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This story is a sequel to Twilight Doesn’t, In Vino Veritas, Equestria Mares, and The Real Question, in that order.
The stories of this timeline are linked together for convenience.

Twilight and Applejack have been together, more or less, since shortly after their first Grand Galloping Gala. It was a slow and careful process, but as they grew closer together they were able to make it work.

Then, Twilight became an alicorn. She journeyed to an alien world, met Princess Celestia’s first apprentice, and saved the world. And through it all, Twilight has been becoming more distant, more withdrawn. And recently, more defensive.

Whatever the reason, Applejack can feel their relationship crumbling around them. But she is determined to not let it go without a fight... or at least without knowing why.

Chronology Note: This story takes place about halfway through Season Four.

This timeline continues in Murder at the Rarity Boutique.

Part of the Elsequestria Continuity.

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Twilight blinked, trying to imagine describing the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ escapades as ‘less.’

That does raise some intriguing questions.

Give ‘em too much lead, they run wild. But try ta rein ‘em in too much, an’ they’re gonna buck.

Gosh, I wonder who they got that from...

but basically, there were time shenanigans, and she ended up kind of having two childhoods, as two different ponies.

And that's not even getting into her little sister...

Well, shoot, Applejack. Yew know I weren’t but a lil filly at th’ time.

Yeah, that family line has an... interesting relationship with aging.

Brilliant bit of Twijack, with entirely believable communication problems and a fantastic Rarity. Thank you for it.

Twilight released her marefriend. “But that means she’s over three hundred years old!”

You'd think Twilight would know about this considering she lives in the library where this historical information is at.

At a glance, one would. But as we’ve seen before, she hasn’t read every book.

Also, I suspect that even Ponyville history books will more than likely refer to “the Apple Family” than list them all by name, and those that do list names will likely stick with “influential” ponies (such as Granny’s father), and thus exclude the children who happened to be alive at the time.

Specifically looking for the Genealogy of the Apple family as it pertains to the founding of Ponyville might be a different story, and if it’s there, a diligently researching Twilight will probably find it.

But you can bet that from Twilight’s perspective, this is distinctly a “How in Celestia’s name did I not know that?!?” moment. :rainbowlaugh:

You've done it again -- stabbed me through the heart and brought me back to life all in the space of a single story. Bravo.


That does raise some intriguing questions.

Heh. :scootangel:

Gosh, I wonder who they got that from...

From that ancient soldier, surgeon, and sage, Colonel Sherman T. Apple, no doubt... :raritywink:

And that's not even getting into her little sister...

I’m sorry, what?!? :rainbowhuh:

I am glad that the communications problems were believable. That was a concern of mine.

And, yeah... I think that Rarity and Fluttershy are both drastically underestimated. Flutters is timid most of the time, and Rarity can be more than a bit of a drama queen. But they both have a reservoir of tremendous strength, IMO, that is often ignored because they don’t tend to be as flashy about it as their companions. :moustache:


I’m sorry, what?!?

Well, if we take a very generous view on the relationship between Mira and Bluebottle, then consider the former's final moments...

*nods* How very true. That is going into the later stories now.

This is one of the most grounded, awesome takes on TwiJack. I've never seen a story where AJ has to pull Twilight down from such a visceral fight about something that spans beyond anything she'll understand.

Granny was great in here too.

Author Interviewer

Twilight smiled. “Good to see you too. How have you been?”

“Oh, mean, nasty, hard t’git along with.”

Goddamn do you write a fantastic Granny Smith. XD

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