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  • Thursday
    No One For the Gallows But Me

    ...is going to take a little while. It’s the next story in the Sunset Rising timeline, but I have a bit of research to do in writing it. Among other things, this story deals a little bit with legal issues. And while the USE’s laws differ from those of the USA, they have more similarities than differences, and I would prefer any differences to be deliberate and believable.

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  • 1 week

    Back to School is now complete.

    On to the next. :twilightsmile:

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  • 1 week
    Chapter 6 is up.

    Back to School is nearly done. The epilogue is soon to follow. And then, on to other tales. :twilightsmile:

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  • 1 week
    New Back to School Chapters.

    Chapters 4 and 5 are now available for Back to School in the Sunset Rising timeline.

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  • 2 weeks
    Back to School Chapter Three.

    Rejoice! Chapter Three of Back to School is now available for consumption.

    The other chapters should be following in relatively quick succession, as soon as I do some research and make certain that I have the voices of some of these ponies essentially correct.

    Hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

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The Coyote Continuity Compendium · 1:57am Jul 9th, 2018

...because alliteration always amuses along affable and altruistic avenues.
Anyway. Below are all the various Continuities of Coyotetm. Upvotes and feedback are always appreciated. :twilightsmile:

Elsequestria (One of the two Sister Timelines) (FiM) (Rated T)

*Luna’s Gift
*Biography of a Tyrant
*After Moonfall
*Cadence of the Crystal Empire
*Bridges and Guides

Between Seasons One and Two:
*Twilight Doesn't

Season Two:
*In Vino Veritas

Between Seasons Two and Three:
*Lessons for the Teacher

Between Seasons Three and Four:
*Equestria Mares: The Secret Apprentice of Princess Celestia

Season Four:
*When Legends Meet
*The Real Question
*How About Because I Love You

Season Five:
*Murder at the Rarity Boutique

Season Six:
*The Apple Jamboree
*Jamboree Aftermath
*In Her Majesty’s Service (Pending)
*Apples of the Moon (Pending)
*Too Sore to Soar (Pending)
*We Never Asked For This (Pending)

Season Nine:
*The Possibility War (Pending)

Note: for chronological purposes, each season in this canon represents approximately six months.** The Mane Six are about 15-16 years old at the start of Season One. As my interpretation of Equestrian culture contains some Medieval / Renaissance elements, this qualifies them as having been on the cusp between adolescence and emerging adulthood when the pilot began. The rescue of Princess Luna therefore acted as a rite of passage for them in many respects, as well as Twilight's graduation from apprenticeship to journeymanship. At the end of Season Four, they are all around 18.

A summary of the eras of this world can be found here.

Sunset Rising (The other of the two Sister Timelines) (EqG and FiM) (Rated T)

*Luna’s Gift
*Biography of a Tyrant
*After Moonfall
*Cadence of the Crystal Empire

Season One:
*Moon Childe
*The Magician’s Nieces (Pending)

Between Seasons Two and Three:
*Lessons for the Teacher

Between Seasons Four and Five:
*Twilight Sparkle Was Shot
*Breakfast at Twilight’s
*When All of Your Wishes Are Granted...

Season Five:
*Cupid Mark Crusaders
*To Dance Without Reason
*A Smashing Good Time
*Dream Date
*Journey to Our Town (Pending)
*Reunions and Laments

Season Six:
*The Black Rainbow Concert
*The Opening Band
*Back To School
*No One for the Gallows but Me (Pending)

Season Seven:
*If You Would Friend a Tiger...
*The Last Changeling War (Pending)

Season Nine:
*The Possibility War (Pending)

Note: Elsequestria and Sunset Rising are very similar timelines in many respects, both of them cleaving closely to the main series for the most part, and each one being a kind of ‘What-if?’ of the other. At a glance, their most easily noted difference is regarding Sunset’s departure through the mirror and what she found there (Sunset Rising ties into Equestria Girls while Elsequestria does not, as Sunset dove through a different mirror in each). However, there are other differences, as well as powerful similarities, and both timelines twine around one another’s chronology like vines. Therefore, they do share some stories in common. And again, in this continuity all the Mane Six and Main Seven are about 18 by the end of Season Four.

A summary of the eras of this world can be found here.

Detective Pony Comics Presents (FiM) (Rated E)

Between Seasons One and Two:
*Volume 1(Conundrum)

Season Two:
*Volume 2 (Feline Fatale)
*Volume 3 (Madame Frost) (Pending)
*Volume 4 (Villain Unrevealed) (Pending)

Note: I apologize for nothing.

The Queen of Light and Darkness (FiM / EG / SF) (Rated T)

After Series’ End:
*Dividing Infinity
*In Her Majesty’s Service (Pending)
*The Possibility War (Pending)

Stand-Alone Stories, More or Less

*Taking Back Canterlot (FiM / Saint’s Row 2) (Rated Teen) (Dark / Experimental)
*The Most Shameless Nonclop Ever Told (FiM / Star Trek the Animated Series / Project A-Ko / etc.) (Rated Teen) (Comedy)
*Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s Crosstime Bakery (Rated Teen) (Experimental / Strange Tales)
*The Adventures of Peter Pan in Equestria (FiM / Peter & Wendy) (Rated Everyone) (Pending)

**Give or take, with some being longer than others. I had been going with one year, but then I looked at the CMC, and... mmm, probably not.
Oh, well, linear time is overrated anyway.

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Well, this nicely answers the question I was about to ask. I assume this will be updated as you publish new stories?

That’s my intent. I don’t guarantee perfect chronological coordination, but I do my best. :twilightsmile:

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