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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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Well that was sufficiently awful. Upvoted and faved.

This is terrible.

Take my upvote.

B_25 #4 · Dec 11th, 2018 · · ·

YOU can DO it FLURRY heart

This is horrible....here have my upvote .

My feelings literally exactly.

I thought the story was just gonna yeet Flurry out of a window, but it did so much more. Thanks, I hate it.

9/10 not enough dead kids

what the fuck. here, take my upvote

I didn’t think you’d actually fucking write it, but you impress me yet again. Gonna read this shit when I get home.

This is absolutely fucking wonderful.
Load the flak cannon.

No "death" tag? Oh good, that means-

Oh. Oh no.

Needs more science dogs :rainbowlaugh:

dont say it

dont say it

dont say it


seems about 4 paragraphs too short.

too bad I can only upvote once....

be funny if few hrs later flurry wake up form being knock out

I could almost literally feel the devil (depicted as in Cuphead) peering over my shoulder and waiting for me to laugh so he can use it as an excuse to drag me to hell as I read this story.

Consider me amused!

this was a fantastic fucking ride and i love you for it. havent laughed this hard at something dark in quite a long time. ty. also fuck you.

Refreshed, saw this on features, saw that picture and my first thought was Shining throwing his kid off a balcony screaming: "FLY MY CHILD! SPREAD THOSE FREAKISH WINGS AND SOAR!!!"

Overall well done mate, well done.

What the f:yay:? F:yay:ing f:yay: is wrong with you? I mean, it was kinda funny, but also pretty horrible. What the actual hay.

oh my god

I would say this is fucked up, but I did write a story about Celestia committing genocide on Communists. So I don't have the right to speak.

Just now many beers did you have before writing this?

The cover art itself makes me wanna laugh to death.

Their test was to yeet the baby off the castle?

Sounds like a great plan with absolutely no flaws!

Am I a terrible person if I laughed a t everything stupid they did and laughed at when she died, I think I am...oh well, there are worse people on this planet (and equestria). :)

WHAT?!?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sequel idea??

Comment posted by Thy Lord deleted Dec 12th, 2018

The priest looked awfully glad to hear this. "Good. I'm glad. Honestly, Celestia, if you were going to arrest me for doing something awful to children in the name of the church, you could've at least made it pedophilia."

Lol you are are a terrible person for writing this....I am a terrible person for reading this and laughing at it.

Amazing Job, I'm probably gonna get a few points off my Good Karma for this, but you got an Up-vote and a Fav

I mean, her body might be broken but that doesn't necessarily mean she's dead.

Tries to kill Flurry Heart. Cadance: "Why won't she die?"

Celestia: "You are irresponsible."

Celestia accidentally drops Flurry Heart. Cadance: "You killed my baby!"

Celestia: "You can just have another one. Don't be such a wuss..."

Okay, this was delightfully dark and hilarious from start to finish :rainbowlaugh:

"Didn't we already know she could fly?" Shining asked, eyebrow raised at his wife.
"Oh, shush. I drink a lot. Keep it up, dear!"

I chuckled.

9343846 We both are :rainbowlaugh:

The fact I laughed at this doesn't surprise me at all.

I'm already going to hell as it is.

...What the shitballs did I just read?


I don't know, how many loaves of bread have you eaten in your lifetime?

I’m disappointed in Twilight. There is a process to figuring out if someone should be declared deceased. Given the subject matter she really should have insisted on it.

I love these kind of stories

I was expecting the callous anti-parenting from Cadence and Shining, and it was great. I was not expecting Celestia to be half as wonderful, though; she was amazing! :pinkiehappy:

The priest looked awfully glad to hear this. "Good. I'm glad. Honestly, Celestia, if you were going to arrest me for doing something awful to children in the name of the church, you could've at least made it paedophilia."


You're a horrible person.



Jesus fuck that had me laughing.

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