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"You think you know me..."



This story is a sequel to Truth

This is the end.

I've lost everything. My home. My family. My friends. My pride.

Equestria. My Equestria is gone. The humans have won and have come to finish me and the others of the Freedom Fighters off. I'm going to die, but I'm not afraid.

I've been dead for a long time.

Based on The Conversion Bureau series.

Pre-read and edited by: Socks, Chaotic Note, and Biker Dash

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Another Good Story. I am putting this in my faves.

TimesX #2 · Jun 18th, 2016 · · 3 ·

It's funny how this has 3 views yet 12 votes in total XD

I think the view count is somehow always slow cause 14 people are reading it now

Sweet Baby Jesus was that depressing.
I loved it, keep it up!

Applejack and Rainbow Dash gunned down before they could finish their final drink. To find out how a lot of the ponies died was heart-wrenching. The only Apple left now is Braeburn? I wonder what happened to Big MacIntosh? Poor Lyra. Finding out that her best friend, Bon Bon (aka Sweetie Drops), who she thought died in Ponyville, was actually the leader of the Equestrian Freedom Fighters. BTW, where is Spike in all this? I haven't seen him yet and thought he died in Ponyville.

I wonder who will be laying on their "Deathbed"?

Well, now all the elements are accounted for.

I remembered seeing a mod post somewhere that stated that votes tally immediately while views lag by 10 to 20 minutes.

Either case, this is a fine, if depressing story. Though I find it more depressing for the shattered friendships rather than the actual death of the characters. If all the Mane Six had died fighting a common cause, for example, that would indeed be tragic, but the fact that they remained friends until the end would have been noble. To see them going to their deaths potentially hating each other is more tragic than their actual deaths (at least in my view).

Praying will do Applejack and Rainbow no good since they sided with Evil still. Time to see Satan send them to HFIL. (OR hell. I'm a DBZ Nerd)

You did not disappoint. I eagerly await the next story.

The last relics of the past have been swept away by the winds of time, now to press forward into the future.

No, Applejack!!!!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

wlam #12 · Jun 18th, 2016 · · 5 ·

I liked this one a lot better than the previous one. Getting a chance to see the last moments of the other side was interesting and the whole Flash Sentry thing was pretty funny. It has the same problem as most of these did, though: it starts slow and with a long-winded, repetitive monologue instead of the dialogue and action that it was really about.

I suppose at this point we can just call that your style, though, since you keep doing it anyway no matter how often you're told.

7315355 it's Conversion Bureau, frankly I have no problem with that

Awww....I wanted to turn to page three.

I'm somehow curious about Discord's sight on described events. How he, avatar of chaos, feel about total and absolute chaos of destroyed lifes, familys, towns, countrys, ideas... . How he, reformed villain, feel about heroes, who converted him, changing into villains and monsters. He was mentioned in "Reunited", but I would like to read more about him.

Well, Big Mac and Granny probably died during the bombing of Ponyville, along with Applebloom and many others.
Also, from the context it's clear that Spike stayed Twilight, no matter what. The only bright spot in this whole thing.

I still wonder what prompted humans to wipe out Ponyville in first place? Given that Bearers would only count as a symbol against human weapons, I think it was the fact that Twilight was living there at the time. A failed decapitation strike.

Think twilight in her immortality and having to run the pony nation can have something to keep her sane

Like finding someone to love or to relate better to humanity, adopt a human child orphaned by the war or something

Twilight is not immortal

I was very sad to see what happened to sunset shimmer. I will look forward to the next installment. i'm curious will the sirens Adagio, Aria and Sonata ever make an appearance or will we see the shadowbolts from the friendship games movie?

Bendy #20 · Jun 18th, 2016 · · 5 ·

They got when they deserved. The scumbags would have killed (converted) every human down to the last child. Even when they were nearly defeated, they could not see the human's point of view of not wanting to face extinction.

7315586 okay but to cap all this series
I just hope that teilight as the last element besides fluttershy finds somethign to give her a little happiness before she dies (not just the fact that she reconciled with one of her friends)
A human child to call her mum and when she dies at least she would be remembered as the leader who surrendered and made peace with the humans, allowing the surviving ponies a chance at their own world on earth

I can't decide if I'm relieved or disappointed that Applejack and Rainbow Dash died without learning the truth. A part of me feels like they needed to know that what they were fighting for was a lie, but they already suffered and lost so much, taking away what they believed in may have been too cruel.

Also, Lyra married a stallion?! And it's Flash Sentry?! Wow, I did not see that coming in so many ways.

quick question wtf happened to discord there no mention of him anywere

Well, I don't know what to say, it was more of a fic where in the end, nobody really won. I mean, from the get-go we knew that RD and AJs cause was going to fail. Not to mention that the elements are obviously broken at this point. But I still have one question:

Is Scootaloo still alive? Or was she was left behind to get shredded? I'm still going over the story to make sure I hadn't glossed over something, but this part really confused me.

Either way, great fic.

Goosebumps galore.

7315586 Twilight's not immortal? Well, now I know who's on their 'Deathbed'.

Meh. Disappointed they didn't learn the truth, but this incarnation of these two got what they deserved, to die as another pair of statistics in this war they helped propagate.

Also, the fic is pretty good. Keep it up.

As always you have never failed to disappoint. This was quite depressing yet very well done, and Flash Sentry and Lyra? That's a pairing I never thought of. Also what happened to trixie?

The sad fact is they fought the good fight and lost. And even worse they will be remembered as terrorists for eternity. On war though there are no heroes, just survivors and victims. And Applejack and RD were both.

I still hate that Rarity died early on.

7315730 Maybe they are not inmortal and just live for a very LOOONG time

Yeah, I... I honestly didn't give a shit about Twilight and Flash's love life. Kinda seems like there were more important things going on than who Flash ended up banging.

Great story though. Such lore.

Similarly Nazi Germany also fought a good fight against multiple opponents at once, but I don't think that their final loss is sad fact and it's worldwide accepted to treat them as absolutly evil and it's good. RD and AJ continued absolutly evil war of Celestia against whole world, so as Bendy sayed above they got what they deserve.

Well... Now I'm depressed.

Filthy xenos had it coming for them.

I am actually surprised, I though Applejack was the lider of the group with Rainbow Dash I didn't expect it to be BomBom.

I did, but it was a while ago, I've forgotten the details. It seems to confirm my idea here, tho.

You know I have to wonder why people think nukes would be the answer to humanity winning a war against ponies. I mean does nobody remember the laws governing biological warfare? Like a country that has not signed that particalure treaty and uses biological warfare (see tranformation potion.) is fair game for any and all biological warfare in retalition.
Imagine all the bio weapons every nation has stockpiled being use in one day, maybe some particularly nasty diseases would begin popping up by "accident".

It would be a nasty clean up but a rather efficient execution.

All of that was for the pun.

Deathbed is focused around Twilight dying while Spike watches. When it comes out I am unsure

Well, it's kinda refreshing to see Celestia portrayed not as pure evil she is in "The Other Side of Spectrum", but rather a Well Intetioned Extremist.
However, she fouled up not once, not twice, but three times! First by sending Sunset Shimmer to contact a primitive tribe without any kind of backup, then taking the result as a representative sample of human attitude, then picking up the fight with humanity instead of isolating themselves under the Barrier and finding another world to hop into.
And most of ponykind didn't even consider the possibility of her being wrong.

On an unrelated note, it's interesting how the first contact pretty much mirrors the one that happened with Griffons in "An Academic Visit".

One would think that AJ and RD would be prioritized as capture targets. Oh, well.

7315868 True, in the end Celestia's War against humanity was wrong and AJ and RD had reasons to be fighting. For there lost nation, for there pride, and vengeance for there lost town and friends. Also remember that AJ and RD probably didn't know about the converted problems that Twilight and Celestia did know about. In there eyes they were doing humanity a favor.

I don't think so. This story take place minimal 6-7 years past loss of Equestria. All facts about Celestia's crime certainly been carefully spread on whole world for general knowlegde, why she was evil. So they absolutly know about this all, but still sided with this, what made them even worse. They was terminally sick from hatred combined with sureness that they are absolutly right which is one of worse imaginable dangerous traits of anybody.

In there eyes they were doing humanity a favor.

Applejack sayed clearly that she want humans dead. It's hardly wanting to do favor.

Not really, the guy who shoot them either:

A: Didn't know
B: Didn't care
C: Or the orders were to kill anyone on the compound, it was pretty clear that they wanted no survivors, and if they spared AJ and RD, they would be the targets of multiple rescue missions. And the FF would still have a reason to fight.


I can't see that as a bad thing. The stories are written quite well and the style fits the story.

You're kiiiiind of contradicting yourself, here. You're saying she knew that the truth was that she was wrong, but she didn't want to face it, so she clung to a lie. And then you say that Honesty is about the truth and that truths are subjective. Just... what?

I'm a big believer in starting in medias res. In my opinion, the best way to draw a reader in is to have a line of dialogue as the first sentence of a story, or at least very near the beginning. It gives it a certain dynamism. Long, navel-gazing monologues before the actual action starts set a very slow pace and, honestly, often also make readers lose their patience and interest if stretched out too far. It's basically infodump narrative in first person, something that really should be revealed through interaction between characters, not soliloquys.

What's actually said is interesting enough to save it, but personally, I think it's not good style.

Seeing AJ like this broke my heart. And yet, it was written splendidly. Seeing her die was even more saddening. If anything can be salvaged from this it's the Lyra Sentry shipping that this brought fourth.

Well done.

Now to take a moment to recall a better path...derpicdn.net/img/2013/6/17/350942/full.png

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