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Coyote de La Mancha

Anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully, and with Maximum Verbosity. (I also have a tip jar.)


Snrl. · 9:05am Last Monday

Fornication with dead animals and silent suffering from fire ants.

I am so tired of co-workers coming to work when highly contagious, because "I can't afford the time off," and then having to lose time anyway because they inevitably get sicker... but only after getting other people (c'est moi) sick as well.


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Videos Reposted · 7:13pm Dec 25th, 2019

The first four videos of The YouTube Project of Coyotetm are re-uploaded. Rejoice!

Coyote Learns Ep 1 (Spyro: Off to a Good Start) 🐉
Coyote Learns Ep 2 (Spyro: The Laughing Owl) 🦉
Coyote Learns Ep 3 (Spyro: The Egg Thief) 🥚

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Endless Delays · 10:47am Dec 20th, 2019

Adulting is interfering with my ability to do the things I find to be actually important.


Yes, brain... · 5:20pm Dec 11th, 2019

...by all means, wake me up with a freaking chapter for a story I’m not even posting for probably years due to the stories that have to be written first to set everything up for the crossover events it contains.

That’s very helpful.

And yes, of course I’ll write it out to make certain none of it gets lost. You know you can count on me, old buddy.

So. Going to help me stay awake at work, later? No? That’s fine. You’ve done your share.



YouTube Stuff · 6:29pm Dec 6th, 2019

I’m preparing to take down my old videos, and re-upload them with my new age-intent disclaimer.

Not certain why I didn’t have one before, really. A strange oversight.

Anyway. I should have the new versions up this weekend sometime.


Erf. · 11:50am Dec 4th, 2019

It is possible that I have too many stories screaming at me to be written. :facehoof:

Quiet, ponies. I’m trying to sleep.


A Shameless Third Chapter · 9:18pm Nov 30th, 2019

Now that so many of you are basking in the post-holiday glow, may I present the third chapter in The Most Shameless Nonclop Ever Told.

For those of you who have not yet read, this is a crossover between MLP: FiM, Star Trek the Animated Series, Project A-Ko, and a few other things. So, probably not one of my more serious works. But it’s fun to write, and I hope it brightens your day.

TThe Most Shameless Nonclop Ever Told
They say that sometimes, to better write something classically great, you should step back and write something that is classically not. So, I'm testing that theory. Ponies, Star Trek, pirates, space weasels. Let's see where this takes us.
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MEANWHILE... · 11:36am Nov 24th, 2019

...this happened. I should be finished editing the next chapter within the next few days, barring meteors.

I apologize for nothing.


It'll end up in... · 1:19pm Nov 20th, 2019

...well, actually, I know exactly where this goes.

This is what will most likely be the intro to what is, at this time, planned as the final story concerning my main two timelines.

However, it will probably take me at least the next two years to get to this point. So, I don’t mind a few small spoilers if you don’t.

Small ones. Honest.

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Dividing Infinity · 9:41am Nov 20th, 2019

With the help of The Apparatus, Queen Twilight Sparkle had gained knowledge from innumerable divergent worlds. Using this newfound mystical power, she had conquered her world, united its varied peoples, and brought peace and prosperity to all through her own benignly neglectful rule.

Then Cadence, Princess of Love and the last of Twilight's family and friends, destroyed the Crystal Palace.

Along with everyone inside.


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