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Action and darkness. Those are my specialties


Ever since she burst into flames trying to discover Pinkie Pie's sense, Twilight has had terrible feelings constantly tormenting the back of her mind. Nightmares show visions of her burning everything she has ever loved to the ground, and she is enjoying it. Desperate, she searches for anything that can help clear all of these terrible thoughts. Twilight then discovers that a unicorn whose coat was white and hair writhed in flames tried to destroy Equestria in the past. To her horror, she learns that she is destined to be the reincarnation... and there is nothing she can do about it

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Special thanks to Thardoc for editing this along with several other of my stories.

This was inspired by the amazing story 'Inner Demons' by SapphireLibra3.

Artwork belongs to Tsitra360.

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Quick, easy mistake:

Her eyes then shot to her forearm,

It should be 'foreleg', not arm. I like the idea, original, though the whole every time she hears a crackling fire = Evil thoughts thing is a little edgy. She does send letters via dragon fire after all. If you continue writing, I'll continue reading.

I always like Evil Twilight much more fun then boring regular Twilight so I hope she burns the world to cinders. Also the way this is portrayed it sounds like Celestia only took Twilight on as a student to keep an eye on her.

This seems to be a great story, nice buildup :twilightsheepish:

Looking forward for an continuation, if you decide to do such ^^

Liked, faved and watching you ;)
Thanks for putting up work for everyone to read :twilightsmile:

this is great. I can see this becoming Legen-wait for it.......

I was the first one to check it out! :rainbowkiss:

1637544 The comment progression begs to differ.

You are awesome buddy! :rainbowkiss:

First day posted and already at top 50! :rainbowlaugh:

Congrats, this is an awesome story! :raritystarry:

Twilight is best apocalypse-bringer!

Seriously though, I enjoyed this prologue and I can't wait to read the next chapter :twilightsmile:

1638260 Oh? I was the second person to ever see it. Chaos sent me the password link. :ajsmug:

1641193 I was waiting for you to say that :rainbowwild:

interesting opening. don't have much else to say.

Okay... I like where this is going. Keep it up.

Nice opening. I like where this goes... :pinkiecrazy:

1638895 thanks alot. your always supporting my work :twilightsmile:

1643226 thanks. Like i said, it was actually inspire by your story, nut i want to take a slightly different path to it

1643259 thanks man
1643371thank you. took me a while to find that cover image

Seems interesting. I'll fav it to see what happens.
Great job Chaos!

oh god its inner demons all over again...cant wait to read.

I can't wait until what happens next! :pinkiecrazy:

Hmmm thats not good is it?

And now things get interesting...

Shit just got a bit more real

Looking up, Rainbow and Pinkie saw Ditzy


But other than that it was a really good chapter.:moustache:

And so it begins...
How long until Twilight cleanses the world with fire? Next chapter? :scootangel:

This is gonna get good. :pinkiehappy:

good chapter!
although i have to say, they seem way too afraid there at the end, her eyes turned red, it's not that big of a deal (at least not when it's about twi), worried or shocked would have been a better reaction in my opinion. rushing emotions are just as bad as rushing the plot-line.


I believe you mean, "betrayed," not, "betraid."


More nightmares for Twilight. How will they be stopped?

Seriously, though? You're making a serious story based on one single little Pokemon reference? This is what I love about bronies. Keep making the fandom proud, good sir. Godspeed.

1636997 actually going by the definition the forward limb is an arm the back limbs are legs.

1719281 celestia and luna along with the other elements of harmony cleansing the bitch out of her mind, or just plain out killing twilight before the fire bitch gets too much control.

His fez then floated back towards his home

I didn't know Spike owned a fez. And it's a floating fez, too!

1719370 somehow, I doubt Twilight being cursed with the dark fate of eventual transformation into or reincarnation as the embodied of fire and wrath, a only semi-proverbial tartarus-on-hooves, is quite what the writers of that sequence had planned... but that is the fun part of bronies.

1719370 Pokemon reference?

I laughed at the lava thing. Had to read that again cause I couldn't believe it xD

Got a good grimdark going on here. While reading I can't help but feel dread for the characters. Twilight because she's turning into this monster and she has no choice, yet she's still fighting all the way and that makes it the more sad to watch. It's unsettling to see everything appear so normal to everyone else, not knowing what awaits them once Twilight has given in to her inner monster.

Something that's disappointing me is the reason Twilight is doing what she is doing in her dreams. She's killing everyone because she is all powerful? Lame. She's supposed to be the reincarnation of this monster pony thing, but it's coming across more as it's all her. Sort of a split personality kinda thing. What did the first one do? Why did it do it? How was it stopped? What happened to it? What were its experiences? Why did it come back as Twilight. Who was this monster pony?

~Have a good one.

1720675 I understand your concern for her motives. I will explain more as the story continues.

As i have said. This stories true inspiration came from the story 'Inner Demons'. If anyone wants to read an amazing story, read that sometime

it will all come to a battle of wills! and it will be glorious.

Just reread everything release up to now, hadn't got around to read chapter 3, so decided to read them all to get some fluency :twilightsmile:
This fic is progressing very interestingly, looking forward for the continuation, great buildup so far :)

And a question, as I reread everything, I noticed some minor things, like spaces missing or uppercase letters being lowercase or the other way around. Would you like have such things pointed out in comments? :twistnerd:
(Just wondering, I mean, these things are very minor, and a comment pointing out such can seem a bit .. well, "pointy" or something :pinkiecrazy:)

Anyway, good luck with this fic (again I think :) )

I don't see this having a happy ending, but then again, I wrote Inner Demons, so...

1739563 the path to the end of ones journey will be shrouded In darkness. No one has a clear vision what lies at the end; not even my eyes can see the full picture. The travels someone takes will always lead to other paths. Some choices will take you somewhere happy, while others will take you down ways where there is no point of return. Let us continue and find out where we go

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