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This story is a sequel to The Application of Unified Harmony Magics

  After the incredibly awkward reunion last night, Sunset is less than eager about her promise to introduce Twilight Sparkle to Princess Celestia. Maybe it would help if Twilight could go more than five minutes without a panic-driven ramble.
  Despite her doubts, Sunset decides to do her best. But between a bowl of ice water, Philomena’s antics and Celestia’s sly smile, Sunset knows this isn’t going to be easy.
  Still, Twilight probably could have handled it better.

Featured as a Sequel on Equestria Daily on October 8, 2016!
Appeared in the FimFiction Featured Box on September 27, 2016!

Historian’s Note: Set in the Wavelengths timeline where the Sonic Rainboom didn’t happen, the events of Princess Celestia: A Brief History occur the day after the story The Applications of Unified Harmony Magics.

Cast: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Minuette & Philomena

Stories set in the Wavelengths Timeline in chronological order:

Origins Arc
The Alchemy of Chemistry
Bards of the Badlands
Grading on a Bell Curve
Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix
How Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative

Applications Arc
The Application of Unified Harmony Magics
Princess Celestia: A Brief History
The Cloudsdale Report

Dreamers Arc
Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns
A Study in Chaos Theory
Teahouses of Saddle Arabia
As the Raven Flies

Cover Credits
Cover Design by Amber Spark using Pixelmator
Princess Celestia Vector by Wrathx79
Princess Celestia's Room by tamalesyatole
Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark by MillennialDan
MLP Book Vector by SnowedEarth
MLP Magic Aura Vector by AimeeLovesU

Beta Reader Credits
Ebon Quill - Worldbuilding Writer on The Manehattan Project
Little Tinker - Master of Systems at Ponyville Live & Scripting Engineer on The Manehattan Project

Special Thanks
Fahrenheit - For wonderful advice on creating an epic and entertaining synopsis!

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Yes! Glad to see another fic in the Wavelengths timeline, especially on Sunset Shimmer day. Though is this meant to be setup for another story, or just chapter 1 of a story? Just asking as its already marked complete.

That must have one awkward dinner, Twilight meeting up with her old friends. Canon Minuette laughed off the whole thing in that episode, but this Twilight was even more of a shut-in than Moondancer was. With Celestia planning something ( :trollestia: ), poor Sunset knows enough to be worried, but no idea what to be worried about. Hopefully this all makes sense to her someday.

...Is this supposed to be listed as complete?

7586640 Sorry about that! The story is complete, but I'm just releasing it over a bit of time. Fixed!
7586636 It will. Oh, boy, it will. :trollestia:

Ah, okay. Looking forward to this one. I like this AU.

Maybe she plans to give them tickets for a Daring do Con, and a love suite for the both fo them?!

7586664 Ah, so that wasn't the whole story after all? Good to know :twilightsmile:

Is there any release schedule for the next chapter(s)? I'm looking forward to it.

7587115 You'll have to wait and see. :scootangel:

7588505 Ayep! Daily until the end!

I can imagine a little MoonDancer hopping up and down, and add Twilight to the mix....Oh please please please have a scen where the two bounce up and down again inthe present tiem together i love to read that!

Oooh also realize if Celestia just witness everything now...She be thinking. "Yeah I ship it!":trollestia:

damn it! You make some of the greatest SunLight interactions I've ever seen! I can't help but smile or squee every time you write them together. I have had a wide eyed grin on since the middle of this chapter and I'm in a library, do you know how many weird looks I've probably had because of you?!?! heheh

Will we ever know how sunset set that rug on fire?

Huh, don't think I've heard that part of Sunset's history yet. To think she could be brought low by a couple of foals, but then foals can be really cruel too (as the canon CMC know from painful experience). Ah, and Cadance is mentioned. I wonder how close shut-in Twilight is to Cadance. Good thing Shining is too nice to hold Sunset's past behavior against her, but then present happy Twilight probably is more important than anything else. Sunset had better enjoyed that laughing fit while she can, once they actually meet the Princess, she's probably going to have a meltdown.

7588861 I'll see what I can do. :twilightsmile:

7588868 I'll have you know that Sunset is not thinking about that. At all. She said so. :moustache:

7589085 This is probably one of the best comments I've ever gotten! I was grinning like a lunatic while reading it. If I can make people stare at you oddly because of my writing, then I'm doing my job right. And if I'm being cursed at for good writing? Yeah. Good times. :duck: They're just fun together, aren't they?

7589535 Noodle Incident.:trollestia: That being said, it ain't impossible.

7590284 You have not! There are quite a few little revelations (and a few big ones) in this particular tale. However, that particular encounter with Cinnamon is a story I hope on exploring. As for Shining and Cadance, you'll see what happens there, eventually. :scootangel:

And do I use pony emoticons too much? Yes, yes I do. Do I regret it? Not for a second. :twilightblush:

Twilight's being adorkable again...sigh, you know, I think I get why they're called SunLight now. Their personalities meld in just the right ways like a perfect Sunday. The sun shining, there's a slight breeze in the air and the atmosphere, like you'd rather not be anywhere else. When faced with such a presence, a satisfied grin can't help but make it's way across your face. You've captured that quite well, I believe. And I'm glad I returned the favor at least a little bit with my last comment.


Everything Twilight be soo so Adorkable! I bet even Celestia must be reisting a urge to hug this little pony, if she saw all that!

Figures that for Twilight tardiness would probably count as a worse crime than say murder or treason. Well, at this rate Twilight should have a nervous breakdown just before they reach Celestia. Well, unless she has a Lesson Zero moment, but as she wasn't Celestia's student in this timeline, she can't know that many dangerous spells, can she? ...on the other hoof, she's spent so much time in the library, with even less good influences to balance out her neurotic tendencies, she's probably even crazier than canon Twilight, isn't she? Yeah, Sunset has her work cut out for her (and that's assuming Sunset can keep it together too).

Oh, this is good. I've also noticed you comparing Celestia to Vetinari in a different author's note. I'd say the analogy is quite perfect.

Btw, “Za?”. Strike two for EGS. We might make a game out of that yet

Poor purple dork horse

Celestia knows what's up. She's a dirty shipper too.

With Celestia asking about her cutie mark, now I remember a previous chapter said Twilight has a book-related cutie mark, I think? Wonder if that was what threw Celestia off or not. Not sure if that's related to Celestia's big plan (saving her sister, finally getting a vacation, something like that :trollestia: ), or if this is the first time she saw Sunset and Twilight together and wants to play matchmaker.

Talk about backhanded compliments- Sunset formerly was nothing but brutally honest and direct, which would be refreshing from stuffy nobles. Nice to finally see Celestia, after the long lead-up to the meeting, regal and understanding and seemingly omniscient and mischievous, easing Twilight into relaxing a bit. Nice way of framing Sunset's relationship with Celestia too- in other fics, sometimes Sunset was too close to Celestia, which led to greater tension and Sunset's eventual departure (with the parallels to Luna of course).

7591512 Now that's the most cheerful interpretation of any ship I've ever read. It's simply wonderful. Thank you kindly for such words. I usually run my characters by instinct and I always question if I got the tone right. If the responses to this story are anything to go by, I didn't do too bad a job. :twilightsmile:

7591604 Thankfully, both Sunset and Celestia are up on their Adorkable Vaccines. Sadly, it's only available in the form of horse pills. :trollestia: And yes, I had way too much fun with Twi during this chapter. My favorite is the end bit. Still reading that just makes me grin like crazy.

7591817 Eldritch abominations go NOM NOM NOM. As for Twilight's level of power vs. Sunset's level of power... Well, the best way to think about it would probably be Starlight. Starlight (as far as we know) didn't go to Princess Celestia's school, yet she could fight the Element of Magic to a standstill. As for what this Twilight is capable of? You'll just have to wait and see! But expect more epic freakouts. Panicked Twilight is Most Adorable Twilight. :twilightblush: :twilightoops: :twilightsmile: :facehoof:

7594311 We love her despite/because of it. :twilightsmile:

7594100 EGS-five! I'm so thrilled someone got that tiny little reference. (I've been reading El Goonish Shive forever). And yeah, Celestia always seems to know more than she lets on, doesn't she?

7594351 :moustache:

7594660 All shall be revealed in time! /spooky-horse-noises :duck:

And once again, i have only praise for you. Thanks for this update.
Certainly so. now i only wonder who will be Drumnott to Celestia's Vetinari. Have you by any chance have gone with the immortal Raven?
Or is it Kibitz with his blink-and-miss-it humor and heart of gold?
Or somepony of your own devising for the personal touch?

Hello there. I have to admit, once again, you did an excellent job on this entire story. I really appreciate you going to the effort of writing this. The exchanges, humor, emotional content and characterizations are all well done in all the right places. I particularly liked Twi's antics throughout the story AND the reference to the comics. I'll definitely be looking forward to more stories in this series as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Nice to see Sunset throw Celestia off, if only for a second. And I wonder if Sunset's guess isn't a little bit off. So friendship isn't a completely foreign concept to Twilight, she's still nice enough, she's just withdrawn into herself. Spike's absence probably doesn't help either. Nice little story, fun and heartwarming to see Twilight meet her idol. As well as setting up a lot of future story threads.

Hey there. Again, thanks greatly for getting the final chapter to this story up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Once again, VERY good job on the humor, exchanges, emotional content and future story set-up in all the right places. I particularly liked Twi and Sunset's reactions to all that mentioned stuff. I'll definitely look forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow (particularly because I'm curious about the rest of the future Wavelength-verse Element Bearers).

This was too funny to not like :rainbowlaugh:

The Princess’s wings drooped a little. “I would ask that neither of you act rashly on what you think you may feel at the moment. Both of you are just learning to be friends. Do not complicate matters. Such magic tends to magnify emotional states. What you feel at present may not be the truth.”

Dammit Celestia, I just wanna ship adorable lesbian horses and watch them blush and stammer at each other. Is that too much to ask?

We are getting SunLight out of this eventually though, right? :P I mean, yes, yes, don't act rashly yadda yadda but... still...

Just sayin'.


Stop looking at me like that.

I don't have a problem! I can quit anytime I want!

I still worry thou, what if Susnet realizes Twilight was the student meant to help save Luna, how would she fel about that?
She coudl take it the wrong way and assuem she was a means to end.
It could happen, and only twilight could save her from going downa possible dark path.

I read it in other fics, one of the reasons they split, was Susnet was thought to be the student to save Luna only to have her cutie mark reveal she wasn't her.

Lots of foreshadowing in this chapter. And of course that call back to "Sunset of Time":trollestia:

7600313 Everyday I'm Trololing... derpicdn.net/img/2012/11/1/138421/full.gif :trollestia:

7600343 Thank you kindly! I'm definitely doing a lot of setup for what you'll be seeing in the future. And don't worry, I've got muses screaming in my ear pretty much non-stop about this story. At the moment, it's more about finding time to write all the words I want! :twilightblush:

7600638 :yay:

7600735 She didn't say YOU couldn't. :duck:

7600908 :moustache:

7601359 You'll have to wait and see. :pinkiehappy:

7601415 Yes, I am aware the origin of the word 'fan' is 'fanatic.' Why do you ask in regard to 'Sunset of Time?' :twilightblush: As for foreshadowing... I have not yet begun to foreshadow! :scootangel: (Okay, yeah, I have, but it sounded nice and dramatic).

7597071 You'll have to wait and see. However, you will get an answer in The Cloudsdale Report.

7597558 Thank you much! The comics are definitely a challenge to get in there, but they're a wonderful gold mine of character development. In fact, I'm going out of my way to use as much as the comics as possible as canon! :pinkiehappy:

7598767 Who's to say if Sunny's guess is right or wrong? (Well, there's always ME, but that's cheating). :duck:

Yep, Sunset has her priorities in order- if you're going to spend time around Twilight, teaching her about friendship, you better prepare for expensive therapy bills. :twilightoops: I love Sunlight, but I don't mind them taking it slow, or just being friends either. I like Sunlight fics, but sometimes they're a bit too rushed, especially standalone fics (but then they're meant to be short stories, so there's only so much time for a relationship and all). I don't mind Celestia telling them to take it slow (that's what time skips between fics are for), if there actually is anything there. I wonder what other relationships she's seen that ended badly. I'm probably reading too much into it, but with the mention of both Starswirl and Clover and general ancient history in this chapter, I wonder if that's related at all.

Another great fic, I'm very happy to read the direct sequel of the first (Application of Unified Harmony). Celestia is definitely planning something for Sunset and Twilight (wonder if Celestia somehow knows what Twilight's cutie mark might have been), though probably like at least half of that was just for her own amusment ( :trollestia: ). I love that Sunset actually uses that name in universe (wonder if she's ever said it out loud, Twilight would probably be mortified to think of the Princess doing something for her own amusement). So now we've got Sunset, Twilight and Princess Celestia together, hopefully Equestria can survive Twilight's education (and many breakdowns).

Good fic.
But how about Luna?

I really want to see this continue from here!

7601478 One of my biggest frustrations is the relationship that happens too fast, be it friendship or something more. So it's something I wanted to approach right. No matter what happens, it'll take time. As for therapy... let's just be thankful Equestria has a complete monopoly on the tea industry of the world. That's the only way they're going to pay for the therapy bills... for everypony else. :twilightsheepish:

7602340 You'll have to figure that one out for yourself. :raritywink: And thank you!

7603435 Well, that's great, because I'm not even remotely done yet. :pinkiehappy:

A yes, done reading and a comment is due.
Let me leave out the usual (liked it and so forth).
Let me make this comment about your Celestia.
You ...
really nailed her Character. That is her!

So congratulations are, once again, in order.


Now, now, there is no such thing as an eldritch abomination. I have it on the authoritah of my 10th grade English teacher that eldritch is not a word. :pinkiegasp:

...15 years later and I still remember getting marked down for that. I used it in reference to Queen Titania from Shakespeare for a report. Good gravy, the irony is dripping! :rainbowwild:

Bad Dashie! No licking the irony! It's freezing outside; you'll get stuck!

7594660 Yeah when I read that chapter, my reaction was, "Oh, horseapples. Destiny's gone completely off the rails. I have no idea where this story is gonna go now...cool!"

Well, aside from the obvious romance in bloom, here. That one skipped right past the telegraph station and went straight to FaceTime. ...if FaceTime was a magical side effect that connects ponies on a deeply profound level due to an apparently random (not) harmonic resonance. I can't wait to see Cadence's reaction when she sets eyes on this little loveline between her most and least favorite mares.

:trollestia: It is rude to make an inside joke in another pony's presence, za? I see what you are doing there!

7653546 Well, I can't use the word Lovecraftian, can I? :pinkiecrazy: ./flees-from-overdose-of-irony

7653596 There's no romance tag on this story! You can't prove anything! Hey, isn't that a Demonic Duck of some sort? ./run-away

And yes, I am copy/pasting your tiny words into another word editor so I can see what they say. Grace told me to and you just don't say no to Grace. Her Adorableness Factor approaches Fluttershy's!

(Though seriously, I didn't see that at all. Really. :twilightoops: Apparently, I'm even more clever than I know... or something)

Well, yeah...no sonic rainboom, no polychromatic thunder-butt. The butterfly effect would steal themselves right off of Fluttershy. Pinkie...I am not there yet but I'm going to guess she would have her balloons regardless. Probably saw the rainboom through the fourth wall, after all. And Applejack has to have an appleflank; not having it would be like the Highlander being a MacKenzie all of a sudden. Rarity...ooh, that one's tough. I have no guess; flipping a coin here.


According to this coin, Rarity has Honest Abe on her bum. Wait, so you're switching up their elements, too? Ghosts of Bellerophon! This could get complicated!


Mini-Nightmare In A High Squeaky Voice (pounds on glass) LEMMEOUTLEMMEOUTLEMMEOUT

Moon Lanterns: The official enemy flora of Equestrian Solar Royalty.


7653674 ...there's a story on here with Lincoln going to Equestria, isn't there? I'm too scared to do the search. :raritycry:

7656187 True Fact: Moon Lanterns are the method in which Nightmare Moon defeated Celestia in the opening. Completely and totally canon, just ended up on the cutting room floor. :unsuresweetie: Or something like that.

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