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Spitfire is best pone, Rarity is worst, and no, I'm not changing my mind. Art by Cyonix


Hearth's Warming should be spent with loved ones. Instead, Shining Armor is watching over Celestia's new adoptive son, Spike the dragon. Cadance is there too.

Cover art taken from harwicks_art on deviantart.

Written for Jake the Army Guy for Jinglemas 2019

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Short but sweet. Nicely done!

Cute! i like stories that take place when Shining and Cadence are still becoming the ponies they are and never can go wrong with baby Spike. It's what I'm doing or at least trying to do with one of my stories.


Thanks! I wrote this in around an hour the day before it was due, so it's not great, but I like the premise.

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