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We trained her.
We taught her.
We raised her to godhood.
She brought us down to earth.

Sequel can be found here: Memoirs in Ink and Blood

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This raises a good point. Twilight has been spoiled since shortly after her first breath. She has never known hardship, and she has never known challenge. She has been given everything she's ever wanted, but a pony as spoiled as her would of course want more. She has been made a god, and yet, she is no wiser, she still doesn't understand the world beyond facts, formulas and theorems.

She is an unfit leader, to argue otherwise is folly. She breaks like glass under pressure, she makes judgements without reason, she decides that she is always right, even with evidence against her. Celestia made a monster, and it will destroy her. Or else destroy itself.

They say the Element of Magic is greater in power than the other elements. Yet, the Elements keep balance, instead of order. Ergo, the Element of Magic is the opposite of the Elements of Harmony, a twisted facsimile of light.

Historically, Magic was always the betrayer. Celestia and Luna both betrayed one another in the past, and both have wielded magic.

This would be an ineresting story.

i hope you don't mind but i made a video of me reading this it's uploading now :twilightsheepish:


i'm reblogging that because it's true


Yo Dawg.
I herd you like reblogs, so put a reblog (of this fanfic) in yo reblog. :pinkiehappy:

2365937 Use my name or don't, it's up to you.

Make a sequel or maybe a version of this that has more detail on how those conversations between the charecters went out.
I would do it myself but I am already drowning in ideas of my own.

Impressive and like the other said.. Though provoking.

Fav'd. Upvoted.

Well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Quite the story for something so short and simple.

Now this is what happens when you make twilight an alicorn, you get F$(ked:facehoof::ajsleepy::rainbowhuh:

The mortals never reused her, and the we the immortals always bowed to her demands.


Enthralling novel, acquaintance!
(i c wut u did with the word count)

Crap. Missed that typo. Thank you for pointing that out. :twilightblush:

lol exactly 1000 words.


2369166thank you, someone who agrees with me, by the way Corah if you need some to kill her, I know a certain planet devouring God of chaos, hint: he is Unicron


I'm not interested in killing her. This is not, nor will it ever be a hate fic. This piece of fiction is about the inherent danger is exalting that which is mortal to the plane of immortality. It is a warning, not a condemnation.

well written but I didn't enjoy it sorry.

So I made this.

That's what you get for making her a abomination, you die with extreme prejudice. Hasbro take notes

I thought this was marked complete. Not that I am complaining. Also, does anyone know how to make emoticons without memorizing them on this stupid new mobile version of the site?


It is conjecture. That is implied by the fact that it is fiction.


It was originally. Then it became popular for an unknown reason. Also changed to teen to allow me a bit more violence. :twilightsmile:

2374898 It became popular because it was linked either in Wanderer D's blog, or in a comment below, IIRC.


I know that. My question is why anyone cares about my wretched fanfiction. ::derpytongue2:

2374951Wretched? My dear boy, this story is simply extraordinary!



i think you're talking about me
or maybe wanderer d did it too idk

but anyway this story got popular because it's awesome
and deserves to be noticed


My question is why anyone cares about my wretched fanfiction.

seriously? It got where it is because deep down MOST of us see Twilight going in this direction! the ONLY place where it is guarenteed NOT to go like this is in the cartoon. Sure, Twilight has never gotten a big head about all that she has done but now comes the question, is that PUBLICALLY?:twilightoops:

this looks like it would have the potainal to be agreat canon episode...... If Hasbro weren't complete pussies on introdusing dark elements into a kid show meant for little girls.:facehoof:

2375873 But then when more adult themes are introduced, much of the fandom gets pissed off.

2379580 like for what, as an example?


This is a fic about ponies. If you really wish to over analyze it, write a blog entry and cry about it.

2379898 The show we all fell in love with wasn't meant to be for us, it was meant for little girls. They have their girly little things in it and such. But if the show introduced themes that are not meant for little girls, then we would stop having conventions. We would stop having thriving communities. The show would cease to be something magical, it would fail to captivate that little part of all of us that like it. Our "inner child" or so some say.
I just don't want to see Rainbow Dash asking Twilight how big Big Mac's dick is, or something like that. This show is an escape from all that to me.

2375034 I see you around here sometimes, and I always think, "why does this person who claims to be a parasprite have fluttershy as an avatar?"


Because the irony of such a thing is delicious. Just like I have a name made up on nonsense words with Pinkie Pie as an avatar.

2380292 hurhurhur
I'm a dragon.:rainbowwild:

2380277 i meant like dark elements this story has. The idea of Twilight turning against everything she believed in to, basicly, get more power and take over the world.

that's what i meant, something like that. But since the show is geared more to little girls, and thanks to Disney always pureifying and glorifying princesses, it's doubtful a fic like this will ever see the light of canon.

2380300 But we will always have fanfiction at least :pinkiehappy:


You sir never cease to amaze me.

Precisely 1,000 words, twice? :twilightoops:

Yes, it sucks. No, I don't care.

It's good, don't be so angsty.


It isn't angst. If it were angst, I would be complaining about my own lack of skills, or lamenting the fact that this fic isn't more popular. I simply don't think of myself as great. Average at best. :rainbowwild:


Not sure how to take that. I'll take it as a compliment I suppose.

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