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Hello, I'm Storiesatrandom, and, I, do stories..... At Random.


Storiesatrandom Stories are going to be rebooted · 7:17pm Jan 14th, 2019

Back again. Hey, I know I haven't been able to be around as much, but I had to do alot of hard thinking and, I realised that due to how some of my stories' content, contain alot of unpleasent things, not to mention alot of LOOOOOOOOOOOONG outdated content, I desided that the Storiesatrandom Stories would need to be rebooted to match current canon, and that too many of these stories are either long neglected due to lack of activity because of me doing other things.

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Well, credit where it was due, they did revive SOME of Lauren's intended ideas, like the thing with Rarity getting a shop in Manehatten.

Plus given that so much has changed since Lauren's original idea though.

There is also the matter that I would've imagined that Lauren would've sowed in that successor ideal much better. I feel like it was tacked into the narrative NOW because Season 9 was the series ender season.

  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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