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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty.


Celestia has been waiting for so long, now. Today is the day she'll finally be considered for entry into Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns! Only, the entrance exams are meant to be gruelling, there's a scary dragon by Twilight's side, and Luna doesn't want to see her go.

Will she pass the entrance exam and become Princess Twilight's personal student?

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Aaw, so precious. Instant favorite.

I'm not going to lie. When I saw this on the front page, I figured I wouldn't enjoy it. I actually scrolled past it, checking out the other popular and updated stories. The only reason I came back is because I recognized your name and knew you are a good writer

Now? Now, if this became a full story, it would find its way into my favorites easily enough. I'm pretty sure you only write one-shots, but I would have loved to see how the world changed without Nightmare Moon, Celestia, and Luna.

I have to say I really enjoyed this story for sure. I honestly really want to see what has or will change the events with this huge flip. I mean does that mean the old elements are like the heroes of old this time around? How epic is Spike in this world? I can only assume he is a badass after all this time and what would be Equestria's connection to the dragons with him being almost a co-ruler and all since by what she said about his age he has been around since Discord ruled that makes him very old, wise, and strong. I also can't help but think it would be amazing if this Twi and Spike are in a relationship together. I mean that would be a huge change and would have such interesting effects. Just think if Twi ended up having a child with Spike and the child has like a princess role as well and joins Celestia and Luna on their adventures.

Can’t wait to see wear this goes:pinkiehappy:


This was a really sweet role-reversal. Consider it faved and upvoted.

I read this and could only picture a future scenario where sometime after twilight ascended celestia and Luna passed away. Twilight ruled beside spike and a few thousand years later celestia and Luna have been reborn. That's where this picks up.

You are apparently able to read minds because that was my first thought as well.

i like that idea..and it explains the multi-hued mane and tail.

I do hope you plan to continue this^^

Maybe its just a continuous cycle twilight becomes c3lestias student who becomes twilight student.

This. This right here is enough to give any man heart attacks ten times over.

Very good job on this AU. The exchanges and characterizations are all well done in this one-shot and this looks like it has a ton of potential for sequels. The scene between unicorn Celestia and Pegasus Luna was great. I REALLY LOVED seeing Celly and THEN Twi putting those jerks in their places too.

I'm going to take a few wild guesses and figure that in addition to Twilight and Celestia switching roles, Luna will end up becoming a somewhat braver version of Fluttershy (i.e. similar social issues, but also a similar love for children and animals. However, she also ends up becoming a genuinely skilled and courageous warrior thanks to some genuinely helpful pointers from Rainbow Dash).

In addition, the Nightmare Moon analogue is going to be either Shining Armor or Sunset Shimmer (in the latter case, instead of ACTUALLY being Twilight's sister, Sunset would simply be a friend who was AS CLOSE as a sister to Twilight).

Furthermore, with the exceptions of Celestia and MAYBE Luna, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony will basically be the same ones as in canon, but with a few differences (some differences big, others more subtle). And, of course, Twilight will be a bit more forthcoming than canon Celestia (not COMPLETELY forthcoming but enough so to actually make it clear she has a good reason when she needs to keep a secret and to do her best to make sure her charges are encouraged to do as much research and preparation as possible).

Finally, there will be something that comes up that will allow both Celestia AND Luna to ascend to alicornhood.

But, of course, I WILL freely admit that these ARE just guesses and any or all of them could easily be wrong.

You seem to be missing Cadance in all of this. Either her or, actually no one else deserves to be the Nightmare Moon expy in this universe but her.

Damnit man why did you make this a one-shot?!? I wanna see a full story of this now and see where it goes.

What about Shining ? What about having nightmare's counterpart be a former friend , so it's more relevant to twilights character?

Because that would be too easy to do. Mix it up a little. I know there's one story where that did happen, but I can't remember what it's called now.

This is good content

As a filly she only lifts entire buildings and the ponies and dragons within. But as she gets stronger, she comes to raise the sun! :)

Yeah. I suppose THAT's certainly possible too. That's actually a really good catch. Of course, if it WAS Cadance, then the motivation for her becoming a Nightmare would probably be quite different (like, for example, being either HIGHLY grief stricken by the deaths of her husband AND her daughter [since I figure the deaths of both of them would provide the maximum amount of emotional impact for her] and NOT taking the time to grieve properly [despite Twilight and Spike both trying very hard to encourage her to do so], or, possibly she caught her husband cheating on her and snapped in the way only an demigoddess would [but the latter one seems a bit TOO cliché and would be too out of character for Shining [despite all the clop fics suggesting the contrary] to boot).

What's this, An Intricate Disguise writing non smutty stories? It's the apocalypse! Everypony find shelter, this is not drill! ruuuuuuuun AAHAHAHASJHDAS

Yeah. And she gets REALLY good at fire magic (which would be logical for a future demigoddess of the sun) to boot (even if she only dares to use it against REALLY powerful bad guys when there are no innocents within miles).

Heck, I could EASILY see her practicing fire magic with Spike (since, as an adult dragon, he's naturally quite skilled with fire magic himself AND has a high enough resistance to pony magic [even if he is NOT immune to it] to be an excellent "friendly sparring partner" for Celestia as she reaches her teens and early adulthood).

Celestia was having an awfully hard time understanding that. How could she not want to go to Twilight's School? It was every young unicorn's dream. "Why shouldn't I?" she asked, head tilted, searching her sister for some reason behind her lunacy.

Ha. “Lunacy.”

Interesting read:pinkiesmile:

"Because, sir, the degree of levitation it would take to show any real degree of magical aptitude would involve either shifting half a metric ton, or being able to manipulate over ten objects in tandem."


This was damn adorable and I find myself wanting more. Well done sir.


In addition, the Nightmare Moon analogue is going to be either Shining Armor or Sunset Shimmer (in the latter case, instead of ACTUALLY being Twilight's sister, Sunset would simply be a friend who was AS CLOSE as a sister to Twilight).

Or it could be Cadance who had a Nightmare Moon-esque episode after the passing of Shining Armor. He was only a unicorn while Twilight and Cadance are alicorns. Cadance could have been distraught at the prospect of the long life she would have after losing him and been driven into the same kind of dark place that Luna went to as well.

This could also tie into a situation where the two pairs of alicorns have a reincarnation type of existence. Celestia and Luna rule together for 1000 years, at the end of that 1000 years, Twilight and Cadance are born and become alicorns. Celestia and Luna train them to become the ruling diarchy and then pass away. Twilight and Cadance rule for 1000 years, and then witness the births of Celestia and Luna. They will then train Celestia and Luna and pass away. The cycle then begins again. And its not necessarily a Nightmare Moon type of situation at the end of the 1000 years, it could just be coincidence. Discord first showing up could have been the catalyst for Celestia and Luna's rule that we see in the show.


I realize now after reading more comments, that I'm not the only one to think of this. Nor am I the first to state it, just the one laziest enough not to read follow up comments.

A little unfocused, but pretty solid.

Well, to be fair, *I* can be pretty lazy about that kind of stuff too. Though you DO have some really good points.

I really want to see more ping this AU...please?:pinkiesad2:

Mind if I continued this?

I'd ask you refrain, if that's alright. I'm still not entirely certain whether I want to produce more content centred around this AU or not.

Glim Glam is Twilight's evil sister.

Please make more content for this AU. I want to know more about this Reverse Equestria.

I liked this story. I know you have it marked as an AU, but it gave me the feeling of a universe in which cannon all happened, and then Celestia and Luna vanished, and have now been reborn.

I would love a continuation of this story, if for no other reason than to learn how on earth Luna is going to get her cutie mark, whilst unable to raise the moon.

I NEED A SEQUEL RIGHT NOW! :flutterrage::scootangel:... plz


The Reincarnation Loop was my first thought when I read this too, and as interesting and fun as all these scenarios are, there's one sticking point that they haven't addressed.


As we've seen in even the last two hundred years IRL (Let alone the multi-millennial loop we're speculating here) when certain factors come together the advancement of the sciences and their application to Technology has astounding potential, all of which are present to some degree or another in Equestria. Now, the Observatory next to the Castle of the Two Sisters aside, there is clearly a difference in technology between the Three-Tribes Period, the Equestrian Founding Era, and the Period when the show takes place in, and we even see signs in the show of Recent industrialization in Equestria between the time when the mane-6 were fillies and the modern day, so even if there are factors holding them back, or much of what we understand as "technology" has been replaced by more Archaic looking, but equally effective "Magi-Tech", the steady march of time would still see them advancing apace in their own way.

So, Unless this little Reincarnation-Loop idea takes that into account and is set in some sort of pre-sci-fi utopia ruled by Twilight currently, and we just haven't seen any examples of what the world outside of little Tia's application to magic School is capable of yet, what sort of disaster would have to take place to Reset the world's technology back to be at roughly the equivalent state it's at during the show?

Personally, I blame Flurry Heart. :moustache::derpytongue2:

Without evidence to the contrary, I choose to believe that the rainboom was made by Luna

That is a very valid point concerning the technology angle.


Perhaps Luna befriended some nocturnal animals while the moon was rather high up and got inspired. THAT'S certainly possible.

Or, possibly, she pulls off a lunar based version of the Sonic Rainboom while trying to help out a friend she made in flight camp (like PiMan guessed).


Well, I suppose that is most certainly possible.

Or Luna's inevitable descent into Nightmare Moon causes catastrophic damage and 'resets' the technological advancement as the loss of the capital city and the stockpiled knowledge forces the Ponies of Equestria to fall back upon older, less advanced technologies now that they've lost their factories, their mana-forges and whatever else is being used to rely heavily upon steam technology and simple old-fashioned elbow-grease.

Given that we haven't seen Cadence, maybe it's an inescapable part of the cycle that one of the two current 'ruling' Alicorns will go mad or be subverted, and when Shining died, Cadence went slowly mad with grief over the centuries until Twilight had to contain her within the Crystal Heart for a thousand years and it will be Celestia and eventually Luna who have to purify her and then face all the threats coming at Equestria as Twilight and the redeemed Cadence start to make way for their new prodigies ...

I love your stories. I'm guessing that Luna made the Rainboom, * the faiding rainbow. I would really like to see this continue. Would Candace be the nightmare moon, or maybe shining armor. Maybe we would get alternative versions of the main six. Pinkie as a (little twinkie pinkie) with clarvoince and her other pinkie powers. Apple jack as super strong and strong connection to nature * or Gia the life force of nature. Rarity would have the ability to make item of power * like she did in power ponies. Rainbow and Fulttershy would become Lunas friends. Rainbow with speed and lightning. Fluttershy with Mind control and animal trasform ablitys .

I don't know why but I found this idea of reversing the characters' roles to be quite comedic. It's like switching the bodies of everyone but with new backgrounds.

I would like to see how this might go on.

" Mix it up a little "
That's what i said that it could be a former friend ( Candance eventually became family to her too ) . In any case i replied because you said that only she deserved to the villian , not that she would be the best one story wise

so is this to be a story where Twilight was Luna's Sister and Celly is the bookworm to save the day?

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