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The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle - Rated Ponystar

Twilight is killed and Celestia tries to recover from the loss

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The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle

By The Rated Ponystar

Edited by: Clavier and Unnamed Pawn

Art done by: Viofriedsebe


Celestia could remember the first book she had ever given Twilight Sparkle. It was on the day she had arrived at the castle for the first time, when their tour directed the pair towards the Royal Library. Celestia had known foals, and even adults, that were eager to learn and read, but never before had she seen a filly jump all around, cheering and dancing at the notion that all of the books were hers to read whenever she wanted. When Twilight couldn’t pick which book to take out first, Celestia just picked something at random and brought it down for her new apprentice: Star Swirl the Bearded’s Guide to the Arcane Arts.

Since then, Star Swirl had been Twilight’s favorite historical pony. The little unicorn Celestia had taken under her wing had read the book in three days. By the end of her first year in the castle, Twilight had read it over a hundred times. There had been many books after that, with more Advance studies, but Twilight never stopped reading that one book over and over. When Celestia asked her apprentice one day why she always had that book, Twilight replied, “It’s the first gift you’ve ever given me. I’m always going to treasure it forever!”

That was when Celestia knew her relationship with Twilight Sparkle would be special, and she was right. She had taken many apprentices throughout her one thousand years of solitary reign, and each was special in their own way. Yet Twilight was different from all of them, a fact that she proved time and time again. Twilight was destined to change Equestria, in ways that not even Celestia herself could have done. Every task Twilight had been given she had conquered: Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, and more. And then Twilight had done the impossible, something even Star Swirl had tried, but failed.

She became an alicorn, a princess of Equestria. She had achieved her destiny and was ready to bring about the change the nation needed so desperately. For too long, they had been stuck in the old ways and, despite Celestia’s efforts, most ponies were content with things staying the same. However, this couldn’t last forever. The dragons were beginning to unite again, something that hadn't happened in nearly eight hundred years since the last dragon civil war. The griffins were becoming more technologically advanced, using science and machines to now be able to perform feats once thought only possible with magic. There were even whispers from sailors that journeyed far into the Western Sea, telling stories of new lands with their own civilizations. The world was changing, and if Equestria was to successfully adapt to the future it would need to change along with it.

Twilight was the only possible pony who could have helped Celestia set the foundation for this. Luna, despite her fast learning, was still adjusting to modern society and politics. Cadance, although young and strong, was too busy helping her new kingdom rebuild after being gone for a thousand years. No, Twilight was the only one capable of helping her usher in a new age. Her faithful student had experienced both the noble and common way of life, she had befriended other species outside of her own, and she had friends who had shaped her into a better pony with virtues and ideals.

Celestia, resting on her bed, stared at that first book she had given to Twilight, a book that had seen better days, yet held so many memories... memories that now brought nothing but pain. Celestia’s tears fell upon the book that served only to remind her what she had lost; what they had all lost.

If she had known Twilight’s fate after her ascension into alicornhood, what her own subjects would do upon learning of a fourth alicorn and a new leader, she would never have sent that spellbook to Twilight. Her now departed student would still be in Ponyville, happy and content with her new friends, instead of being in the memorial gardens in eternal sleep. Five mares, some of the bravest and most compassionate ponies she had ever known, would still have their best friend. A baby dragon would still have his mother. A family would not have had to mourn for the loss of its youngest. And Celestia's eye would not be teary-eyed and bloodshot.

In the midst of her sobbing, she heard the front doors of her bedchambers open. She knew who it was, the same pony that had visited her every night since the day of the funeral. Princess Luna closed the doors and sighed, looking upon the ruined pony that she called older sister. “Celestia, this has gone on long enough. You have sealed yourself from the world for four months now. Have you not mourned enough?”

“I will finish mourning when I finish, Luna,” whispered Celestia, turning away from her sister’s sympathetic gaze. “Leave me. I wish to be alone.”

“You have said that every day and night since the funeral,” said Luna, stepping forward. “I cannot take care of both courts by myself forever, Sister. You must return to your duties.”

“I raise the sun still. Is that not enough?” replied Celestia narrowing her eyes at her younger sister.

Luna calmly placed her hoof on Celestia’s shoulder, but the elder alicorn pushed it away. “Sister, our subjects worry for you. They ask me every day if you are well, wishing you the best. Many beg your forgiveness while others fear you have killed yourself in grief. Will you not at least make one small appearance, just to ease their concerns?”

“Why should I?!” demanded Celestia, standing up on her bed. With eyes wrathful as a storm from the seas, she glared at the city of Canterlot and hissed. “Why should I care for subjects whom I have given everything I've loved only to have it all rejected and spit on?! Why should I care anymore for their endless quarrels or their demands for happiness when they take my own?! It’s all their fault that she’s dead!”

“Sister! Enough!” demanded Luna, growling. “The ones who assassinated Twilight Sparkle lie in their graves as well as those who conspired with the plot! You saw to their executions yourself! Besides, not all of our subjects hated Twilight and her policies; there were many strong supporters! You cannot blame them all for her death!”

Celestia screamed as she pointed her horn towards one of her windows and unleashed a beam of energy, shattering it into pieces. The guards outside her chambers ran inside, weapons drawn for any danger but upon seeing no danger, and with Luna quickly calming them, they bowed and soon went back to their posts. When it was just the two of them again, Luna slowly walked toward her big sister and hugged her from behind. Celestia, silently crying, closed her eyes and muttered, “I should have done something. Anything to help her. But just like with you, I failed to protect her.”

“There was nothing you could have done," whispered Luna, holding back her own tears. “You cannot always change the hearts of ponies.”

“I just don’t understand it...” said Celestia, lowering her head. “She had such big plans for us all. Equestria would have benefited from her actions in the years to come. How could they do this to her when all she wanted was to give them a better future?”

“Her plans were radical. They would have changed everything,” stated Luna, as her sister stared at her through tangled locks of unwashed mane. “The nobles could not stand the idea of losing their power and sharing it with the commoners. Twilight wanted our nation to be more tolerant of the other races, something our more xenophobic subjects never could stand for. Even the idea of adapting to more technological forms of life instead of magic was outrageous to them. In the end, they feared change, Sister.”

“But why?! I supported them!” shouted Celestia. “I was there for Twilight all the way even others of high influence like Fancy Pants, the other Elements, and several of the most noble houses in Canterlot supported her! Even if they didn’t trust her, they could at least have trusted me!”

“You know the rumors they spread around," said Luna.

Celestia’s horn flashed, her magic sending gifts from friends and lovers many years ago across the floor and scattering them in a jumbled mess. “I was not being manipulated, nor was I in any danger of being overthrown! How could they even say such horrible things about Twilight!” She fell to her stomach and shook her head before burying it into her hooves. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. None of this...”

“Tia...” Luna knelt down and wrapped a wing around her sister. “You and I know that destiny is never set in stone. Choices we make in life, as well as the actions of others, change the future into paths we can never foresee.”

“But to kill Twilight...” muttered Celestia, wiping her tears. “I still should have done something. Prepared her better, given her better guards. Maybe I should have never let her become an alicorn or a princess to begin with.”

“You did all that you could, Tia,” assured Luna. “Nopony could have predicted this.”

“But I promised her, Luna... I promised her...”


They kept coming. Over and over again like an endless storm. Celestia had known that some of her subjects would not take Twilight’s new position so easily, but she had never expected this sheer scale of backlash. Ever since the coronation, the amount of negative responses had only increased overtime. Not just from the nobles, but from the commoners as well. Thankfully, there were still those who favored Twilight’s new title, but they were simply not as vocal, nor as annoying, as the opposition.

The only good thing was that the letters she kept receiving were good for kindling her fireplace. When she threw another pile of them into the flames, a knock on her door alerted her of a guest. “Come in.”

Turning around, she saw the seven month experienced Princess Twilight Sparkle slowly enter her chambers. Celestia was ready to greet her student, now equal, when she noticed the frown on Twilight’s face. Sighing, Celestia got up and wrapped her wing around her student, letting Twilight rest her head on her regalia-free chest. “Bad day?”

“Yes...” whispered Twilight.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“... Can we just hug first? I could really use a friend.”

Celestia guided Twilight to her bed, where the two of them embraced each other in silence. It brought the experienced ruler back to their early years together, when she was simply a motherly figure comforting a little filly unicorn who had a bad dream or missed her family. Even if Twilight was no longer the young, naive pony that she took in years ago, she would never deny her student the warmth of a loving hug.

The two of them continued to hold one another until Twilight slowly moved her head from Celestia’s chest and shook her head. “I don’t think I can do this, Princess Celestia. All the looks I get, even when I’m acting nice to them. They just don’t trust me like they do with you. It’s even worse when you give me your court to rule. The things they say about me, both behind my back and in front of my face...”

“Twilight Sparkle,” said Celestia, nuzzling her cheek. “I am not as loved as you might think I am. Even I have political enemies who say things about me. Don’t let these foalish attempts to get under your coat bother you. It will pass in time.”

“I know, but...” Twilight sat up from the bed and made her way towards the balcony, looking down at the land she had protected for so long. Not too long ago, she was living here, learning about a prophecy of great disaster. Now she was ruling her home, and the rest of her country, equally with two others after all her accomplishments. “Sometimes I think I’m way in over my head. I know this is my destiny, and that you said I had the potential to be great. I want to be as great as you, to do my best for all of Equestria.” She rested her head on the railing and closed her eyes. “I just wish I knew what to do to get them to like me. I’m not trying to overthrow you like they say, and I wish they could see how good my ideas are for all of us. I trust you when you say I deserve this more than anypony, but sometimes I wonder if I can really do this? Can I really be a good princess?”

Celestia joined her student, side by side, and looked down at the city she loved, filled with ponies she would die for. “I know how you feel, Twilight. When Luna and I came into power, after our parents' passing and Discord’s imprisonment, we were looked upon with distrust as well. It took many years, and I went through some horrible times.” Twilight looked at her mentor, who gave her a smile. “But Luna and I were there for each other, and we had our friends there for us when we needed them. In the end, we won the hearts of our subjects and together we can do the same for you. There are many out there who know you are a savior of Equestria, and that you have the potential to do even greater things. You have me, your friends, and your family who will be behind you all the way. We will protect you, Twilight. I will protect you.”

With teary eyes, Twilight hugged her mentor. “Thank you...”

Celestia could only smile and nuzzle the top of her student’s head, careful of the tiara she wore. “What do you say the three of us princesses go to Ponyville and hang out with your friends? Just us and nopony else?”

“I would love that, Princess Celestia,” replied Twilight with a beaming grin.

The two princesses went back inside and soon began to talk about their plans for tomorrow, away from the world of politics.


Luna, wiping tears from her eyes, watched as her sister walked over to her dressing cabinet and levitated a frame off from the top. It showed the recently turned alicorn Twilight with everypony she ever loved by her side, posing for a photo during the coronation party. Everypony looked so happy and so full of life, an opposite of what they were all feeling now.

“I promised her, Luna. I said everything would be okay and that I would protect her,” said Celestia as her tears dripped onto the photo. “And I failed to keep her safe. I let those monsters kill her under this very roof!”

“So what will you do now? Waste away in this room forever?” demanded Luna. “You are still a princess, Celestia, and you have gone through loss before, just like I have. We must be strong and move on. If not for our sake, then for our subjects. I know this hurts—”

YOU KNOW?!” shouted Celestia, using the Royal Canterlot Voice that caused the remaining windows to shatter. “You know nothing of what I am feeling, Luna! She was more than just an apprentice, more than just a friend, she was a daughter to me!” Levitating the crown off her head, Celestia threw it as hard as she could against the wall. Despite the force it was thrown with, it didn’t shatter, and bounced off without a scratch. “And as for my so called subjects and being a princess it can all go to Tartarus! Let somepony else raise the sun! Let somepony else guide a bunch of ignorant, paranoid masses into whatever forsaken future they want! This pathetic crown has done nothing but make me miserable with every loss I have suffered! How much more must I give to this position before I am left with nothing? I’m tired of having my duties ruin my life, Luna, and I just want—”

The sudden strike against her cheek echoed across the room. It took Celestia nearly a minute to figure out that her younger sister had slapped her across the face. Slowly turning towards Luna, she immediately stopped upon seeing the icy glare that sent shivers down her spine.

“How dare you,” muttered Luna. “How dare you say that I do not feel the same pain as you do. Twilight Sparkle was more than just a friend, but the first friend I had after a thousand years of isolation. When all other ponies feared me, she trusted me and helped me win back their respect. She helped me become a better pony by learning about the modern world, and never once gave up on me. She listened to my fears, my hopes, my dreams, Celestia. She may have been a daughter to you, but she was a sister to me!”

For the first time in her life, Celestia felt insignificant and small against her younger sister, who stomped her way forward. Celestia fell on her rump, slowly shuffling herself back until Luna towered over her before continuing to speak. “And how dare you name our role as the rulers of Equestria pathetic. The only one being pathetic is you, Sister.” She gritted her teeth. “Do you choose to forget the promise we made to mother and father as they slowly died in front of us? How we would rule with love and wisdom until the time came for our burden to end and join them? I know this is a burden, Celestia! Believe me, I know more than anypony how much we suffer to keep Equestria safe. Yet if you give up now then you will have shamed not only our family, but all those who loved and trusted us. You will shame Twilight Sparkle, who always had faith in you no matter what.” Luna levitated Celestia's crown back towards her. “Will you disrespect her by allowing yourself to be locked in this room, whining about how miserable your life is? Or will you take that crown once again and become the princess that all love and respect; the sister I love and respect?”

Celestia stared at the crown. She wanted nothing more than to toss it into the sun and run away from everything. However, she knew Luna was right as a tear fell upon the cloud that she held with weak hooves. If her parents, or even Twilight, were to look at her now, they would indeed be disgusted by her actions. Taking the crown with her own magic, Celestia put it on her head and sighed. “Luna, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t ask for forgiveness, Tia,” whispered Luna, holding her hoof out and helping her sister up. “We are not invincible gods, but ponies who feel such sorrow in dark times. Such thoughts even plague me once in a while.”

“But what do I do, Luna?” asked Celestia, starting into her sister’s eyes. “What do I do now?”

Luna was quiet for a while before she replied, “Go to her, Tia. Go to Twilight Sparkle and say the goodbyes you should have said four months ago.”

“I...” Celestia hesitated to answer, but slowly nodded her head. “Yes... I will. I just... I just need some time to prepare myself.”

Making her way towards the door, Celestia stopped and quickly levitated Starswirl’s book to her side, hoping Luna didn’t question why she was taking it. Celestia left the room and closed the door, but as she journeyed down the halls, she swore she heard her younger sister crying.

Author's Note:

Originally, this story was going to be a one shot, but due to some complications with the story in the middle I've decided to make this a four chapter short story. All the work is done, it just needs to be worked on a bit before posted. Expect the next chapter (or two) in a week from now, that's where all the interesting stuff will happen.

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