her own mystical essence, and Sunset flees through the mirror which leads to the world of EG humans. This is also the continuity in which Sunrise is a character, and her personal story starts with Twilight Sparkle Was Shot.

The Elsequestria continuity continues from Cadence with Bridges and Guides. In that chronology, Luna gains a child through a mystical pact, and the mirror through which Sunset flees leads somewhere very different from any human world.

Thus, both of these “main” timelines share a common history up to a point and then branch out from one another, twining around one another like vines as they share most of the “canon” episodes and at least one (as of this writing) modern-day Coyote fanfiction.

The other timelines, as one continues to scroll down the Compendium, are for the most part distinct from the Sister Timelines. (Dividing Infinity is by definition a possible future of any number of Equestrias... but they aren’t particularly connected outside of that.)

And my comedy timelines, of course, stand (or perhaps pratfall) on their own. :twilightsmile:

In addition, a summary of the eras of Equus (in my stories) can be found here. Thus far, despite their various differences, these eras apply to all the various pony worlds I have written about.

Please let me know if I have failed to answer your question properly or there are other questions you might have. :moustache:

Because you seem to write stories in at least one big continuity, I think it might be convenient if you linked your


guide on your main page.

But even WITH that guide, I am still having trouble finding the Elsequestria timeline vs. the Sunset Rising timeline. What if I want to start with a particular one? (Here's a link showing that I did not simply make up this distinction.)

In the twining of divergent universes, this tale is a point where the two
Sister Timelines share a common fanfic.
In the Elsequestria timeline, this story follows In Vino Veritas.
In Sunset Rising, this story follows Moon Childe.
However, it also stands alone quite nicely.

MORE EDITING: Oh, I've just found something for the Sunset/Sunrise thread of stories!

The story where Sunny’s story starts can be found here.

Glad I could help fill the shelf then:twilightsmile:

It means good. “Apples” is the folder for stories of the Apple family that I really like. There haven’t been many. :twilightsmile:

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