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This story follows When Legends Meet, but it can also stand alone nicely.

Twilight has been struggling for weeks with the question of her own immortality.

With all other avenues of data-gathering seemingly exhausted, she asks Discord.

It’s the only logical thing to do, really. But only time will tell if it is wise.

(Chronology Note: This story takes place a little over a week after Equestria Mares: The Secret Apprentice of Princess Celestia.)

(Part of the Elsequestria Continuity.)

(This timeline continues in How About Because I Love You.)

Dedicated to the memory of MythrilMoth.

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I do appreciate how squirrels are among those animals who can appreciate Discord. Ratatoskr would approve.

This isn’t something you usually ever ask. Not to me, anyway.

Hmm. I get the feeling he's speaking in terms of all Twilights.

He chuckled. I mean, really, girls... branches?

Yup, definitely all Twilights.

A magnificent representation of fictional probability space, and a wonderful tribute to a great author. Thank you for it.

Seconding FOME above! That was a magnificent portrayal of the poniverse from Lauren Faust's first preliminary sketches all the way to the infinite variety of every fanfic take of FiM.

This is AMAZING! I'm speechless! I love it!

Meerschaum. I had to look that up and of course it's a real thing.

The fact that I'd forgotten the specifics of 9725696's comment didn't prevent me from realizing what you were going for when the Creator started drawing, and it certainly didn't prevent me from realizing what was going even more on when you referenced Cheer Princess. Requiescat in pace, old buddy that never got a chance to be a true buddy because I was too lazy to make my own account.

Also, for an elaboration on how all of this looks from the outside, check out Robert Heinlein's The Number of the Beast. It might be useful to you if I ever get around to writing that thing (non-pony for long enough that I can't post it here, but let's just say that pony is eventually involved via means implied by the rest of this paragraph)

I truly like this... and if I dare to rate it... I would say it is most wise and intelligent, jet playfull but true...

Immortality is the path to madness, but true immortality... is an impossibility. Even if the body never decays and the soul never moves on, the mind will change. Who we were. Who we are. Who we become.

The who we were will fade into memory as the who we are slowly takes over, shaped by the experience of the who we were. The who we are is never quite formed, as it draws shape both from the experience of the who we were... and the dreams of who we become.

“Each moment that passes changes you. You do not, cannot even possess yourself. How can you hope to possess anyone… or anything else?” --The Silent Flute. :raritywink:

*nods* You are not the first to recommend that fine tome to me.
I will get around to it, honest... :moustache:

Also, you should totally write that, somehow, sometime.


Ratatoskr would approve.

And, you know, the image of Discord contentedly gnawing on the roots of Yggdrasil Is a fitting one... :raritywink:

A truly wonderful story. It's sad that Twilight will lose almost everything that made her what she is. But there's hope in that she'll add to the tapestry of creation. What will be her contribution I wonder?


Hmm. I get the feeling he's speaking in terms of all Twilights.

You'd think all paths would lead to Discord. But apparently most Twilights were satisfied with the answers the other immortals provided. Yet these paths probably wouldn't have led Twilight down the path of Creator (if I'm reading this story right.). She would have accepted the world for what it is and that'll be the end of it. It's Discord that will plant the seed of something greater. Interesting how the Lord of Chaos is in a way the Lord of Creation as well.


It's sad that Twilight will lose almost everything that made her what she is.

Well, I hope not. But that will be a matter of perspective, I suspect.

What will be her contribution I wonder?

Wait and see. :twilightsmile:

I hadn’t initially been going to foreshadow what this kinda sorta foreshadows... but I had really wanted to write something appropriate for MM, and this seemed right.

But there are many branches yet in Twilight’s potential paths, and I intend to do quite a bit of exploring once I have a bit more foundation laid out...

I'd come to terms long ago with the fact that I'd be outliving everyone I knew.

And that's when I unleashed the Black Death on Europe.


I shall say, for once, something profound.

We are all pebbles cast into the Great Pond. How far our ripples reach depends on how much weight we take upon ourselves before we fall.

Everything old is new again.

:trixieshiftright: You know, I thought that had your fingerprints on it...

9729761 Alondro is EVERY vast conspiracy!


And also the leader of the aliens that built the Pyramids. Because, why not? :pinkiecrazy:

I knew that these stories sounded somewhat familiar, but I hadn't expected that this was going to be a tribute. It was very heartfelt and hopeful, and I definitely think there was the perfect use of Discord in here. Thank you for it.

Holy crap.

I felt that. I felt the immensity of it.

Never before have I seen such an apt description of the fandom. Every one of us creating our own universes based on what came before us. And who's to say the process isn't the same in reverse?

Our very own universe being created by a creator that was simply a drawing made by someone else.

And this is also how I find out about MM. Never interacted directly with MM, but the stories certainly touched me. Great writer.


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