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Jason has been in Equestria for quite some time and has lived countless lives. Some have been short, others have been rather long. No matter the length, they all share one thing in common. They all end in fire and flames.

He has spent centuries wandering the countryside, gravitating towards events. When whispered words of Nightmare Moon's return reach his ears, his feet take him to Canterlot, where what he encounters leaves himself and many others more than intrigued.

An idea that sparked a story. Immortality is an often used plot device with a Human In Equestria story, and I wanted something different, something new, something... fresh. Thus, the concept of mimicking the phoenix came to life, and from it, this story.

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Johnny Cash is a bad-ass, by the way

I fell down through the burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher

Ironically enough...

My real name is actually Jason.

~Skeeter The Lurker


3rd person who has looked at this who said that... :facehoof:
Oh boy. I've apparently sent quite a few of my friends to Equestria with this story, it seems.

An idea that sparked a story.

This phrase right here made me put down my laptop, step outside my house, and facepalm.


Totally unintentional pun, I swear! Please don't hurt me! :rainbowlaugh:

Im surprised this has so few likes.
I my self have a story im working in my head that involves inmortality, tricky businesses that.
ramblings aside i like this ANOTHER!

Human imbued with now-proven phoenix-like regeneration, with promises of moar shenanigans, hijinks and possibly romance? Space, you just know how to make my day.

Y'know what? You've more than earned this, Space. You're rapidly becoming my new favorite author.
I'm also not sorry about the pun. I saw it and had to add it.

Pretty interesting. Liked and fav'd, waiting for more.

Just hope it doesnt take along time inbetween chapters. MOAR!!!

How long will it take in between chapters?

Also, it reminds me of the Doctor.


Hopefully so. The whole basis for this story is with the single idea, so it can go... almost anywhere. Plan to have fun with it though.

sometimes a story just kinda explodes, othertimes it has to claw its way up from the bottom to be seen. Fireworks might help that. And explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

Lol, thanks Ultra. Glad to have ya along with yet another story.

Thanks a lot!


2nd one is mostly done, just tweaking things like style of it and such, as I'm playing with new concepts. Honestly, right now I've got 5 stories running. One is about to end, but it picks right up with a sequel, so that doesn't really make an impact. Ideally, I'd like to have it once a week at a maximum, with the second chapter going up in ~24 hours.

Kewl, that's a good pace, considering that most of the stories I read take a month to update one chapter.


I've been in a ridiculous writing mood lately, to give you an idea I've put out 30,000 words over 5 stories this month alone. So long as I can keep the pace, I can keep things updating just as quickly.

3190848 good luck,my friend, here's hoping you reach 100 soon.

So is Jason going to actually have a reason he's some kind of pheonix knockoff? Or will it amount to "LOL IDK MAJYYKS?"

I expect, knowing how well your other stories tend to work out, you'll have something nice planned.

Give me credit! I helped in the planning stages. In fact my name should PROBABLY go above yours. *nodnod*


You see, 3190909 gave me a rather wicked concept. When it's revealed, it's going to be awesome. Him, and the reader, and everyone else, will have no idea why until that moment happens.

Thank you very much.


Canne wait to see more... Seems all your stories do that to me... You sir, are a textual crack peddler of the highest order. Thank you for all you do and please, for the love of Luna, don't stop being awesome!

dude... more human on pony stories? This made my day. Keep being awesome spacecowboy. :moustache: Speaking of spacecowboy's; I just finished Cowboy Bebop and I fucking loved it!


And that makes the 4th person to make that remark in the last 24 hours. :rainbowderp:


Seems to be a common name.

Don't change it, though... I like it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This just made my month, I was literally just thinking how cool it would be to be a phoenix/phoenix in nature :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm at nine faves of yours and climbing. I just checked. My record so far, is Art Inspired, with 14 at last check.


:rainbowlaugh: Glad I could help. It's a somewhat original concept, and I'm going to have fun with this.

Not bad, since I have 11 of em, and 2 of those are rather... abandoned. I've got the 12th coming out soon, FeMale's sequel. :rainbowlaugh:

cant wait to read what you come up with for this story it is intrueging so far

After i enjoyed Becoming One With the Night and Fallen From The Light (and waiting for more :raritywink: ) you just earned a follower with just this description of you Story...

Chapeau, mister!

definitly an interesting story, i can't wait to read more and I will be honest I haven't read many humanXalicorn stories but if it can inspire this story I think i will give them a shot.please update as soon as you can i'm looking forward to reading more.


2nd chapter, I'm changing things up a bit, so back down to 2k out of probably 5k written. Aiming to finish it tonight, though.

Thanks very much, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed both! And thanks for the watch, glad to have earned it.

3191070 That is an understatement in my opinion. It's AWESOME:pinkiehappy:.

I can see it now, best quote ever in the future. "You just wish you could be as hot as me and Philomena princess.":trollestia::duck::yay:


Oh... Oh my... THAT's GOOD.
Now, excuse me while I find my stomach again, I just laughed it out of my throat.

On a more serious tone, him and Philo are definitely BFFs. Next chapter does a lot in explaining some things.


This is an interesting setup and I am curious to see where you take it from here.

Hmm. I'll be watching this one, but I can't make a judgement about its vote or favorite-worthiness yet.


Next chapter will be out tomorrow, it goes a fair length towards giving some of the backstory. Maybe that will sway you one way or the other. : ) Currently at 3500 words, will probably end around 5000.


Also, congrats on being featured. Tis a nice story.:ajsmug:


Thank you very much. hopefully I'll have the next chapter out really soon. 3,750 words in now, just need to quit being so distracted.

Hope that this fic got updates fast, it is so good :scootangel:


This Chapter Title's Song...

Don McLean's classic. Don't even need to be American to enjoy it.

Right after the flashback is over it's in first-person for a second with "I shake my head" seeming to be a part of the narration. Not sure if this was on purpose or just a lack of editing. Cool chapter though.


Could you possibly point out where exactly? Looked at the end of each flashback, and it appeared to be right. Mind, I have just spent the last few hours staring at it.

EDIT - found it.

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