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"You think you know me..."


Twilight is known for many things: being the shrunken student of Princess Celestia, an adventurer, powerful magic user, avid learner and reader, and more. But one thing she's never been is a prankster. When she learns about the holiday known as "April Foals Day" she decides to take part in the holiday and prank her closest friends and family for a few good laughs.
This story is a gift to my friend CommanderX5, the writer of Celestia's Tiny Student. Note that this is in canon with his story and takes place after Twilight's duel with Celestia, but before she meets the Wonderbolts.

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April Foals Day

I hate you for that pun.

That pun is as old as this fandom :p

Note that this is in cannon with his story

For what reason are you attacking his story? :trollestia:

Manes #3 · Mar 4th, 2014 · · 1 · Part 1 ·

Just by looking at that coverart gave me:

There were a lot of strange word substitutions that made parts of this story difficult to read.

However, this is a fun idea for a story, and it's generally well-executed enough for me to finish reading it.

Probably cause it's a different writer and style.

Did I miss something? April Fools day passed me?

Do this pun is really that bad to hate for it?
I personally never encountered it before so I have no idea what is the big deal about.

This story was wriitten with my permission and supervison.

I personally really like this story and it suit events in my story really well. It show Twilight character development and interaction with Philomena I never found time to explore upon.


There were a lot of strange word substitutions that made parts of this story difficult to read.
However, this is a fun idea for a story, and it's generally well-executed enough for me to finish reading it.

One thing about constructive criticism is that if you comment examples that in your opinion cause troubles or can be improved, there is a chance the writter will use this advice to improve the story.
As for me, I am curious. What word substitutions made parts of this story difficult to read. Maybe if you give some examples, author will change tham, who know.

4034641 My friend used it on me once, and honestly he did the most infuriating thing one person can do to another that day.
He put a scorpion in my pants he freakin' stuffed my backpack with firecrackers.

You missed the joke :p

Look at the part I quoted closely:pinkiehappy:

“Your... butt’s too big?” “No!”

I just died! :rainbowlaugh:


Here's a paragraph from the section I found most difficult to read:

Spike rubbed his chin with his claw for a bit before his cheeks turned red and smoke emerged from his nose. He grabbed Overwatch's neck and pulled it, pressing her head against his nose, staring into Overwatch's eyes with a piercing glare as if looking into her very soul,. "I do would rather dress as a ballerina and sing disco ponies while dancing like Fleur de Lis in front of a crowd than let that stupid bird win this bet. You hear!?"

I like it.
Except for this first line, which is rather strange.
Miss. Bookmarker never knew a more frivolous library lover

'Frivolous' and 'Twilight' do not belong in the same sentence. Pinkie Pie is frivolous. Twilight might be a 'joyous' or 'fervent' library lover, but frivolous is the opposite of how she treats books and libraries.

Wait, she fits in Spikes palm, and can stand on a pony's muzzle? Just how small is this pony?! How the hell is she that small?! Also, she sounds like a kid, why were those stallions talking about dating her?! I'm very confused.:rainbowhuh:

It's based off an existing story. Read "Celestia's Tiny Student"

4035781 Ugh, I just found that story, it's 165,000 words, that'll take me forever! However by the description shi is indeed still a kid, so what the hey is up with those stallions?!

No, she's 18 to 20 years old by this point in the story according to the original author.

Correct, Twilight is around 20 years old at this point, 1 year before going to Ponyville.

At this point Twilight can be considered as a tiny mare, she is just more adventurous and playful so she may seems a bit less mature than canon Twilight, but she can be serious and diligent when situation calls for it, I assure you.

Also, if you decide to tackle mine story, best of luck.

Oh, I see, that's alright then. I just assumed she was younger cause she was still at the castle and because of some of her mannerisms. Okay, I get it now, actually dating a tiny Twilight might be fun.:twilightsmile:

The word is 'canon.'

If you're uncertain of how to spell a word, don't use it.

All it does is leave me with the impression that I'm missing nothing by not reading your story; being in the featured box stopped meaning anything to me months ago.

4035988 Unless you sat on her in the movie theater.


Twilight is tough, I am sure she would forgive such mistake. And she can always levitate her date with her powerful magic.

4037575 Hehe, true, but being legally blind means I'm used to checking seats with my hand before sitting, that wouldn't be a problem for me.:twilightsmile: However seeing her in general may well be a problem, oh well.

It's you, I know this is going to be good. And yes, you still have me as a stalker:twilightsmile:


Otherwise I cant continue the story!


Do not worry, chapter 2 is ready, but it's waiting for editor to go over it. Also, Rated PonyStar is working on other stories at the same time so feel free to read Celestia's Tiny Student to pass time until chapter 2 comes out.


4037714 how are you reading this if you are blind? :derpytongue2: :trollestia:

4041078 Legally blind, it basically means I don't have enough vision left for driving a car, but I still have some vision. I use Windows Magnifier for reading things.

I am now stalking this story.

I'm liking this plan.

I found this one part slightly confusing:

Unable to stand, the pegasus and dragon fell on their backs and started kicking their feet in the air.

Steel Blade tried to say something, but his voice was completely muffled. It didn’t help either that he lost his balance and fell face first onto the floor. Overwatch, holding her sides, looked at her partner and shouted, “Oh Celestia, I wish I had a camera! Ahahahahaha!”

Because of how it's written, it seem like either Steel Blade fell twice (once on his back and once on his face), or you mistakenly wrote Overwatch as a pegasus when she was previously written as a unicorn.

I AM IN STITCHES BASHUR PLUS THIS EQUALS :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Only Pinkie could do better :pinkiehappy:


:pinkiegasp: A new pony!

:pinkiehappy: Hi, In Stiches! This requires a party!

4106848 ... I am a ling...

Oh and charmed I am Swissy


:pinkiesmile: I thought you said you were In Stiches...?

Wait, so do White Path and Twilight really like each other that way? Even a little bit?

White Path has a small crush on Twilight, but Twilight just seems him as a good friend. They were only pranking their parents that they like like each other.

4107147 Fair enough, just seems a bit risky playing with a colts affections for a prank. I know he was in on the prank, but still it's only going to make his crush stronger.

Twilight wins when she pranks Celestia, right? :trollestia: That'd be an epic end. I bet Celestia would enjoy it.

Oh wow, she's getting them all and good :rainbowlaugh:

I'm expecting she'll pull a prank on Blueblood eventually, and possibly Celestia... Not sure about the last one, she might not want to mess with her mentor, given how much she looks up to her (pun very much intended).

Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

4107140 4107147 4107309

Yes, White Path have a little crush on Twilight, but at this point it is slowly turning into being her fan (he start to understand that Twilight may not like him as he like her, but he still admire her as a good fan, something like Scootaloo being fan of Rainbow Dash).

I bet she would be very proud of her little student even more.

Comment posted by CommanderX5 deleted Mar 20th, 2014

Awesome job!!! This story is sooo hilarious :pinkiesmile: Keep up the great work!!! :twilightsmile:

well now, i had my doubts on her pranking their families, but i knew it had to be one
also: :rainbowlaugh::trollestia::yay::twilightblush::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::raritywink:

I have the strangest feeling that Celestia was totally aware of what was going on with the spank-prank, and will be gleefully lying in wait for Philomena and Twiny's prank on her.

They won't be at all prepared for White Path, Fluer, and Fancy to join in on the fun.

The collateral damage is going to be epic.
Also, I think Twiny's dad is either faking or out for the week.

I loved this chapter, my favourite pranks were the itching powder and the marriage pranks. That being said, I found some things you may want to edit.

That gives us with plenty of snobbish nobles for targets.

I think the "with" be deleted to make the sentence, "That gives us plenty of snobbish nobles for targets." But that could just be me.

]Spike’s eyes widened as he pulled both tails of his pony friends and pointed to the commotion in the center.

That should be deleted.

“That’s nothing. It took us ages to finally teach White Path to eat with his mouth close,”

And I think you may want to change that to "closed", but again, that could just be me.

the best part is, twilight actually pranked philomena without even realizing it

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