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This story is a sequel to The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle

A single life can affect so many others in such positive ways, but when it dies all are left to feel the aftermath. With the death of Princess Twilight Sparkle, assassinated at the hooves of both guards and nobles, a nation struggles to recover as the effects of her death are felt throughout Equestria.

The many lives that she had touched will never be the same. Each is their own story of their struggles, their sorrows, and their attempts to move on in the aftermath of tragedy.

(This story is complete!)


The one shot series sequel to The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle, that was inspired by the fanfic Ripples by BronyWriter.

Each chapter is about the other characters, outside of Celestia, who deal with the aftermath of Twilight's death in the first story. Some will be main characters, other minor, others OC. But all of them will be affected, all of them will mourn, and all will have to move on.

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A sequel? Awesome. It was a good story, and I look forward to seeing it further shaped and developed by these POV chapters.

All of Canterlot was in a state of morning.


Almost every main character you can think off from the mane six to the princess to spike will be done.

What Trixie was going through was a case of "The Only One Allowed to Defeat You". Two people or in this case ponies may hate each other or find themselves at odds with each other. But they always like having someone around to challenge them, someone that pushes them go beyond their limits. Someone that they are truly worthy of calling their equal. :trixieshiftleft:

"It would move me to tears... If I still had tears to shed." - Mr Freeze

A great start to what will probably become a great sequel.
Looking forward to the rest, good luck Rated. :scootangel:
Ps: If I can come up with an idea for a chapter I will probably post it so be prepared. :pinkiehappy:

Oh oh oh, do one a few Centuries after Twilight's death, where the princesses all fall at the same time haivng given up on trying to lead their corrupt ponies in the right direction.:twilightsmile:

Well, this escalated quickly...PERFECT!

Take some Pinkies! Uh, I mean, Pinki? Whatever. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

How would Sunset Shimmer react? She'd pop in from human land a year after the fact, to see all of this. She wanted to rip Twilight a new one in the past, envied her intensely and didn't think very highly of Celestia. She also wanted to be the princess, and now she sees what it got her former rival. Trixie seems to adore Twi now, so it'd be interesting to see this from someone who most likely does not.

I'm actually torn between two ideas on what to do for Sunset Shimmer.


Since Sunset would have no context for her death, I guess I'd also suggest a character who was in the camp of distrusting Twilight (maybe the Flim Flam Brothers, or something) as well.

Wait. What?

When did THIS come out? Why was I never notified?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Damn. As if that could get any better.

You're a bloody genius for these, you know that?

~Skeeter The Lurker

What can I say, I love tragedy. Also, in the future do you mind being an pre-reader/editor for this story one shot I'm doing?


Sure thing! As long as you don't mind a slow worker.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Hit me up in a PM whenever, man.

~Skeeter The Lurker

“You know, if Trixie is going to tell of the greatness of Twilight Sparkle. Trixie would like to hear about if from those who knew her best.”

Should be "it".

Anyways, very very good start. You are definitely one of the best authors on this site for pulling off tragedy correctly. It's a rare skill to be found around these parts, but you've got it in spades. Definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this one in future.

i would like to see a story on how the assasination was carried out

I don't normally read tragedy, but for some reason, I can't stop reading your stuff. You do tragedy right.

Oh it will happen. I promise to show it at some point

So. I like to think I have excellent emotional control - or at least an excellent ability to hide my actual feelings. No strong outward signs unless I want there to be and all.

so why the hell couldn't i stop some tears over a freaking fan fiction of all things

stop it

(never stop)

Actually, from what I've heard from the story, I think Flim and Flam would have been all for her plans. In the original it said she wanted more technological research. That sounds like an opportunity for those brothers to use their skills for more profits.

I will, but the problem is what do I do with her

I usually hate tragedy stories but can't stop reading this

Holy crap...I can usually deal with normal tragic stories but this...this is something else. This is heartbreaking. I love it, though! I also really hope we see whoever was behind this assassination dealt with. Rest in peace, Princess Twilight. :fluttercry: :raritycry: :pinkiesad2: :fluttershysad:

I don't care for Trixie. now with that out of the way I could not think of a better pony for you start with about how they dealt with twilights death knowing that the only friend and rival she had is gone very well done the only problem I had with it and its small and in no way takes away from your work is dash I don't think she would of just glared at her I think she'd of lost it on her(that or fluttershy I mean come on im sure that there are story's out there where she snaps but that just me) any way I look forward to the rest of the story's just let me get some tissue first

3385169 yes and then we would get to see those monsters burn

She was about to charge forward and say something, but Rarity stopped her


They where already delt with, it was four nobles, five royal guards and Blueblood.

Celestia gave them death by burning of stake. It's in the prequel to this story

3385762 this is true and I await to hear the words she never got to say

Pretty much Dash would have told her to get out, that she had no right to be there after everything she's done

3385787 makes sense o and I found your discord to be well done and one of the better re-formed ones I have ever had the pleasure to hear in my head :pinkiecrazy:

3385734 Oh...well...I guess they did die.

3385816 can not wait to know more about how he took it.now I will leave you be im sure you have much to do and I have many read latters to get(just anther sleepless night glad there are many talented story tellers here)

Tragedy is rather cathartic, but I feel I keep reading out of a hopeless wish that there's a happy ending somehow. That as long as the story isn't over it could still happen. I read a lot of ponyfics, and this is one of the few that are both well written and tug at the heartstrings quite fiercely.


I was just an example, since I couldn't really think of a canon character at the time who would be against Twilight while being on a somewhat personal level (i.e. meeting her in person). I wanted a POV from that angle, but I honestly don't know who'd fit the bill.

And one pony who heard the stories of the Great and Powerful Twilight Sparkle was a great lady by the name Lauren Faust. Thus, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was born.

Perhaps we should look at things from the perspective of one of the conspirators as he or she's about to be executed. The idea I have in mind is the last thoughts of one of the less repentant villains in the Timeline 191 series.....

I can promise at least two or three of those

If you really want to get into the "liquid pride" department: Shining Armor.

Yeah, well the problem I have with Armor is that I'm trying to avoid the typical "Drunk" cliche

3387170 Ah... So cliche yet it's so true...

3386264 Gilda could be an option for a negative or neutral option but one i want to read is zecora or maybe big mac

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