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This story is a sequel to The Apple Jamboree

At the end of the Apple Jamboree, Babs Seed ran off into the night to join John Songsmith, to become his apprentice and perhaps one day a true bard.

She didn't tell anyone she was leaving.

He didn't think to ask her if they knew.

After a few hours, she realized her mistake. And when she got back, Applejack was waiting...

(Chronology note: this story takes place during season six, after that years’ Nightmare Night. If you have not already read The Apple Jamboree, please read it first. )

Part of the Elsequestria Continuity.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 2 )

More a final chapter than a story in its own right, but still quite fun. I'm going to guess that Babs calls Applejack her aunt because of the age difference. That or the Apple family tree is even more complicated than I thought, even with this data in mind. :twilightoops:

Mostly it’s the age difference. Technically, yeah, they’re cousins. But Applejack has been a mother figure to Apple Bloom for so long, it just kind of fell into place for them both. Kind of the same way that Pinkie Pie is an Apple.

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