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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)


Cadance starts a paid dating service, doubling as a firm for both marriage and divorce law, and hires a 'reformed' Chrysalis as an intern.

Nopony's relationship is safe, least of all her own.

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Boi, if you break up Cadance and Shining Armor I swear fo' Jesus...

So far so good!

While my first impression of Chrysalis here is that she is too nice, but then I slowly got the sense that she hit rock bottom and went through something like a 12 step program prior to her appearance here. It's also nice to see that she still has her pride and a sharp tongue.
Cadance is a silly, excitable dork, and brings a lot of fun to the goings on. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Omg this is awesome cant wait for more that name :rainbowlaugh:

Bugbutt comedy is best comedy. Sail ho!

I'm glad to see this up and running, and it's everything I wished it to be!
I promise to live up to my end of the deal soon™.
Great start, anyway.

Can't wait to read a few chapters of this, only to never see this update again. :twilightsmile:

And yes, you can have my upvote, forehead.

Wow. With a name like that, what could go wrong? :rainbowlaugh:

and I'm running low on fumes.

Hmm interesting choice of wording given that they don't have internal combustion engines ^^;;;;

*sees a new Intricate Disguise story*
Oh, yeah!
*notices the grotesque, soul-destroying, horrifying incomplete tag*
Oh no...

yes...good gay ship... KEEP UP!

Is that Shining Armor + a royal guard member on Cadance's little chart in the cover art? Looks like Cadance wants her own knight in Shining Armor. :trollestia:

Disappointed they didn't go with "Princess Cadence's Happy Endings."

"Alright, how about Princess Cadance and the Conniving Bitch Bunny Boiler: you'll get divorced because of us!"

“I won’t be ignored, Shining!”

Loving it.

Quick question to all the comment-goers currently accounted for. Should I even hit the "Tracking" tag?

Ri2 #16 · Feb 26th, 2019 · · ·

Twidash, Sparity, Flutterdog...

Wait, what was that last one?

You shouldn't hit anyone. Violence is bad.


This is gun be good:rainbowwild:

Have you ever seen a pink, angry love demon? Chrysalis hadn't until this moment, and she'd almost forgotten what it felt like to sweat in her usual body. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Forget I said anything."

No, but close. If was an image of two pink alicorn OCs yelling "NO! I'M THE PRETTIEST PINK ALICORN OC!!" at one another. They looked ready to murder each other.
I've also dreamed about pissing off a succubus. In the dream she'd just 'finished off' five guys, then gave me a Look. I said no, and she flew in to a rage and started yelling in a language I didn't recognize.

grinning like a mentalist

I think you meant 'mental' here.

You were shipping again, haven't you!?

"What else there is?"

So I guess it's shipping time? :rainbowwild:

If Chrysalis gets a chance to be shipped with anyone, my vote is Celestia. Because they are 2 oldest and most experienced rulers in the world and combined ruling talents would make Equestria even more unstoppable and also everyone love hey relationship especially lesbian relationships and because this is adorable.


I like the reason you gave for chissy not joining the other changelings.

you'll get divorced because of us!

Oh Celestia... This is, like, real good thing! After you, captain!

If this had an M tag, I'd be more worried about SA getting involved. And I'm not talking about the business, I'm talking about the business

Dog the Bounty Hunter, duhh.

Poor Cheese Legs. She doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into.

So, how long before they start trying to kill each other?

Wow, that was awesome.

Also, as an actual former divorce lawyer, can I just say... I entirely approve of this.

For seeing the angry pink ocs, or for refusing a succubus that was probably literally cursing me for it, or for dreaming of refusing a succubus that was probably literally cursing me for refusing her?
I've had much weirder dreams than that before. When I was 11, I had a nightmare where I was running around as Dash Rendar from Shadows of the Empire N64, and my blaster failed and a giant lion had eaten me. I actually felt it. Looking back it was like watching soft-core oral vore....except I felt it.

Last year during summer I had a vivid dream that started innocently enough, but turned into a nightmare: I had apparently gone to a wedding, and was getting ready to leave. I walked out to one of those box-shaped cars. It was yellow like Bumble-bee from Transformers. A pair of twin-guys were sitting in it already, and my younger brother was in the front passenger seat. A pretty young woman that I apparently knew (but my conscious mind had no clue who she was. I felt like I was sitting over "my" shoulder watching this unfold like a ghost or someone watching a movie.) approached my window and we chatted for about a minute. A pickup truck came roaring our way and slammed into her and the car, crushing and killing her against it, and pushing us across the street and into oncoming traffic of the nearby highway. A semi was behind us, and ahead of us. It got terrifying from there since I was seeing it happen in person.
The front of our vehicle was rammed and my brother, who had not buckled up yet, was slammed against the front window. The driver was crushed to death by the steering wheel. The car was pushed up against the semi behind us, and my brother (unconscious or dead, I don't know) was thrown on to my chest. At this point we'd slowed down enough that we began drifting towards the semi-truck that had struck us once more, but since the car was damaged we drifted towards the guard rail to our right. The semi in front of us' brakes failed and it struck the left side of our vehicle just as we touched the guard rail, still along the semi behind us.
The left side of the car was crushed off, and the friction along the guard rail took off both doors on the right side....and my right arm.
At this point I'm in shock and twitching from adrenaline and losing my arm. After what seems like an eternity but was only about 30 seconds, what was left of us grinded to a stop. I looked to my motionless brother and managed to get out: "Are you okay, eric?"
His body slid a bit, and his head came off in my lap. I screamed and woke up screaming at 2 in the morning.
After fifteen minutes of calming down I went back to sleep. The next dream seemed to pick up in a hospital. I was riding on a gurney with lights on the ceiling passing overhead. I was missing my right arm. Still not in control of the proceedings "I" reached up with my left arm and gripped a nurses's arm. She looked down at me with a shocked look on her face. I took a breath and told her to "Just let me die!" then everything faded out, and later faded in with me looking at a third-person view of "me" on a hospital bed staring out of a window while someone that was probably a therapist informed "me" that my folks wanted to see me. No response. She kept talking for a few more minutes, trying to get a response. Nothing. Then "me" standing alone in front of the same window "I" had been staring out of. It was not one that could be opened. Then it faded out again and I didn't dream of anything else that night.

It was scary how REAL it felt. I could smell the air, I could feel the cool temperature of the day, I could hear everything....that's something I'd be worried of, personally. The only thing I didn't feel was any of the physical pain.

I love it!:moustache:

There was another story like this, where Chrysalis was a relationship counselor, but the story stopped after a chapter where Chrysalis realize she was falling a love with Cadance.

Hope this story doesn't stop and continues to grow!:pinkiehappy:

Despite the premise seeming a bit like my story "Queen Chrysalis: Relationship Doctor"...

You've earned a follow, it has my attention because this has slapstick comedy all over it

I hope that cover art going play a part in story!

"Of course! I absolutely adore seeing ponies caring for and loving one another. It sustains me more than anything."

I see what you did there. I had my suspicions after the "I'm on holiday" shtick, but that confirmed it. Clever writing though, I totally believed Placid Lake was real at first.

I like how this is going. Liked and fav

Love the back and forth between them.

I find this first chapter to have a lot of potential.

It couldn't be too difficult, after all.

I didn't think it would be for Cadence, but now that she's effectively asked "What could go wrong?", I'm not so sure.

In any case, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or the downfall of the Crystal Empire. Possibly both. We'll find out!

Also, "Flutterdog"? :unsuresweetie:

Oh, that's much better than my idea, "Frisson and Fission."

I put off reading this one for a while because in already waiting on so many stories to update and I didn't want to be desperately waiting on another. Now I'm desperately waiting on another.

"Alright, how about Princess Cadance and the Conniving Bitch Bunny Boiler: you'll get divorced because of us!"

Yup, yup indeed. This story is going places :)

Is this getting a sequel/continuation?

Is this going to continue?

Knew it would be a changeling (thanks, spoilery title!) but didn't expect that reveal so soon!
Dynamic Duo, away!

Is this still going on? I loved the first chapter and would be really glad if you were to continue it!

I'm crying at that ending
Never laughed so hard 🤣

Ha! Can't wait for second chap.

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