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This story follows Reunions and Laments, but it can also stand alone nicely.

Long ago, Princess Luna formed a son from her own mystical essence, named Jack. She also, in what was to become the custom of new Equestrian parents, made him a tiny stuffed animal.

Since then, Equestrians have made a wide variety of stuffed toys for their children. Being ponies, very few have ever made toy predators.

Which is ironic, since Princess Luna made for her son... a tiger.

This is his story. Or at least, a story about a few of the lives he touched. And yes, some of the chapters are quite small. But then, he was a very small tiger.

Artwork by Sixes_and_Sevens. Please check out their excellent artwork and stories.

Jack also has his own story, Moon Childe.

Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.

Chapters (8)

With the help of The Apparatus, Queen Twilight Sparkle had gained knowledge from innumerable divergent worlds. Using this newfound mystical power, she had conquered her world, united its varied peoples, and brought peace and prosperity to all through her own benignly neglectful rule.

Then Cadence, Princess of Love and the last of Twilight's family and friends, destroyed the Crystal Palace.

Along with everyone inside.


(Content Note: While the red tags are technically accurate, this is first and foremost a work of speculative fiction. It is not a gore fest.)

(Chronology Note: The crux of this tale takes place outside of continuity, in several of infinite possible futures. Its driftwood may touch upon any number of dimensional shores.)

A Queen of Light and Darkness story.

This tale was strongly inspired by Larry Niven’s All the Myraid Ways. Though I only read it once many years ago, it left a powerful impression on me, and you can definitely see that in this story.

Special thanks also to B_Munro, for recognizing the stories’ similarities and telling me who wrote that splendid story I’d read as a child, and what the name of it was.

Due to the nature of the discussion which follows this tale, there are comments - including mine - which may contain spoilers to varying degrees (depending on what you consider an actual spoiler). The more serious spoilers are behind the usual black boxes, of course. :twilightsmile:

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This story follows Cupid Mark Crusaders, but it can also stand alone nicely.

Vinyl Scratch was the quiet kid at Canterlot High. She didn’t speak in class, walked too fast to keep up with in the halls, and generally tried to be as invisible as possible. So far as most people could tell, she had no friends and wanted none.

But even as a Junior, when the parties were thrown, her talents as a DJ were in demand. Nobody doubted that she’d be a pro someday.

Which also meant that, when she was at the turntables, she couldn’t get away so easily. And that gave Octavia the one and only chance she would ever have.

Entered into Artist’s Contest.

(Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.)

(This timeline continues with A Smashing Good Time.)

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(They say that sometimes, to write something classically great, you should step back and write something that is classically not. Of course, in theory you’re not supposed to publish those exercises. Join me now, as I test that theory.)

Landing on the forbidden planet Equus-1, the away team of the star ship Enterprise discovers that one of their number has actually visited there once before... as the ship’s command crew is rocked by the revelation of Scootaloo’s true parentage.

Meanwhile, a space armada of ninja weasels prepares for the invasion of Equestria on behalf of their dread Lord of Darkness. Their first target? Princess Celestia, of course.

Also, there’s Captain Kidd. Or perhaps Fidel Castro P. T. Barnum. I haven’t decided yet.

Anyway. The point is, you’ve been warned.

(Continuity note: none of my timelines would accept this story.)

Chapters (3)

This story follows Equestria Mares: The Secret Apprentice of Princess Celestia, but it can also stand alone nicely.

Twilight has been struggling for weeks with the question of her own immortality.

With all other avenues of data-gathering seemingly exhausted, she asks Discord.

It’s the only logical thing to do, really. But only time will tell if it is wise.

(Chronology Note: This story takes place a little over a week after Equestria Mares: The Secret Apprentice of Princess Celestia.)

(Part of the Elsequestria Continuity.)

(This timeline continues in The Apple Jamboree.)

Dedicated to the memory of Mythrilmoth.

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This story is a sequel to Dream Date

Wandering the Royal Palace, Sunrise stumbles onto Sunset Shimmer’s old room, kept exactly the way she left it so long ago. She communicates this to Sunset.

What follows leads to a reunion between teacher and student, mother and daughter... and perhaps the beginning of true forgiveness for each.

Meanwhile, Sunrise learns one of the most chilling magical lessons in all of Equestrian history: the story behind a spell called Stygian’s Lament.

This continuity continues with If You Would Friend a Tiger..., though there are other tales in-between which are pending.

Content note: The ‘suicide / self-harm’ and ‘death’ tags are for the discussion of tragedies in Equestria’s history. No such act is performed by any character in modern time, but a past self-destruction is shown in narration.)

Artwork by Sixes_and_Sevens. Please check out their excellent artwork and stories.

Chronology notes:

1. This story begins a few days after Dream Date. Additionally, while it isn’t necessary to have seen Forgotten Friendships before reading this, that story is referenced.

2. Also, you don’t have to read Twilight Sparkle Was Shot before reading this story, but it is referenced quite heavily. Also, this story contains serious spoilers for that earlier tale.

3. Also also, it is not necessary in any fashion to have read any stories from the Elsequestria continuity to enjoy this tale. However, for those of you who have already read The Secret Apprentice of Princess Celestia, please bear in mind that this timeline is a divergent reality from that one, separated most distinctly by which mirror Sunset fled through. The Sunset Shimmer of this timeline therefore had the exact same childhood as the one shown in that story.

Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.

Chapters (8)

This story follows A Smashing Good Time, and is a sequel to Cupid Mark Crusaders.

Luna’s nights are long, indeed. Far longer than anypony would ever believe. Such a burden would wear anyone down.

But recently, Luna has gotten a marefriend.

Said marefriend is a lucid dreamer, and has made it clear that Luna is always welcome when she dreams. As a result, Luna’s burden has become just a little lighter.

One night, Luna stops by at the end of her rounds and finds that Sunrise has a surprise waiting for her.

(Content note: I debated long and hard about whether to mark this as ‘Dark.’ I don’t consider it such, really, but have included the marker as a courtesy to those looking purely for fluff.)

(This timeline continues with Reunions and Laments.)

Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.

Chapters (1)

This story follows To Dance Without Reason, but it can also stand alone nicely.

Twilight invited Fluttershy to her and Sunset’s engagement party. But Fluttershy seemed uncomfortable about the whole idea. Ultimately, she declined the invitation.

Which hurt Twilight’s feelings a bit, but Twilight figured her friend had her reasons.

And, well, yes she did. But not any of the reasons Twilight might have imagined.

(Content note: this story contains discussions of asexuality, metasexuality, teenage engagements... and video games.
You have been warned.)

Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.

(This continuity continues in Dream Date.)

Edit: Featured on May 15, 2019. Thank you all! 8{D~

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Once, they were students. And friends. And, with their otherworldly magic, occasionally heroes.

Then, the Sirens came back. Feasting on the gang war they had created, the sisters’ power quickly became almost unstoppable. In the face of such a threat, the power of friendship didn’t seem to be enough. So, with Sunset leading the way, the Rainbooms ultimately decided to fight fire with fire.

Every step of the way, Twilight told herself they were only doing what they had to do. Even when people died. Even while she felt herself changing. Right up until a friend tried to kill her by blowing up the boat she was on.

Now, three years later, Twilight Sparkle awakens from her coma in a prison infirmary. And while she’s been down, Canterlot’s gotten even worse.

It’s time to take it back.

(Content note: I think this story is going to be a bit darker than I normally write. Not grimdark, by any means, but... darker.)

(In the Author’s Notes of each chapter there is a link to a different song, from which the chapter’s name is derived. If this were a video series, those songs would be the music playing over a given episode’s ending credits.)

If you like my writing, feel free to explore my other stories and continuities.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Equestria Mares: The Secret Apprentice of Princess Celestia

(WARNING: Please be certain you have already read the prequel above, as this story contains massive spoilers for that tale!)

It’s been weeks after the first Princess Summit. Despite Princess Celestia’s best intentions, word has spread of the theft of the Element of Magic and the mare who took it, Sunset Shimmer. Of her transformation, and the power that threatened two worlds. For Sunset’s part, she just wants to be left alone.

Meanwhile, King Sombra is dead... but that doesn't mean he hasn't got a plan. And from the rumors he's overheard, he may have found the perfect ally for his return to power.

Sunset Shimmer read all about him as a little filly. His genius. His evil. Now, Sombra comes to Sunset in her self-imposed exile with an offer of alliance, to destroy the princesses once and for all. What will her answer be?

(Chronology note: this story takes place early during Season Four.)

Part of the Elsequestria Continuity.

This timeline continues in The Real Question

Chapters (2)
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