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This story is a sequel to Useless

Twilight has suffered for so long. I've seen her lose friends, her family, her innocence, and more from the war we had with humanity. Ever since the surrender, she has spent every waking moment trying to earn both her redemption as well as Equestria's for our sins against the humans. Now that she has finally done so, she is ready to rest at last.

I just wish it wasn't her final rest.

Based on The Conversion Bureau series.

Pre-read and edited by: Socks, Chaotic Note, and Biker Dash

Artwork done by Pedro Hander

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Goodness I'm early tonight! Keeping a bird's view of this whole drama being erupted out of that accursed volcano!

so sad and touching at the same time

DX15 #5 · Aug 30th, 2016 · · 1 ·

As for the Author's Notes: OUCH!

I am surprised that Discord will live longer than Spike. Is it because of being in a different dimension?

Spike is gonna live longer

This was chilling in all the right ways. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the final story.

Sidebar: I'm glad you decided to scrap the after death bit. I feel it works far better for the story as an unknown and for me personally, I find not knowing to be more sad/terrifying. That and I'd expect to see a bunch of religious/atheist arguing in the comments and that would just be blegh.

In any case, well done sir.

Right in the feels, man. Right in the feels.

I'm not crying. It's just sawdust!

A Commissar never cries!

That was one of the saddest things I've ever read, I almost cried!
Looking forward to the last one.

Beautiful and sad. Cancer is such a cruel way for one that strove so much to die by. She deserved at least to be able to find love again... :fluttercry:

Also, I'm thankful you didn't add Discord saying that. Would make it way too sad. Also, would make for this story to be horror. After all, it would make for the war and all that the ponies did to be the final obliteration of their souls. That's not only sad, it's monstrous.

Can't wait for the last story. Even if I believe Twilight deserved more than such horrible death :raritycry:

Loved it. Also glad you didn't go with the afterlife idea. Now though, I'm really curious about this

I just wish it wasn't her final rest.

Final rest means death

7522865 you got me. Makes more sense anyway.

“... are you scared?” I asked as I took her hoof and squeezed.

For a long time, she didn't answer. When she finally spoke up, a single word came out. A word that cut like a knife.

“... yes.”

That hit me like a freight train with three million Megatons of concrete loaded onto it.

I'm not even joking. :fluttercry:

Got my eyes moist... :applecry:

Was gona write something meaningfull but then again why?Just gona say RIP

Bravo my food sir you have accomplished what many have not, you brought a tear to my eyemylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/rsz/mlfw7625_medium.png

7522706 HOW DO YOU LOVE THAT???:raritycry:

I hope that disappear option doesn't happen, that's a hell even for them. :twilightoops:

And with that Twilight ends and the new dawn begins. Rest well

Also glad you didn't go with the afterlife idea

Me too, though probably for different reasons.

Feathershy, being the priest that he was, was always muttering prayers for Twilight’s soul.

You know, I really like the idea of a pony being a Christian pastor (not that I am truly Catholic anymore - I don't believe good works get you into heaven, only faith in Jesus). Hope it catches on.

This story reminds me that the human race is a bunch total c**ts who live to kill and hurt others, and we all deserve to die.

Poor Twilight. I'll kill an old man in her memory.

Know this, Twilight...

Even if you don't believe in Heaven or an afterlife, Celestia did in fact go to Hell.

7522761 Yeah I saw that. I was just curious on how a draconequus would outlive a dragon.

Then again, Discord was probably already old to begin with.

I suppose what will be left for Spike and Discord now is to as Shakespeare in Richard the II put it to, "sit upon the ground and tell sad tales of the death of kings." For they shall be last of the original generation to go on to that undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns.

7522800 *and people wonder why I love my mask*
bravo my friend bravo....

This is one of those series that really makes you think about the difference between good and evil, heroes and villains. What I've come to realize by reading stories like this and watching the world around me is that said difference is an illusion created by our minds, constrained as they are by our varying moral codes. There are no heroes and villains. There's just your goals, those who share said goals, and how far over the line you're willing to cross to acheive them.

Also, forgive this nonsense. I'm sick, it's two in the fucking morning, and I can't sleep. When I can't sleep, I either watch youtube or think about life. Seeing as H20 already assassinated the Black Hat and Cartoonz Sam Fishered the hell outta the offense, I guess I'm down to option two.:trixieshiftleft:

I'm not ready to be sad yet, so I shall save this for later.

Let me just say I'm glad you took that part out that you mentioned in the author comments. It would have put a damper on the whole story.

Careful there, that edge is sharp

7523323 Ignorance is bliss, a prison is still a prison no matter how you pretty it up Gasbringer. Besides the converted were sterile, machines "programmed" to worship Celestia and do the bidding of ponies.

Nothing justifies extermination of a people or a sentient species.

im actually kinda surprised none of the science geeks asked "hey if the sun still has a few years why dont we open the portal back to equis and see about saving some species?"

7523149 Ooookay that's taking it a little to far:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

7523323 You need some serious psychological help.

7523154 Speak for yourself, but don't have the audacity to claim it true for most.

Is anyone else reminded of Puff the Magic Dragon?


Humanity is a plague?

You do realize you're throwing yourself under the bus with that opinion, I hope.

Humanity is not a plague. War, famine, disease is a plague. Destruction is a plague.

If there is a comparison to exist, it's that humanity is very misguided by the free will we were given.

Abusive would be a better term, because we abuse our right to live with the wrongful fulfillment of greed and gluttony.

Self Destruction is what we symbolize humanity, because we became too "free" for our own good.

It must be a horrible feeling, to know that you're the last of your kind. I do have to wonder what it would actually be like to live for so long though.
It seems I'm in the minority in thinking it would be anything but boring. I mean, I just watched a movie made in the mid 1980's the other day, and I thought, 'we've come so far in just a few decades'. I don't think you'd ever regret living if there's something to live for, and our world is constantly developing, so there's always something new to experience the next day.

I have taken some time to think on this new chapter. I agree with your choice as to what happened with Twilight and that it should be for the reader to decide. What makes me the most sad is the fact that sooner rather then later Spike will be all alone and I hope Humanity and the Ponies will learn from this horrible story, but my gut says no.

One thing that I was originally going to be in this story, but I later deleted, was Discord revealing what DOES happen after death in this story. It's revealed to Spike that Discord has traveled to different dimensions before, he just doesn't do it often since it's very draining and some universe he is weaker or cannot survive it. He would have revealed that every dimension has it's own creator, beginning, ending, and afterlife. A soul is basically the cosmic energy of a being in a spirit form that possesses a physical shell. When the shell dies, the spirit is drawn back to the cosmic energy of that dimension and ends up in whatever afterlife is created for them. However, is a person from one dimension was to die in a different dimension, they would be rejected by that dimension's cosmic energy since it's different and the souls would eventually cease to exist. Therefor, all the ponies from Equestria who have died or will die in the dimension Earth is in, shall become nothing, even Spike and Discord will. However, Discord reveals that the ones born into this dimension are now part of it and there for will have an afterlife when they die.

I'm glad you didn't because that will make the story very depressing, not to mention it's also one of my greatest fears. Dying and nothing happens after that, you and your soul just cease to exist. Story was absolutely beautiful but damn you for making me shed one single tear.

7523323 And you, there's always that one idiot in stories like these. You need serious help.

Comment posted by conantheimp deleted Aug 30th, 2016

There are no onion ninjas around here, and I am not sweating through my eyes. This legitimately made me feel heartbroken, and yet at the same time profoundly. . . joyful I think, that Twilight was able to find peace, if only for a little while.
Well done Ponystar.
Well done.

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