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Story Progress

Phase 0 - Idea (An idea in my head.)
Phase 1 - Concept (I decided to try and flesh it out a little to see if something comes from it.)
Phase 2 - In Development (I have begun actively developing the story.)
Phase 3 - Being Written (I have begun to write and post chapters.)
Phase 4 - Mostly Done (I pretty much just need to finish writing it out.)
Complete - Complete (Duh.)
On Hiatus - On Hiatus (Again, Duh.)
Canceled - Means that the story, for one reason or another, was deemed incapable of being completed.


Hero Souls Trilogy - Canceled
Notes: The series started under the project name of The Harmony League, which began as a simple concept of the Justice League reincarnated in the Main 6 plus Spike. Essentially, it would be MLP: FiM as if it had been done by DC Comics. Then it became clear that the amount of firepower I was handing over to the Mane 6, combined with pre-existing teamwork, made them just a bit... overpowered. Considering I already had a project in the works for a character overwhelming the canon villains with curb-stomping ease, I had to choose between custom-made supervillains, or reworking the reincarnation mechanic. That's when I came up with the one soul from each universe idea.

That was also when the project was changed from The Harmony League to Hero Souls.


Tartarus Forged - Canceled
Notes: What started as a story that was meant to be cartoon-like in how easily Twilight would stomp a mudhole in every villain soon became the most watched story on my page. With that recognition came the decision to take this story more seriously, and also the decision to make the story a bit grimmer than originally intended.


Equestrian Variable - Phase 1
Notes: Due the big success Tatsurou's Melody of the Future was, I decided I would do something similar, though not exactly the same. This story essentially does two things. First, humanity died out in the Cataclysm. There is no Year 20XX. Second. Where humanity ended, Ponykind began.

Beyond that, I have only a Prologue and not much else, hence why the project is still in Phase 1.


The Sister of Sacrifice (Placeholder Title) - Phase 0
Notes: Eager to try my hand at Tatsurou's style of story, I have requested his permission, and received it, to make a non-PWNY verse story about Starlight Glimmer. It is a crossover with the Type-MOON universe, or for the uneducated, the universe which spawned Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, and Fate/Zero, just to name the best. The story itself will begin at the end of Fate/Zero and work from there to the conclusion of Fate/Stay Night.


Small Changes: Canceled
Notes: I honestly have no idea what to do with this. It was just going to be a small fun thing for Starswirl the Bearded to discover Time Travel, and now... now I want to make him similar to Doctor Who.

No. I mean, it sounds good, but there's already something in the works for a Doctor Who-ish story.


A Wish That Your Heart Makes: Canceled
Notes: Born from considering the full ramifications of the situation Aladdin's Genie was in, I came to the conclusion that it could easily be an alternative punishment for Discord.

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The Harmony League Soul List · 3:46am Feb 17th, 2016

Confirmed Hero Souls. Universe, Soul, Character, and Title
1. DC - Clark Kent/Superman - Twilight Sparkle - Soul of Hope

2. Undertale - Frisk - Pinkie Pie - Soul of Determination [Supersheep64 guessed this on his first attempt]

3. One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy - Applejack - Soul of Family [Marwile guessed this on his second attempt]

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

How have you been? I hope all is well and you are getting some time to work on any of your stories.

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for adding A New World, A New Chance, now re-titled The Trials of Destiny, to your Liked bookshelf! Might I ask what's earned my story a spot there?

It's not abandoned if that's what you're asking. However I have no real motivation to work on it at this time. I don't know when I'll be working on it again.

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