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Twilight Sparkle receives an invitation to a night of high stakes poker at the mysterious The Inventory. Obviously, she is both curious and slightly mistrusting, so what does she do?

She goes All-In.

Let's place our bets.

Chapters (6)
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>The Inventory
Oh shit! Gonna have to give this a read later

This is entertaining! I'd like to see Twilight keep going and watch one of the others win. I bet that Sly would win.

When you do Poker Night 2, can Sunset Shimmer, or Fluttershy be the 'player'

There is no sequel. The story is based off the games themselves, acting as a sort of Poker Night 3, but not actually taking place within those games.

As for who the Player is, I never really considered anyone other than Twilight. I made plans for a few people to come as her Plus One in various Nights, but didn't actually think about someone else being the Player.

I'm not confident I can do Fluttershy reliably playing Poker, at least not in a group that often is somewhat aggressive towards each other, intentionally mean or not. Sunset, however, I can see doing this. Her personality is more in line with my own and what you might find at a poker table, so I'll consider it.

If I do it, however, it will be kinda like an Omake. Twilight's the star of the show here.

Not much I can say other than great job on the start of this series of stories. I particularly liked your choice of characters for Twilight to play against. The fact that Twilight only mentioned TWO ancient evils and the Changelings indicates this is set between Seasons Two and Three. Anyway, the characterizations, exchanges and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places.

Here are a couple of ideas for later chapters:

1. At one point, Twilight can comment about the time she tried to figure out the secret behind Pinkie's Pinkie Sense and, after an explanation, Peter could comment "Sounds like your friend Pinkie has something pretty similar to my Spider-Sense".

2. At an appropriate point, Peter can talk to Sly about how the latter only steals from other criminals and comments that "I know a couple of jerks that would be RIGHT UP your alley. Not-so-gentle "'gentlemen'" by the names of Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn. Just make sure to leave enough evidence for the cops to put them both away for life."

3. Twilight could discuss things such as her first encounters with Discord and the Changeling Queen (not yet knowing the latter's name of Chrysalis).

4. At some point during a particularly bad run of poker hands, Twilight can comment "I haven't had THIS bad of luck since the week immediately following my encounter with my near-future self."

5. At an appropriate point, Peter can comment to Kakashi "You know? I've known my share of ninjas on both the allied side and the enemy side over the course of my career. Heck, one of my closest friends among the street vigilantes was TRAINED by a ninja and dated another one" (referencing Daredevil)

6. At an appropriate point, Twilight can comment to Sly "My friend Pinkie is also really good at finding ways to get into places that she shouldn't be able to get into. But, she's not a thief. She's a party pony. She usually ADDS things to the areas she breaks into rather than TAKING things."

7. At an appropriate point, Twilight can comment "I wouldn't wish cards THIS bad on my THIRD worst enemy.". When somebody else questions "Third worst?", Twilight can explain "My first and second worst enemies are the Changeling Queen and the Spirit of Chaos respectively. But they ARE evil enough to deserve these cards."

8. At an appropriate point, Sly can comment "So it has come done to the river. To be honest, rivers ALWAYS give me a bad feeling because it literally took DECADES for my pals and I to learn how to swim."

9. At some point in between games, Sly can learn about GLaDoS and comment "Sheesh. Killer robot with more than a few screws loose. Sounds like she would get along quite well with my arch-enemy Clockwerk."

and 10. During one of the rounds of play, Peter can comment to Twilight "So, the Pegasi are in charge of the weather on your world? I mean, my world has a few people powerful enough to control the weather (just as many of them good as bad), but they are A LOT fewer and further between than on your world."

Of course, if you don't like any of these ideas, I will completely understand. And I will still definitely be looking forward to more.

Color me interested. I own both 1 and 2, and the latter really likes to screw with me. Not a bad choice of characters, though I had to look up Arkantos to get familiar with him. :derpytongue2:

It bums me out that there hasn't been an official Poker Night 3 yet.

So no.....Equestria Girl attending on a random night?

This story takes place shortly after A Canterlot Wedding, so Equestria Girls is an impossibility. I may advance the timeline at some point, but chances are anyone from the other side of the mirror won't be showing up as Twilight's Plus One. Maybe an Omake of them being the Player, but that's about all I can promise.

Oh I wasn't thinking of them as a Player or Twilight's Plus One.....but one of her opponents.

I have two questions, the first is how is Peter affording this as he is usually broke. My second is how turned down is the spider sense as unfortunately he has is so fine tuned that other heros will not play poker with him as their bluffs will set it off.

Well now, maybe we can do business my good sir.

I hadn't actually thought of that. Winslow could certainly fetch Sunset from the other world easily as another lottery winner...

I'm definitely gonna consider this.

For the purpose of this story, Peter's Spider-Sense detects threats to his physical well-being, rather than anything he damn well wants to detect like the comics let him do. He sensed Sly's cane, yes, but knew logically that Sly wouldn't actually seriously try to hurt him, so he let it happen.

As for the money... who said Peter was using his money?:rainbowwild: All joking aside, Peter works as a scientist and teacher, at least when his second occupation allows for it. He makes enough money to do this once in a while. Obviously we won't be seeing Peter again for a good while after this Night.


Of corse the ol’ Parker luck will rear its head. I hope on other nights characters from the other games will be making appearances during the story.

When you mentioned her in another response, I thought she - or other EQG characters - could easily be brought in as an opponent if you wish.....and Sunset would be especially great if Celestia becomes Twilight's Plus One again.

Oh dear...

But yeah, I would like to believe that this Peter Is post the Otto Octavius body hijacking, so he has access to the Parker Industries' funding...

Forgot to mention this last chapter, but I also liked how a bit is equal to 10 dollars. Sorry to hear about the game being corrupted.

It always feels good to get not one, but two people out of the game after going all in.

No kidding. Not often I can do that. I knew when the three cards came out I could win if I pulled off the straight. Like Twilight said, that's not a hand you beat easily.

Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. I particularly liked the reflections concerning each of the players' worlds and the players' reactions to certain details of the other players' worlds.

Now, I have a few ideas for future opponents for Twilight:

The Joker (though the Inventory's no-serious-harm deal kind of restricts him to, for all intents and purposes, the version from the 1960s Batman series)

David Xanatos (Disney's Gargoyles)

Han Solo (Star Wars; obviously from a point in time WELL BEFORE "The Force Awakens")

King Dice (from the Cuphead game)

Tony (Iron Man) Stark

Pete (Classic Disney)

Bender (Futurama)

Moneybags (Spyro games; mostly because this sort of thing would seem to be right up his alley AND I get a BIG kick out of seeing him getting humiliated)

Mario (Super Mario Bros. Games)

Sunset Shimmer (as was already suggested by other reviewers; either pre-or-post reform would be completely your choice)

Charles Montgomery Burns (the Simpsons)

and Bugs Bunny

But, well, I respect that future opponents have to be entirely your choice. And I WILL definitely be looking forward to more of this.

If I also could suggest other characters;

Lois Lane from any Superman universe
Wolverine as Spider-Man’s plus one
Lando Calressian from Star Wars (Legends canon)
Nanoha from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Any of the previous game characters you think you can write
Bulma Briefs from Dragon Ball Super


I love you guys, you know that? So many ideas!

I do like how you write Reginald. It's fun to read his lines in his voice.

9357693 I can see King Dice and Moneybags being dealers

If I were to make suggestions, it'd be the following:

Qrow Branwen (RWBY)
Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)
The Question (DC Comics)

Apologies if the last one comes off as obscure; I liked him in Justice League Unlimited

You're very welcome.


Yeah. That's a good point and good further ideas.

Oh dick cheese how much your universe subs ya...

Thanks very much for getting the next chapter up as well as liking one of my ideas enough to use a modified version of it . I really appreciate you going to the effort. Again, the shown game play, exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up were all well done in all the right places. I particularly liked how Peter gave Twilight and Celestia some legitimate food for thought concerning Discord.

Here are some more possible ideas for later:

1. Each of the next few Poker Nights can take place shortly after a different Season Three episode (i.e. The Second Night can take place shortly after the return of the Crystal Empire/Sombra's defeat, the Third Night can take place shortly after Rainbow Dash's acceptance into the Wonderbolt Academy, the Fourth Night can take place shortly following the mess with the Alicorn Amulet enhanced Trixie, the Fifth can take place shortly after Fluttershy's attempts to reform Discord and the Sixth Night can take place shortly after Twilight and her friends' attempts to help Cadance in her attempts to help the Crystal Empire land the gig of hosting the next Equestria Games). In other words, each new Poker Night takes place just after a series of circumstances where Twilight might need to unwind for a night.

2. Each new Poker Night could ALSO have Twilight bringing a different friend as her "Plus One" depending on which one needs the relaxation the most (for example, the Poker Night shortly after the return of the Crystal Empire could have Twilight bringing either Shining Armor or Cadance [your pick which one] as her "Plus One")

and 3. If there IS a Poker Night set shortly after Twilight ascended, then she could ALSO be juggling the guilt of feeling like she got excessively rewarded for cleaning up her own mess, meaning that there is a DOUBLE reason for her to need a night of relaxation.

In addition, for further additional opponents for future Poker Nights, they could include:

Harry Potter (as an adult [who comes from a world where unicorns are REAL, but NOT sapient])

Dick Grayson/Nightwing (who makes occasional comments about how Twilight reminds him partially of his old Titans' teammate, Raven)

James Bond

The Grinch

Sherlock Holmes

Scrooge McDuck

Yogi Bear

and Peter Venkman

Do any of these help?


Just got home from work with a fun idea. Twilight and Celestia show up one night and both get to play against Optimus Prime (G1) and Duke from GI Joe. We would just need one other Hasbro character to round out the table. Optimus would be shrunk down to human size and him and Celestia could really hit it off. It would be a cute ship IMHO.

I like Bugs, but I think Daffy would be a better choice. Make Bugs Daffy's +1. Maverick. The gambler from the old western with James Garner. Gambit i.e. Remy LeBeau. Captain Kirk. John Constantine.

Not a bad idea. Perhaps Luna could be Celestia's "Plus One" for this night and any of the other members of the Mane Six could be Twilight's "Plus One" that night.

As for the last Hasbro character, what about Stretch Armstrong?


Yeah. I could certainly see that point AND those choices.


Sorry but if you are going to use a Star Trek character it must be Will Riker. He is a known card shark and regularly plays poker. The only down sides to this is unfortunately the whole money thing in the Federation and that stupidly thought out Prime Directive.

Claptrap and Ash are my banes in that game. Brock and Sam are tolerable.

I see Sly's the expert bluffer...

Once more, this is a great job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Sly's story concerning his dad's test was particularly good info. And, yeah, you CAN get into a lot of trouble in a high-stakes game by outsmarting yourself.

Here's a couple more ideas for later nights in this series:

1. One of the later games in the series could be set on the Inventory's 100th anniversary (as the club was founded in 1919 and this coming year will be 2019). In honor of that, the buy-in can be cranked up to $100, 000 (just for that ONE night; after that, the buy-in gets knocked back down to $20, 000) and some of the most successful players can return (kind of a "Tournament of Champions" type deal).

and 2. There could be an Omake using Queen Chrysalis and your choice of any four other villains from four other franchises, basically getting into discussions about their enemies and their schemes (as sort of a homage to the Batman: the Animated Series episode "Almost Got 'Im").


That last option sounds awesome.

Excellent job on the wrap-up to the first game AND the set-up for future stories. And, yeah, Sly has a point about how, sometimes, there are sapient beings, regardless of species, that just make things too easy. Plus, the detail for the reason behind the more open knowledge of the multiverse's existence IS a really good one as well as the point outs concerning the benefits of being part of the multiverse alliance.

Anyway, REALLY good work on the exchanges, characterizations and future story set-up in all the right places.

Ouch I had almost forgotten about this story. Nice to see Twilight do ok on her first night. Now I wonder what else will be happening during the day now.

SvenFoxxxgallop you're back!

And with Twilight Sparkles Poker Night!

Ah the Piece keepers, the only group with a track record WORSE than that of DC's Guardians of the Universe...

Anyways that Pony universe is more open to creation, but its possibilities are endless...

I appreciate the shots fired at the White House :trollestia:

I wonder who you will have at the next Poker Game, unless you'll go with the same folks as before.

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