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When Twilight and Spike are foalsitting Flurry, she finally learns to say something new. Wooray! Right? No, probably not.
With chaos, drama and cute little Flurry, Twilight has a lot on her hooves now.

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Both cute and funny.:rainbowlaugh:

They had never had any trouble with Flurry before, plus Cadence thought it would be a good time for Flurry to spend time with Flurry.

I'm guessing one of those "Flurrys" is a grammar error, or I just missed something.

Oopies! I'm fixing that right away!!:twilightsheepish:

Story seems to imply Mama was Flurry's real frist word, but that Spike and Twilight didn't know that.

Pfft! Haha! That was delightful.

Lol XD. Loved this story through and through. :D

Thank you!:pinkiehappy:
So glad you enjoyed it!:pinkiesmile:

So glad you enjoyed it!:pinkiehappy: Look out for more hilarious comedy:raritywink:

Wonder what would happen if Spike foalsits Flurry all by himself?

Flurry would probably burn the castle.
Hmm, I think you have just inspired me to write something!:pinkiehappy:

The castle is made of crystal.

No one said you can't burn it:raritywink:
(Scientifically maybe, but MLP is a world with coloured pony-horse with magic. I think crystal can burn.

"Oh shit!" Flurry giggled.Cadence and Shining looked down at her in pure shock and confusion. "Oh sweet Celestia."

We will be right back... ^.^

The Canterlot castle isn’t.

Spike could need his pen-pal help.

Oh this was awesome. This is gonna be my child someday.
Not bad for a first fanfic, very good in fact in terms of grammar and spelling! It still could probably use a once-over with a fine tooth comb, just to let you know for future stories. :raritywink: But otherwise the premise was hilarious! I love it.

Haha I’m not an advocate for swearing babies, but I gotta admit, that was funny:rainbowlaugh: The writing was good too! Just a little fast but still enjoyable. And congrats getting on the front page!!:yay::pinkiehappy:

Flurry Heart had always been a good filly.

Yet her entire introduction episode was about her driving the Main Six up a wall and summarily nearly destroying her entire country. Isn't selective memory a wonderful thing?

Always ate her food,

Wait a minute...

Flurry had grown to actually eat the peas instead of making art out of them, so lunch wasn't a task like before.

Contradicting statements! Gasp!:pinkiegasp: I knew it!:twilightangry2:

(Of course she couldn't she hadn't s ever spoke a word)

There's a s here where one shouldn't be.

But seriously, this was well written, the premise was perfect and superbly executed. Even having seen a similar story did not diminish my enjoyment of this one. Well done!

after these messages! :applejackconfused:

:rainbowderp: Now that was a lip lock
:moustache: Wow!
:twilightsmile: Now Spike don't get any ideas
:duck: Spikey I've come to the conclusion . . .I want you!
:twilightoops: What's going on with you two?
:pinkiehappy: It started with the Whammy and her manticore
:ajsmug: That was as cute as two shakes of a lambs tail
:flutterrage: I want to see the foals! :pinkiesmile: Baby Draconies?
:facehoof: Flurry what did you do?
:unsuresweetie: She said "Now kissth" and mashed their faces together...
:facehoof: No . . . So much No. . .
:trollestia: She takes after her mother of course

Wonderful story, I really enjoyed it.
Also, this story really brought back some interesting memories. My Mother really loved children and would take care of my nieces. However her favorite word for when things went wrong was, you guessed it, Shit! And as a result my niece Danelle's first words were Mama, Dada, and Shit. So picture this sweet little blond haired cherub smiling up at you and saying SHIT. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Congrats on your very first story getting featured! :yay:

Not gonna lie, I was hoping from the picture that Flurry Heart would give us a dissertation on Hasbro and the way the profit motive corrupts art in capitalist society

Oh gosh, that sounds hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:

I wanted to do that one at first, but then I thought I should make something a tad more interesting by having sweet little Flurry curse in Twilight's face.

Glad you enjoyed it! And next time I might use a writing tool to help me.
Thanks for your feedback:pinkiehappy:

So glad you enjoyed it!
I'm enjoying my time sitting up there with the big kid stories while I can.:raritywink:
And maybe next time for future stories I'll use a writing tool.:twilightsheepish:

This was comedy gold!
Apart from the few grammar errors, this was amazing!
Congrats on getting it on the front page!:pinkiehappy:

She's so smart!
She was saying "shit" in all the right situations!
A real baby genius! Now maybe, she can learn som karate and engineering; she'd be all set....

Oh wow! I hardly noticed! But I guess she's a very smart girl now!:raritywink:

"Dolphin dick! Dolphin dick"!!

This story is basically this moment from Endgame:


Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!

Probably learned it from Sunset. It’s virtually a sequel to that fic.

Maybe she thought Flurry needed some me time and figured Twilight would mostly ignore her.

While babysitting Twilight's niece, Princess Flurry heart, Sunset Shimmer lets a colorful word slip by accident.
Summer Dancer · 4.2k words  ·  929  9 · 21k views

sunva bish

It was a typo that I have now fixed.

Oh wow! I really think these two stories are similar.

"We're gonna have a little talk with mommy when we get home."
"It's on!"
"Hell yes it's on."

If you get the reference, then you get a hypothetical high five from me.

And if you get that reference, you will be rewarded with 25,000 internets.

Well, it's better that what I was thinking... From the image I was thinking she learned "Hasbro Sucks" from Pinkie or Discord

I don't get the reference:ajsleepy::fluttershyouch:
But, that seemed funny.:pinkiehappy:

That's actually a pretty good idea.


The snail plush is named Whammy? Really?


This fic is hilarious, nice one, OP.

That's what it's called in the show.

Wait, did you intend for your first story on Fimfiction to be titled "Flurry's First Words"?? :pinkiegasp:

Haha, I never realized that until now. How ironic.

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