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Life gave me lemons, and with them I made horsewords. Try and figure that out.


“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.” ― George Orwell

The end of everything Twilight knew and loved allowed something else to seep into what was left of Equestria. Something that had long been forgotten by the only one who had the ability to understand it. To Twilight it is the most jarring, the harshest, and perhaps the most benevolent thing that she could ever imagine ...


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Dose anyone know where you buy more tears from? I seem to have run out. 10/10, Easily best sad story on the site.

Wow, that was...sad. Lost between worlds in an endless waking dream, forever blinded to reality yet forced to hear its echoes.

This story is quite frankly magnificent, its beauty shining in its own tragedy. Definitely worth reading, and I give it a 9/10 only because I think there could have been some more development to explore the truth of both realities.

HiddenMaster out.

“Of course you did, Twilight, of course you did … you’ve always loved ponies,” Luna said in a hoarse voice, tears starting to well up in her eyes.

Luna said in a hoarse voice

hoarse voice

That was a terrible pun, and you should be ashamed!

loved ponies... horse voice.. pfffft!

Almost broke the mood, seriously - even if it wasn't intended to. This is one of those times when running to the thesaurus is perfectly acceptable, and not avoiding a said-ism might be in order.

You have my full agreement that it could have been written out in order to explore things. Unfortunately this was always planned to be a one shot that didn't ramble :applejackunsure:

I'll be frank ... I had finished the story by time it was brought to my intention. I decided to say "ehh, we'll run with it. Throw in some bittersweet humour."

I might change it ... not sure.

feature box! feature box!Feature Box!FEATURE BOX!!!

Well that was heartbreaking. Thanks. Anyway, I hope this story gets featured! It's amazing! :rainbowkiss:

I don't tend to like stories that have Tragedy in them. This is an exception.

Extremely well-written and really heartbreaking. :fluttershysad:

Was it inspired by the movie Awakenings?

Just the things mentioned in the author note :rainbowwild:

Don't think I've ever seen that movie.

I like it.

I don't like that I like it.

But I like liking it.

But it's sad.

It reminds me of all those thoughts and dreams I would have when I was younger, when I dreamt of fictional worlds, when I could visit my fictional friends and heroes in my dreams and in my subconscious. Back then, all I needed to do was yearn, and I was there.

But now that I am older, such a want has diminished, replaced with the responsibility of growing up, and the harshness of reality, and the realization that this world is not all friendly to the innocent. The yearnings of the past have been uprooted; and in its place, the seeds of a future, somewhat darker, have been planted.

Is it wrong to yearn, then, for that time, when one would see in their minds eye, the fictional worlds that they grew up in and reading of and speaking of? Is it a mistake to think that beyond the perception of our reality, there exists that finite utopia, an impossible ideal, that we reach through one method? Can we breach the limit of imagination for the limitless of the endless?

Caught in between realities, with no idea what it is that makes it real... is that the real tragedy? Or is the tragedy that you have no idea what is real, have no idea if what this is exists, or if anything has ever happened? If you're memories are false? If you cannot find a way to be in both, or stay in one, be in neither, fade into the subconscious ether of the unknown? Where does one draw the line between the ideal reality, and the real reality, if such a thing even exists?

Does the child in me vanish the moment I become the adult? Or does it lay dormant, reawakened; but in a tragic timeline, such as in the above... in which I cannot decide on my own which reality to involve myself in more?

At this point, I am simply rambling. But I did really enjoy this story, even if I am not particularly fond of reality-questioning stories.

You've got some deep philosophical thoughts in that 'ramble' :rainbowwild:

The story's reality is how you perceive it to be. Could Twilight have created the entire world of Equestria while her mind was absent? Sure! Could Twilight's mind have created the awakening in the hospital bed, and the events there? Definitely!

It's up to you to determine the reality, for only you can tell what is reality and what isn't.

I always feel uneasy when I read works that question reality in such a profound way, because it makes me do the same thing and in turn reminds me of how fickle our mind really is.

-10/10 would question real life again

PS: I can't express on how much I agree with Frank Herbert's quote.

I loved this story because i made me think about life for a while :rainbowlaugh: . This story needs to be continued because its fabulous. Well done for writing it :pinkiehappy:


just damn.

If this doesn't make you think about your own reality and what you believe to be true, then I don't know what will.
Perhaps I shouldn't have read this at midnight, though.

Excellent work there, friend, very excellent.


I really enjoyed this. Listened to some sad music while reading it. Amazing, and sad. Great job!

This is going to my best stories on-site folder. :pinkiehappy:

Very fun and very sad. A classic in my eyes.

Sweet Lord Above, this hurt to read. Not your grammar, or the idea. But with how much i felt for Twi's family. Just...Yikes...i admire their strength, i know i would've lost it at year 3.

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