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This is a group for all the people who love Colgate, if that wasn't obvious enough. Everypony is welcome. :D
One Simple Rule: So long as Colgate has some role in the story it's allowed to be added to this group and properly put in the right folder. As for the "Featured" folder, the story added has to have been featured at some point during publication to be in it. Thankyou. :3

Here are some videos and pictures I found of our lovable dentist/clock-maker.

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I tossed The Lunatics into the appropriate folders.

Colgate's an intense timewarping ex-spy in it. I'm afraid I didn't reference toothpaste, but I hope the coolness of it makes up for that.

361008 Admittedly, I wrote one of them, and I can't think of any other examples.

329710 Yes. If not, then they should.

Do fics like The Hourglass Always Stays and The Pegasi Take Canterlot count as Colgate fics?

318164 Sorry, Gilda gave me a bad batch of crack:rainbowlaugh:


they pour the toothpaste onto the floor and smoosh their teeth all over it

smoosh their teeth all over it

>nothing to do with teeth

bitch, what u on?:rainbowhuh:

317758 Not a bad idea, though that has nothing to do with their teeth :rainbowlaugh:

they pour the toothpaste onto the floor and smoosh their teeth all over it

they then proceed to the nearest lake so as to rinse and spit


Here is a question, how do earth ponies and Pegasus even brush their teeth? Do they hold the toothbrushes with their hooves or tails (if it's long enough) or what? Colgate is a unicorn so.....yeah:rainbowlaugh:


Everyone that shows up to this group will have an odd urge to go brush their teeth just watch. Lol

Commence Search For Category With Most Stories?Y/N.


Search Ended

Category With Most Stories Located


Set-Up (Imaginary) Passcode For Category?Y/N


Block Slightly To Other Users?Y/N


Input Passcode:______________________


Virus Detected.

Virus Identified.

Teethery Rottenus


Proceed To Anti-Virus Clearing?Y/N

[You Guys Fill In The Blanks And Continue This In Any Way You Want]

Colgate is best hoplite.

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