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One year after her coronation, Princess Twilight Sparkle is dead, killed by her own subjects out of fear and jealously. After the funeral, Princess Celestia isolated herself from the world, mourning the loss of her brightest student and daughter figure.

But she cannot weep forever. She must take control of her duties once more. Haunted by the memories of the assassination, and its aftermath, Celestia slowly makes her way to Twilight's resting place to find some closure.

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I hope, in a future chapter, you describe the assassination, and the trials and executions of the assassins. Just retribution is always a good thing to read if well written, and so far this looks well written.

It will all happen next chapter

Whoa. DAMN.

Wasn't expecting this. You do have my interest.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I can't even ... I can't even even anymore ...

If I do read this HOPE I can be sure her killer(s) were brought to justice.

Finish with Twilight's plans. Change Equestria like she wanted to change it.

Also, will Derpyball be ready soon? I know I keep asking, but it is one of only a few multi-chapter stories that I am able to read over and over and still be interested. I think this most recent time-a little while after the last chapter came out-was my 3rd or 4th time reading it. it is just that good.

2948436 I wish you luck on Derpyball, as well as this story. can't wait to read more. :pinkiehappy:


“And as for my so called subjects and being a princess it can all go to Tartarus! Let somepony else raise the sun! Let somepony else guide a bunch of ignorant, paranoid masses into whatever forsaken future they want! This pathetic crown has done nothing but make me miserable with loss after loss! I’m tired of being this Luna, and I just want—”

That right there sounds like Rodimus Prime after he regressed to Hot Rod. It's a case of a leader getting flank for doing everything he or she believes is right. It's a case of some beings just not willing to accept that times have changed and a new leader isn't always a bad thing.

Great story here so far. Nice work on the Celestia/Luna stuff.

I'm a bit conflicted, Twilight's death is an interesting story though not one I would have wanted to have happened but it is well written enough for me to continue on with.

I sure hope that when the guilty are executed, they don't go with straight faces. They should beg and plead with Celestia before they receive the death blow. They have no right to die with pleased faces. They need to suffer.

I have a huge, wild guess: The assassin's are Twilight's friends.

this is relevant
to my interests

2949524 Well it's kind of like how the fandom treated Rodimus. They only wanted Optimus to be the leader and refuses to see that Rodimus was doing his best.

It's the same thing here, some ponies refused to accept change and felt that only one pony had the right to lead them.

This story brings up some very weird feelings on my end. I for one didn't like the coronation Princess Twilight Sparkle.I have accepted it now that time has gone along. But that don't mean i still like it but seeing this story makes me feel like an ass for not liking it but at the same time glad. And for me to say that makes me feel like a bad person.This story shows me what jealously and hatred can do someone or somepony. I guess i got a lot to think about thank you for making me see what i could not see.

THAT WAS SO SAD!!!!!!!!! I started to cry!:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::applecry:

Normally I figure a story like this would get swamped with downvotes and dislikes, but wow, this is quite the opposite. Great job writing it!

Oh Celestia... I cannot read this, my depression will only get worse... :pinkiesad2:

Maybe later, when I feel psychologically stronger...

R.I.P. Goodbye old friend, Twilight Sparkle.

Let them all freeze to death! :flutterrage:

Hehe, good story.

This is incomplete so I won`t read it yet, but I really want to!

I know it's not gonna happen, but personally. I'm hoping Celestia goes "Screw em all." And goes Solar Flare (whatever your preferred Nightmare Celestia name is) on their behinds.

I NEED MOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEE :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage::twilightangry2:

2952892 Indeed. And for bonus points show them why Twilight was so importan. Like say "Would you rather be ruled by dragons and griffons then give up a little power?"

Show them why, and then go into a "I will burn this wretched world to ash." mode

2953480 Yeah, make em regret ever doing such a thing and plead for the mercy they never showed. Though such a thing would be a bit extreme and a moral event horizon for Celestia.

But Discord is included so perhaps he'll do something to the snobs responsible.

Actually I would imagine Discord couldn't give less of a crap. Cause...he's Discord.

You might be a bit surprised by what I do with Discord here

2953500 At the least I think it would be a case of "Even evil has standards". Much like The Joker he may do things that others don't like but even he has lines he won't cross.

... when has the joker ever had any morals?


I would imagine the only reason he would care is because Fluttershy is distraught about it. Other than that his response being "Oh...She's dead. Mmm. Tragic."

But that's just me. I'll wait to see what the author does with him

2953519 Ever see the Batman the Animated Series episode "The man who killed Batman"? In that episode The Joker actually grieves over the supposed death of Batman and gives him a funeral. He even sheds a tear.

Yeah, but he did that because the Joker's entire existence depends on Batman living and dying at his hands. In the comics, one time when it was believed that the Batman was dead, Joker denied it because in his mind "Batman is my best friend and I'm the only one who can kill him".

2953540 There's also a moment in one comic where he gets mad when he finds out he hired a Communist and says he'll deal with him.

And in another Animated series episode he says "I'm crazy enough to take on Batman. But the IRS? No thank you."

Eh, I guess. I just personally don't see him, the Joker in the comics, with any morals whatsoever

2953608 Every villan has lines they won't cross. Some villans just don't show it.

What about Darkseid, Doomsday, Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse?

Good story, love the cover art!

Thank Mata Nui!!! A story where Twilight dies!!!!

And for those who will down vote this comment. I won't give a damn

Honestly? Fuck 'em.

Have Celestia tell them that the only way she'll ever forgive Equestria is for them to do things EXACTLY as Twilight said to do them, and just leave.

2953630 Self sacrifice :ajsmug: they aren't willing to die for their cause. They will always try to survive no matter what. Villains might die in the process, but they don't intend to die. That can be said for most of them. I can't say that is how it works for all antagonists, but most do have a line they won't cross.

Good work, Luna. And good work, Ponystar! Looking forward to the next chapter.

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